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17th > August > 2012 Archive

Verizon wins approval for $3.6bn cable spectrum swap

Modified terms allay regulators' objections

Scientists find safer way to store hydrogen

Non-morons defuse potential H-bomb

Raspberry Pi now comes in Firefox OS flavour

Nokia engineer adapts Pi recipe with HTML-5-infused handset goodness

Fujifilm X-Pro1 16Mp compact system camera review

Visual virtuoso

What to do with 110,000 Magstar tapes and 11PB of data

Too big for VTL and fading fast amid Indian heat and dust

Gov splashed £98k through CloudStore in July

A third of it on a little-known SME called Microsoft

Human rights group: Nintendo tops conflict minerals baddies list

HTC, Sharp, Nikon also not doing enough to dodge use of war-sourced kit

Ready to patent that 'new' invention? Google is here to dash your hopes

Prior Art Finder trawls through data in search for replication

Flash slash Skyhawk smells blood, hunts disk array prey

Skyera touts Ferrari speed for banger prices

Ofcom shoves video-on-demand regulation onto ATVOD's plate

Watchdog tosses bone to offspring, stops overseeing every ruling

Olympics TV HQ future: Catwalk beauties elbowed out by IT bods

Web 2.0 hipsters to sashay through new 55MW data centre

'G-Cloud is nothing more than a suppliers' website'

QuotwPlus: 'It's time for peace, Apple and Samsung'

TalkTalk pitches cut-price mobes to own customers

Are you local?

Brocade CEO Michael Klayko quits - just as his biz perks up

Quarterly results overshadowed by leader about to leg it

Samsung: 'You want $2.5bn? WRONG, Apple, you OWE us $420m!'

iFruit biz 'overstated' damages bill in patent trial

Twitter API outrage: Break our rules and we'll break app kneecaps

New limits on tweet software likened to North Korean regime

Nokia S40 budget blowers bunged Zynga doodle, poker games

Draw Something on something more basic

Apple to bring YouView approach to Apple TV

Set to unify broadcast, catch-up and streaming services?

Apple axes loyal store staff in Essex, Milton Keynes

Blueshirts get the blues, Olympic Park shop disappoints

Anti-gay Uganda's premier backs pride march in protest hack

Websites defaced by Anonymous chums

The problem with wireless: all those effin' wires

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Recharge of the light brigade

Beck's open-source challenge to freetards: play it yourself!

Album as sheet music is a brilliant gambit

Surfing ROBO-shark hunter stalks great whites along US coast

iOS app will warn fanbois of attacks, fandroids not so lucky

Acer: Windows 8 'uncertainty' deflates Wang's big growth aim

After Surface slag-off fest, CEO risks Redmond wrath again

Nominet 'sought govt protection from takeover by domain hawkers'

'Plan G' revealed at ex-policy chief's tribunal

No way Moto: Chinese workers protest Google job cuts

Employees claim Motorola violated their contracts

Watch out, PC disk drive floggers: Cloud will rust up those spinners

Blocks and FilesReliable cloudy service could put them out of business

GPS trigger will light LOHAN's fire

Custom mission control board to fire Vulture 2 rocket motor

WikiLeaks haters launch DDoS assault on Russia Today

In support of the Pussy Riot 3

IEEE admits its MS-DOS history revisionist is in Microsoft's pay

CP/M, QDOS diff man is Redmond 'expert witness'

Breaking news, literally: Reuters hacked third time this MONTH

Buggy blog blamed

Apple deal points to NFC iPhone - eventually

But new pay-by-bonk kit probably won't need fingering first

Becoming Red Hat: Cloudera and Hortonworks' Big-Data death match

Open ... and Shut'In a world of tissue when you're Kleenex, you've won'

eBay invites mystic wrath over ban on spells, potions and lotions

Bet the psychics didn't see that coming

Hipstamatic axes most of staff to focus on art, creativity

Wasn't really into having employees anyway

Exhibitionist Shamoon virus blows PCs' minds

Malware targets some energy sector

Oracle: Google impurifying media's precious bodily fluids

Political groups, trade associations all in on it

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