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15th > August > 2012 Archive

Office 2013 to eat own file-format dog food

Microsoft decides to support its own spec at last

Cloud support brings WikiLeaks back online

We're working on it says AntiLeaks

Mining boom sparks IT jobs rush

Jobs fire up for wireless mines on land, massive LANs on offshore rigs

Malaysian websites go dark to protest Evidence Act

Retweet at your own risk

Korean boffins discover secret to quick-charge batteries

Electric car-makers get a boost

Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first

Product Round-upTake your media tablet beyond Google

Fraudsters nick BILLIONS from China's e-commerce Wild West

Almost one third of punters hit in 2011

'Kill switch' flaw found in top web weapon, victims sigh with relief

Turn the tables on DDoSers

Apple fans fondle more slabs

iPad market share, shipments on the up

Bank-raid Trojan jury-rigged to pwn 'major airport's network'

Intruder alert

Councils wave £34m cheque for phones, broadband, IT stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, start your bidding

Hong Kong plods turn RoboCop with strap-on vid cams

Dead or alive, you're filming with me

Microsoft halts new apps on Windows Phone Marketplace

Security certificate cock-up knackers downloads

Microsoft, Adobe throw fire blanket over blaze of security flaws

Patch Tuesday - just in time for Exploit Friday

Toshiba pulls out of Windows RT tablet push

Can't get the parts, apparently


Antique Code ShowYou only live twice?

Few 'Likes' for Facebook from hedge-fund moneybags

Don't short our stock... bitch

UK tiny-phone-mast biz Ubiquisys wolfs down $19m pie

The future is small but cash to get there is big

Samsung's Wang was up 22 hours a day, had no time to copy Apple

Sleep-deprived designer denies ripping off iPhone icons

Oracle slaps surprise patch over database server hole

Went to Black Hat and all we got was this lousy security flaw

$1bn for Instagram? Knock yourself out, Facebook - UK watchdog

Funnily enough, no one here will mind

SanDisk goes hard for soft VMware server caches

Forget cameras, the real action is speeding up virty machines

Shops 'mislead punters' over phone contract prices

Survey shows sellers think costs can't change

EMC hands disties licence to assemble VSPEX

Tells resellers to build it themselves or get someone else to do it

Nokia CEO: No shift from Windows Phone

Will not turn back

All hard drive arrays will mutate into flashy faster hybrids

Blocks and FilesEl Reg storage hacks stare at crystal balls

YouTube video has NOT killed radio's star

Teens value analog-era music tipsters

Apple's lone wolf approach to security will bite it in the rear

Open... and ShutEverything's fine, can't hear you from the top of my cash mountain

Sony evolves PlayStation Suite, makes Vita a PS3 controller

Mobile manoeuvres

VMware lets you take vClouds out for a spin

Try and buy in the sky

Text-and-drive teens ratted on by AT&T mobe tech

VidWarning! Your kid is going 60MPH - but not for much longer

Samsung to fight iPad with stylus, windows

Galaxy Note 10.1 = personal productivity powerhouse?

Google shifts more of Postini into Apps platform

Last stages of assimilation

Rackspace rolls up OpenStack for private clouds

Just don't call it a distro

First tranche of Windows 8 released via MSDN and TechNet

Just not the most interesting versions

Speaking in Tech: The rock'n'roll lifestyle of VMware vNerds

PodcastFrom screaming at the cloud to screaming babies on flights

HotLink extends SuperVisor virty control freak to EC2, CloudStack

OpenStack freakage when enough of you ask

RIP Harry Harrison: Stainless Steel Rat scurries no more

ObituaryHopefully he won't become Soylent Green

Buffett no longer Intel Inside

Still owns $13bn stake in Big Blue

High tech toilets receive big prizes from Bill Gates

Futuristic facilities meet his challenge

Assange's fate to be revealed at high noon

Updated 1430 GMTArgy bargy outside embassy after UK 'threatened' to haul out Wikileaker

Hypersonic Waverider scramjet in epic wipeout

London to NYC in 58 minutes pieces

New MPEG format paves the way for UHDTV

'HEVC' makes H.264 look bloated, no-glasses 3D standard on the way too

Cisco turns in solid June quarter

Jacks up dividend, buybacks despite cautious CEOs

HP to spin off webOS division as Gram stealth subsidiary

Mystery software venture to focus on webOS, Enyo, cloud

DVD plus nano-rods equals security, density: researchers

A little light encryption

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