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7th > August > 2012 Archive

Rackspace hints at big Oz investment

Welcome, but no cure for Australia's "cloud cringe"

Cheap laser could help save expensive aircraft

UNSW pitches ice-proof alternative to conventional airspeed monitors

Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science

Curiosity Mars missionNew software release on the way to wimpy martian computer

Alleged Anon arrested for planning gov DDoS attacks

21-year-old could face five years in a Hong Kong slammer

FaceTime in the dock

Taiwanese man claims he invented Apple's tech to save call costs

Why women won't apply for IT jobs

If they're not a perfect fit, they may not throw hat into ring

HSBC brands EVERY Apple iPhone 'an insecure PC'

iOS app urges fanbois to pull on some protection

WD's 2TB Green giant can't jam hardness into standard slot

Little big boy

Using copyright to avoid Freedom of Info law? Ha, ha, NICE try!

You're exempt* anyway, sniffs ICO

Microsoft upping Office 365 fees for resellers AGAIN

Here a wedge of cash, please sell our cloud stuff

Cameron: We'll turn NHS patients into real-time drugs lab rats

Unless they remember to opt-out

Black helicopters circle Street View car crash

India prang 'a hoax', insists Google

Devon NHS trust left data of 1,373 staff online for MONTHS

Must cough £175k for opening employees to ID fraud, ICO sniffs

Copyright bot boots NASA rover vid off YouTube

Space agency's copyright-free vid triggers infringement flag

Microsoft's Office 2013 app-maker cloud drenches developers

Visual Basic macros are dead! Long live JavaScript macros!

Samsung fingered in child labour allegations at China plant

Report: Workers' rights group claims abuses at manufacturing partner factory

Tesco helps high flyers avoid actual shops

Bored airport punters can pluck fruit from 'virtual fridges' for delivery

Virident lures Web2.0 biz punters with refreshed server flash card

App acceleration with the Gen 2 FlashMax card

Microsoft Surface slate: Acer, resellers predict a riot

Who the hell does Ballmer think he is? Apple?

Apple and Google go head-to-head over Kodak patent sale

Tech firms draw battle lines in IP auction

Bill Gates, Harry Evans and the smearing of a computer legend

Source code of DOS, CP/M diff'ed, expert miffed

Facebook touts gambling to 'responsible' Brits

One arm bandits are go... bitch

YouTube app wrenched from next Apple iPhones, iPads

Prefers a 3D map of Brum for iOS 6

HP yanks 2-week-old VMware server crown from Cisco

Flash-boosted ProLiant beats down rivals in benchmark test

Amazon exploited by hacker in scribe's epic Apple iCloud pwn

Address and 4 digits was all fast-talking fraudster needed

Apple: Samsung was in 'crisis' over our iPhone awesomeness

'As if!' say the South Koreans

Doctor Who to unwrap new sidekick in Christmas TV special

Richard E Grant to star in Jenna-Louise Coleman's debut ep

Gemalto gets NFC gig: Singapore punters will all bonk the same way

Rest of world still struggling to agree on standard platform

Russian rocket fails to orbit 2 satellites after booster bungle

Cargo floats in space after burn-boost orbit ballsup

Comstor names Dohmen as EMEA boss

Ex-army man and Cisco veep to whip troops into shape

British radio telescope genius Sir Bernard Lovell dies

Scientist the Soviets tried to kill was 98

Cloud backup drama: Mozy kicks Carbonite after ASA's had a go

Ad body smacked it for 'unlimited' claims, but what is Mozy on about?

AMD launches 4 teraflops FirePro graphics at Nvidia Keplers

Piledriver cores debut in CPU-GPU hybrids

Office for ARM will lack features, report claims

Macros, developer tools yanked

First full landing site and colour pictures back from Mars

Now leave Mohawk Guy alone

NT Telehealth's high-definition medicarts are really CoTS

Thanks for the meaningless NBN jargon, Senator

Rackspace profits from cloudy transitions

The OpenStack effect, even before the code went live

Facebook pulls race-hate page

Updated: Vilification continues, site not pulled

Microsoft offers alternative Lync-like web chat spec to W3C

Work by Google, Mozilla, Opera not good enough, it says

IBM shoots higher and lower with x86 Flex Systems

Plus: Expansion node for GPUs, flash, and other goodies

The policy that helped Anonymous hack AAPT

How vigilant is your host or public cloud provider?

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