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9th > August > 2012 Archive

Microsoft and NYPD install big data crime-fighting system

Domain Awareness System watching Big Apple

SCO keeps dying, and dying, and dying

This time it might be for good, though

Curiosity phones home through Amazon cloud

That’s no rover … it’s a cloud computer!

DNA barcodes leap out of the lab

Spray-on evidence for the CSI generation

NetApp ANZ VP jumps ship

Heading for nimbler vendor?

Tokyo Stock Exchange falters as IT problems return

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Apple, Amazon, close password door after horse bolts

CommentAustralian bank dealt with this a decade ago, why can’t tech titans?

PayPal parts company with major China partner

Payments giant on lookout for fresh blood

Amazon Kindle Touch Wi-Fi eBook reader review

Wordy tappinghood

Party like it's 1999: CDE Unix desktop REBORN

Stirrings among Mars Curiosity screens

How talent-spotting boffins help Team GB bag Olympic gold

Amateurs plucked from obscurity, shoved into sporting history

Banking IT cowboys 'need whipping into shape by watchdog'

It's not just dodgy bankers who need a slap

Lincolnshire dangles ICT cash carrot over hungry suppliers

Who wants £150m in contracts?

Fujitsu tosses VMware cloud-in-a-box at biz newbies

Skewered by a SKU

Snap suggests Apple out to 'screw' hardware hackers

Flatblade, philips, pentalobe and now... WTF?!?!

US and S Korea both claim first place on voice over LTE

Rival operators in race to nick VoLTE glory

Disaster strikes Doyenz disaster recovery cloud

Plug pulled in the UK, says reseller

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think

New study: Most of the time they just leave victims to die

Samsung: We NEVER sniffed around RIM... or BlackBerry licence

OS rental rumours denied after analyst causes stock flutter

Ouya Android games console to ship April 2013

But you can order it now

Mobile dinosaurs can gain (not just lose) from Over the Top rebellion

Cash on table, but networks hedge bets with VoIP rivals

Bucks muck chuck muck-up leaks 840 email addresses

Council lets folks know how to get in touch with EVERYBODY

Dragons' Den badboy's Expansys back in the black ... just

Networks and wireless op 'suffered' in UK

Zynga COO quits: Game over for John Schappert

Bigwig legs it as Mafia Wars biz dwindles

Micron shows off bits: Sneak peak at new SSDs, flash cards

Company webcast: You need a flash foundry to be a real player

Nokia straps Qt into ejector seat and hits the shiny red button

App factory caught by new owner Digia

Doctor Who gets one-off special to mark Time Lord's 50th year on telly

Mark Gatiss pens An Adventure in Space and Time

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss sprouts tail

Vulture 2 launch platform design shapes up nicely

Make life easier on campus with a simpler LAN

Three layers into one will go

Samsung to probe claims of underage workers, abuse at supplier

Investigators from S Korean firm arrive in China today

Gartner: UK PC market stayed on its knees in Q2

Will 'solid growth' ever return?

US judge gives RIM its $147m back in patent spat

Jury award overturned in Mformation case

Suppliers underwhelmed by UK's G-Cloud services catalogue

Applicants down, suppliers falling off

BSkyB deals Ofcom a blow in battle over telly sports prices

Wins right to appeal against meddling of its crown jewels

Google pays just $22.5m to FTC over Safari tracking blunder

More of a tickle than a drop and cough test

Luminex rips virtual tape from data centres, shoves it in the cloud

Joins the buzzword party with cloudy storage biz Nirvanix

VMware snacks on Pattern Insight's log tool

Analyze this

Oooh-la-la! 'iPhone 5' bares all, strokes tiny nano-SIM in pics

Size does matter

Red ink deeper at SGI as sales shrink

Low margin deal hangover

Oracle won't pull plug on Java SE 6 until 2013

Aging platform gets one more reprieve

Google updates Chrome Flash plugin for security, stability

Says it runs Flash content in Windows 8 better than IE10

Locking in the NBN

Beneath the covers, the network is getting closer to irreversible

Microsoft: It's not Metro, it's Windows 8

That clears everything up then

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