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21st > August > 2012 Archive

The cooler side of the Big Bang

Can ‘Quantum graphity’ (not gravity) be tested?

Work for the military? Don't be evil, says ethicist

Engineers should 'Just Say No' to working on drones, philosopher says

Facebook sued by Chinese firm over Timeline

Cubic Network got there three years sooner

India shutters sites and social media accounts

Pakistan suspected of spreading rumours inciting sectarian violence

Sharp to shunt two telly factories

3,000 more jobs could be axed

News Ltd's Australian chief demands copyright overhaul

Wants anti-piracy role for National Broadband Network

Darksiders II

ReviewCower, brief mortals

'Sex and the female brain are connected' - shock discovery

Sperm chemical rules ladies' hormones

Netflix puts end to fumbling, penetrates Scandinavia

Actually working in its own interest for a change

NetApp: Flash as a STORAGE tier? You must be joking

Reselling Fusion-io hardware

North Tyneside: Mega-outsourcing deal will SAVE jobs

No really

Everything Everywhere bags 4G monopoly in UK - for now

Competition? What competition?

PayPal drops into McDonalds, begs meat-guzzlers to give it a bonk

Would you like NFC with that?

ICO has yet to begin probing cookie violators

UPDATEDFOI request reveals privacy watchdog still not ready to deal with complaints

Channel survey: Biz in 2012 LOADS better than last year

Freeform Dynamics research on how the channel is making its money

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love IPv6

StobYou make my heart go Ping

Apple, Samsung brass hats' patent spat chitchat falls flat

Cook and Kwon agree to disagree, place fate in jury's hands

Morning stampede of workers lulled by 'new' virty shiny box

GreenBytes waves wand, turns flash array into cloudy kit

UK watchdog snaps on glove to probe Tesco's 'security fails'

Every little helps, starting with hash("sha256", ...)

Ageing star sucked retinue member to death, evidence indicates

Engorged with telltale chemical after swallowing

Dell speeds EqualLogic arrays: Stuff spindles, let's add some flash

Flash-enhanced storage up against Tintri, Nimble Data

Pure makes rugged radio Move

Long player for the great outdoors

PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit

Thiel leaps overboard, squeaking and lashing tail

Amazon tries to freeze out tape with cheap 'n' cloudy Glacier

Cloud giant rolls over earthly archives

McAfee puts Barnaby Jack on car-jacking hackers' case

Security whiz to thwart actual crashes

Samsung spends $4bn tarting up Texas factory

Austin plant to spit out extra-large orders of chips

SimpliVity: Your legacy IT stack sucks, wanna switch it for our box?

Migrating from the mess is good, but can Kempel pull it off?

QLogic to launch Transformers-style adapter cards: They're also flash caches

Robot-car-plane-style tech promises more virtual machines, faster applications

Huawei: Half a million IOPS? Pah, we can do better

SPC-1 speedster now fastest ever all-flash array

Merde! French Prez palace blueprints nicked from cable layer

USB stick held sensitive govt building plans

Creepy skull find proves Man penetrated Asia 60,000 years ago

PicModern humans invaded continent earlier than thought

Drilling into Amazon's tape-killing Glacier cloud archive

Blocks and FilesIt could devastate the industry

Sony PlayStation Vita sales crawl

Don't wanna hold your handheld

RIM reshuffles UK and European team ahead of new OS

Could lose government monopoly position

Google launches Octane JavaScript benchmark suite

Shocker: Chrome leads the the pack in new tests

Dell quarterly revenues down 8% on poor desktop performance

Market share crashing in fastest-growing zones

Do Telstra’s call centre cuts add up?

Analyst says web self-service doesn’t always mean fewer calls

Sex rating Facebook page publishers jailed

'Root rates' deemed offensive by Australian court

Greens launch anti-TPP Internationale

Oz, Canada, New Zealand strike cross-border coalition against ACTA-like trade pact

Dell expects slow Windows 8 demand in enterprise

Surface won’t be more than 2% of market

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