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6th > August > 2012 Archive

Oz regulator tells telly-makers to mind their language

Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp won't say “WiFi Ready” any more

The Curiosity Show - Mars rover touches down at 5:31 GMT

Watch Mars rover Curiosity touching down from the comfort of a Reg story

Climate change behind extreme weather, says NASA

'Virtually no other explanation' for heatwaves and temperature rises

Qantas' website goes all-but-titsup for an hour

What's the reason website's not flying?

Curiosity landing live from NASA's JPL: How the drama unfolded

Curiosity Mars missionConstantly updated as it happened

Baidu bods arrested after deleting posts for dosh

Four sacked for doing a bit of freelance censorship

Xiaomi to go quad core with iPhone challenger

Chinese handset firm reportedly working with Qualcomm's APQ8064 chip

Success! Curiosity Mars lander arrives precisely on schedule

Curiosity Mars mission | PicsPerfection still possible – thanks, Yanks

What's the point of a cloud storage gateway?

Deep DiveMore and more vendors pushing them out, but not every cloud needs one

Watchdog sets rules on ad-slinging in vid-streaming services

What do you mean you have a pop-up blocker?

If Ultrabooks lasted longer, would YOU open your wallet?

LSI is betting its flashy controllers you would

Boffins: We are VAPORISING the Earth... for science

Supervillainesque move helps them learn about super-earths

NHS trust: Not buying through NHS IT saved us £7m

Patient record database bargain

God-botherers burst onto IPTV Freeview: The End is Nigh

Teapot Makeover, another sign of the coming crapocalypse

Samsung lengthens Note phone-cum-tablet to 10 inches

Pen is mightier than the finger

Amazon: e-book purchases push past paper

Folk favour electronic convenience in the convenience

Curiosity success 'paves way for Man on Mars by 2030s'

Curiosity Mars missionWe've sent a laser-armed nuke tank, next we'll send the boffins

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei outs his supreme-self as arty hipster

Instagram photo-bloggers get an unlikely new friend

Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test

From 2014, car must brake if driver doesn't

Rampant fake Facebook ad clicks riddle hits dead end

AnalysisAre you bot or not?

Microsoft UK bigwig leaps into bed with Bucks biz

Services boss is making his mind up: he's off to Softcat

For flock's sake: Scared sheep send SMSes to Swiss shepherds

Da big bad wolf S cmng ovr hill

Acer Iconia Tab A510 10in Android review

Quad-core cost-cutter

Google silences podcast app Listen, disbands Team tool

Web giant chucks more of its stuff overboard

Foxconn big daddy's latest fear: An expensive Sharp stake

Hon Hai bares fangs at monitor biz as pulse fades

Scrunched Street View spymobile spied in India

VidHave you tried turning it off and.. oh, forget it

Console content can cause crime, claims cop

Blame game played down under

IT job creation bucks up US economy

Other sectors slacking

EMC: We're turning VMAX into mainframe tape KILLER

Who needs physical when you can have virtual?

Vodafone loses access to punters' records in IT cock-up

Billing system refused to get out of bed this morning

Scribe's mobe, MacBook pwned after hacker 'fast-talked Apple support'

iCloud burst in social engineering attack claim

Radio hams unite to fight off new powerline comms standard

If you tolerate this, your ADSL will be next

Wikipedia collapses threatening the very fabric of civilisation

UpdatedQuick, to the LIBRAR- oh wait, I think it's back up

France's biggest Apple reseller shuts up shop

Pending court cases are all that's left of 30-year-old business

Nimble Storage clusters up for scale-to-fit flash-in-a-can

Big as you like... with boosted controller

MDNX swallows Griffin: I ain't afraid of no channel conflict

Pure channel firm's new daddy has 'different' approach

EMC hooks up with Lenovo, tries to penetrate China

Server-storage bundles alliance

TSMC doles out $1.4bn to buy Moore's Law breathing space

Intel already in bed with chip etchers ASML, Samsung next?

MetroPCS waves wand, turns Samsung Galaxy mobe into a TV

Turn on, tune in, pray for no signal drop outs

Bargain-hunting Chinese make life tough for iOS devs

App Store generates just THREE PER CENT of global revenue

Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

Beardy Apple wildman voices fears while treading the boards

Curiosity snapped mid-flight by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Curiosity Mars missionRover reports as ready for duty

Alteryx does Big Data integration for dummies

Everyone wants to be a 'data artisan'

AMD borrows $300m to fill war chest

Time to buy Calxeda or Applied Micro

Qualcomm taps former Intel mobile maven as CMO

If you can't beat ARM, join ARM

Vodafone Oz serving ice cream sandwiches by the Galaxy

Still no Jelly Beans on the menu as Samsung "preparing update"

Khronos Group updates OpenGL and OpenCL graphics standards

20 years of the graphics standard

Microsoft opens app store for Office 2013

Web-based add-ons

France backs away from Hadopi

Anti-piracy group is ‘unwieldy, uneconomic and ultimately ineffective’

Iran’s ‘domestic Internet’ schedule slips

Government ministries to unplug ‘next month’

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