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14th > August > 2012 Archive

Barnes & Noble cut Nook pricing in face of competition

Tiny tablet price war should pass Apple by

Study shows half of all websites use jQuery

JavaScript library handily beats all comers

Tax proposal could change Aus hardware lifecycles

Cut to depreciation rates could change the game for hardware buys

Microsoft reveals Windows RT OEMs

Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and ASUS ARMed for tablets and “RT PCs”

Google gets the Baidu blues again after mapping losses

Chinese rival set to overtake Google Maps

Oz regulator says crowdfunding must obey financial rules

Analyst says ASIC "risks destroying" crowdfunding

Hong Kong tycoon sues Google search for defamation

Alleged dodgy content links Yeung with organised crime groups

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android tablet review

Full HD fondleslab, anyone?

First, Google goggles - now the world gets self-censoring specs

Sticky tape is surely a cheaper alternative?

Wee biz sector risks wrath of UK data leak watchdog

Fines through the roof, ICO turns eye to private sector

BBC gives itself a gold in 700Gbit-a-second Olympic vid sprint

Athletes did OK too

The 'experts' who never see BBM will never understand RIM

AnalysisMiddle-aged suits in social media failure

Symantec, Violin in no-strings fling for flash array software

Slips on protection, dedupe

BeBook outs Kindle-beating e-book reader

Thinner, cheaper, more capacious

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains

Live ChatReg readers gathered for a lunchtime debate

Unite workers at Capita ITS vote for strike action

UpdatedUK walkout threat over job cuts, offshoring

RIM: We can't flog phones, would you like our nuke plant OS instead?

QNX licences up for grabs to anyone with a chequebook

Hold onto your hats, world: Groupon actually made a PROFIT

Shares plummet by a fifth

Apple granted patent for in-cell touchscreen display tech

IP win cements iPhone 5 screen 'leaks'

Saudi royals seek ban on .virgin, .sex, .catholic, .wtf and 159 MORE

Complaints over dot-word web extensions flood in

Brits obey mobile ads, says mobile ad biz

Half the population admit their phone rules their wallet

Android spanks Apple iOS in sales as fanbois hold out for iPhone 5

And jury out on Microkea struggle, says Gartner

Shift F7 devours Datashare Solutions

'Size matters' say reseller minnows

Apple, Microsoft reveal their Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Non-aggression treaty carves up phone patents

Sugar daddies dangle fat wad to woo chip biz Elpida from Micron

Ditch the Yanks, treat yourself with this $380m cheque

Wannabe media barons outed in UK local telly bid list

Swansea and Plymouth, no homegrown TV for you

Can YOU crack the Gauss uber-virus encryption?

Appeal for help to break open hidden scrambled payload

SurfTheChannel Brit movie pirate gets 4 YEARS' PORRIDGE

Landmark fraud prosecution

Hard-up Kodak stalls crown jewels sell-off to milk bidders

1,100 patents going for a mere few billion dollars

Dell sales heavyweight Bell defects to Code 42

Cloud backup player lures bigwig to spend VC cash on expansion

Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home

Not a fanboi-targeted job it seems

Vodafone UK web titsup blamed on 'holiday maintenance'

Nothing to see here, it's August

HP slips out ProLiant DL560 Gen8 four-socketeer

Server for sale in the US and UK

HP hardens switches to juggle myriad virty networks

Extends Layer 2 nets around the world

Flash Player to vanish from Android store on Wednesday

Mobile users won't have Flash to kick around anymore

Fisker Automotive probes second flaming eco car

Not only price tag that's too hot to handle for Karma

Australian government gouged on PC software prices

Corrected: software expensive, PCs competitive

'$199' Surface tablets: So crazy it might work, or just crazy?

New sketchy Microsoft rumour riles PC makers

Storming quarter sees Apple reassert tablet dominance

Seven out of ten tablet owners prefer an iPad

Don’t waste time hiding NBN POI locations

‘Natsec’ too big for its boots?

Australian Police want in-house social network

Let’s call it “Pintarrest”, shall we?

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