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16th > August > 2012 Archive

Visual Studio 2012 arrives in MSDN downloads

Some versions of VS Express still no-shows

Cray to plug Kepler GPUs into future Cascade supers

That didn't take a Tesla to figure out

There's money in smarts for dumb phones

Eric Schmidt sends cash to apps-for-feature-phones pioneer

Boffins say Vodka Red Bulls make you sensible

Booze and caffeine cocktails reduce likelihood of risk-taking behaviour

APAC CIOs told to take the gloves off

IDC warns skills shortage may hold them back

US appeal dismissed in Dotcom case

BREAKINGNew Zealand judge upholds disclosure order

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control review

Knob end?

Surfing far too tedious or terrifying, say Northern Irish women

Won't someone think of the children? We have.

Bitcoinica sued for $460,000 by 'out-of-pocket' punters

Virtual bank accused of holding onto dosh after heist

Sugar daddies bung Pure Storage $40m for Euro blitz

Flash array firm getting aggressive stateside too

Deadly domino effect of extinction proved by boffins

One predator snuffs it and others follow in its wake

LG adds Dixons' Knowhow to net-connectable tellies

VoD squad extended

Biz chucks millions at anti-malware, but ignores shoulder surfers

Fred, could you eat your sandwich elsewhere? >Clickety, clackety< 'Transfer $100bn'

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow

ReviewHey, it could be worse - it's not Windows ME, OK?

Optical Express 'ruined my life' gripe site lives on

Free speech rights trump cybersquatting charges

Why gov labs presenting HPC tech ≠ officials wolfing overpriced sushi

HPC blogUS gov travel caps: Agency bods may have to skip supercomputing shows

Three extends data use with Sim-only tariff tweak

Charges off with cheap choices

Cabinet Office faces SME supplier backlash over Cloud Store

But Maude's mouthpiece says it is breaking monopoly of integration giants

Judge begs Apple, Samsung to get a room, or trial will end in tears

Leave patent ruling in a jury's hands? You're having a laugh

Nokia hails hacks for New York Lumia WinPho gig

Nokia Woyld

Undead galaxy cluster spews 700 zombie baby stars A YEAR


RIM ramps up resolutions for BB10 range

Hi-def times

Apple seeks cable connection for set-top box

Building an audience for its own-brand telly?

Tech hacks should admit taking corporate coin, but don't start a witch hunt

Sysadmin blogOne man's shill is another man's fellow fanboi

Oracle plans to join Java hardware speed party

GPU acceleration in OpenJDK works

CEO: NetApp revenues falling, but 'we aren't in a clampdown'

Just arranging our operating expenses a little

Yang, bam, thank you ma'am: Lenovo supremo wallops rival biz

Who's shipping shed loads of gear? We are

Did Mitt Romney really get 117,000 REAL Twitter followers in ONE DAY?

Researchers unpick booming black market for fake Twitter profiles

Sony opens cover on latest e-Reader

Tell the world what you're reading

RamSan flash cram: IBM snaps up Texas Memory Systems

Big Blue loads up shopping trolley in Lone Star state as storage gets even flashier

Sony claims PSN attack is a hoax not a hack

Anonymous bosh

Virgin Media SuperHub 'upgrade' hangs up on IP phone punters

Call Not Received

Experts argue over whether shallow DNS gene pool hurts web infrastructure

Similar code base puts kissing cousins in a BIND

Facebook shares hit all-time low

Jitters as first batch of extra stock leaves lock-out

Ofcom: 4G won't knock out granny's personal alarm

LTE's lack of power and spectral capacity will save her

Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges

UK govt rolls its eyes

Tokyo U gets second FX10 Sparc supercomputer

A workstation of sorts for K developers

Tegile adds dash of disk to flash, hopes to taste cash

Cooks up hybrid arrays to undercut all-flash market

Saudi oil giant seals off network after mystery malware attack

Firm: 'Don't worry, world, the oil is oooo-kay'

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, others to take on Google Wallet

Big box retailers cozy up for mobile payment scheme

Google splashes out the cash for cunning cracks

Boosts bug bounties and offers $2m Pwnium purse

Apple lawyer: 'I promise I am not smoking crack'

Judge Koh not so sure

Oracle pays off SEC to settle Indian channel bribery claims

Offers $2m for two years of dodgy dealings

In the burbs, elections remain an offline affair

NSW council poll gets no web mentions, emails and Facebook ignored

Tridium patches control systems bug after a year

All your buildings were belong to anyone

Chinese man blows off hands, builds new pair

Iron-Man style DIY effort has man grasping again

iiNet’s happy dance

What’s a quarter-million BoB worth?

British boffin builds cool maser after argument with wife

VidHer indoors inspires him upstairs

Boundary punts freebie app monitoring from the clouds

Pockets $15m in VC cash, hooks into Engine Yard

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