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3rd > August > 2012 Archive

Microsoft unleashes Windows attack tool

Attack Surface Analyzer explains what apps do to your beautiful Windows installation

Netflix lets free simian software for cloud chaos

Angry ape kills virtual machines at random

Sharp to cull 5,000 as losses exceed £1 BILLION

Electronics giant on the ropes

Bomb sniffing “electric nose” turns cancer detector

Boffins tweak CyraNose to detect malignant, asbestos-related cancers

China's smartphone shipments jump 199 PER CENT!

HTC comes good in post-PC nation

Researchers reveal radical RAID rethink

“Pipelined erasure coding” helps storage to scale at speed

HP and Dell to 'unveil Windows RT slabs in October'

Windows-on-ARM tablets aplenty on the horizon

Airline leaves customer on hold for 15 hours

Your call is irrelevant to us, please hold all night

Nikon D4 DSLR review

Full-frame flagship finesse

Jobless yoofs! Get on your bike, er, mobe, and look for work

Tap tap-screen app, it only cost £125,000

HDS to flaunt young HUS array for money

Needs to stop sequential sliding of revenues

Storing punters' till receipts? wants you to hand it over

Businesses may have to cough up transaction records

Apple 'wanted to stuff Twitter with dollars' to fill iTunes with twits

Tweet biz refused to take Cupertino's coin - rumour

Anonymous hunts down Voldemort for hacking hungry kids' charity

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named named, outed to cops

How one bad algorithm cost traders $440m

A look at the worst software testing day ever

'Sending timing data over cell network - what could go wrong?'

QuotwPlus: 'What's the point in having a trial?'

Apple plans extended iPad display through 'Smart Covers'

Peripheral vision

Opera updated following unexplained lockout

UpdateMicrosoft's Gmail-alike opened for browser's fans

UK physical game sales hit rock bottom

Retail in need of therapy?

Samsung tells Apple: Quit your 'frivolous' whining over court doc leak

iPhone rival brands demand for trial win 'extreme'

Tablet tech is really a Psion of the times

Something for the Weekend, SirAnd now, the world's most expensive netbook

Does Box really need $284m in VC cash?

Open ... and ShutLook to Red Hat's model – it's better to make money than raise it

Meet the company that wants to destroy Twitter. It's Twitter

Can we build a better FaceTwittle?

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Bauernfrühstück v bacon sarnie

1966 revisited - with added pork

SAP to bung Oracle at least $306m in software piracy row

But Larry's eyes are still on a $1.3bn prize

HP hangs axe over 268 UK staffers ahead of mass cull

Govt warned of upcoming cut, say insiders

Experts stroke beards over LOHAN's vacuity

Readers raise the pressure in hypobaric test chamber

Avnet Technology Solutions swallows Pepperweed

US-based HP software and services MSP acquired by distie

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8

Sadly, just the name. Someone else says they own it

M-Tech Data: Grey import battle with Oracle has ruined us

Manchester-based firm shuts up shop after being 'crippled' by legal costs

BOYLE and BONG: The secret story of my OLYMPIC TRIUMPH

¡Bong!Getting social with Sir Timothy - picture exclusive

RBS: June's tech enormo-cock-up cost us £125m

Hardly any of which went to any actual fixing of stuff

US will fight ITU members for internet domination

Really, Russia, it's just better if we handle it

Skyrim expansion Dawnguard storms to Steam

PC players privy at last

Ridable giant robo-bug creeps, crawls toward reality

Mech-insect could be yours - for 300 grand

UK 4G auction: No word on what will be flogged, or what it costs

So we're all ready to go then?

We love everyone in the SPLA channel the same, honest - Microsoft

Pricing gulfs? What pricing gulfs?

LinkedIn shows webtastic social media firms how it's done

Actual profits

NASA hands out $millions to wannabe spaceship builders

Outsourced space podules and minishuttle score moolah

Daily Mail group in screeching U-turn on parody tweet persecution

Oh, we weren't that bothered, really

Microsoft tightens grip on OEM Windows 8 licensing

Factories will report directly to Redmond

EA sues Zynga over ripping off Sims Social

Claims to represent designers everywhere

Carbonite disputes ASA censure of cloud storage ads

Was ruling caused by communications snafu?

AT&T to mothball 2G network by 2017

Your iPhone needs more spectrum

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