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1st > August > 2012 Archive

FDA clears edible medical sensor for human consumption

System in a pill communicates via skin patch

Nexus Q preorders halted, price dropped to $0

Google admits it's balls

Metronode opens eco-friendly data centre for Victoria

Time to shut down old school bit barns

New version of Chrome can WATCH and LISTEN

Google shows off new API by sending your face to London Science Museum

Apple foe Proview laughs off debts, ressurrects business

IPAD trademark combatant wants to sell bio-energy

EMC, Lenovo, in servers alliance

Iomega cut loose, Lenovo servers to power EMC arrays

Submarine cable plan sinks without trace

Pacific Fibre folds as funders flee

Bribery claims call Chinese labour audits into question

China Labor Watch tells Congress of "severe flaws"

The Dragon 32 is 30

ArchaeologicFire starter

ROBOTS battle bunker-buster bank blast blaggers

Down-under bomb robbers in Perth ATM explosion rampage

BT charged rivals 'unjustified' prices to use network – Appeals Court

Competitors claimed the telco overcharged them, 'distorted' the market

Blighty's coolest mapper will flog its stuff to global buyers

Ordnance Survey to take geographic data skills overseas

LOHAN breathes fire in REHAB

VidHypobaric rocket motor test an explosive success – finally

Linux lessons for Hadoop doubters

Open ... and ShutBefore IBM there was Linus

Systemax files $2.2m losses as US shoppers stay home

Bullish outing in Europe can't save reseller giant's Q2 profit margins

Lords call for the end of TV transmissions

Stream it over the net instead, says upper house

Rackspace wolfs down own OpenStack dog food

Just nibbling on it before

RBS must realise it's just an IT biz with a banking licence

AnalysisExpert drills into what it'll take to prevent another bank technology fiasco

Now French watchdog wants to look at Google's slurped Wi-Fi data

CNIL follows ICO in demanding to inspect info before it is destroyed

Beak explodes at Samsung's evidence leak in Apple patent spat

Jury nobbling fears over banned slides

Murdoch's fondleslab epaper axes 50 staff

First app-only news publication The Daily downsizes

Slim debut sales for fatter Nintendo 3DS

Fewer than 10k XLs sold, hints market watcher

Dropbox blames staffer's password reuse for spam flood breach

Stolen login led to hackers striking gold

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life

No extensions, no mercy... just migrate already

Wintel takes kicking from Apple, market share at all-time low

iPad whacks life out of PC founding fathers

Higgs boson chasers: Now only 1-in-300 MILLION chance we're wrong

Yup, we're feeling lucky, say boffins in new findings

Google falls for Web2.0 smoke signals from Wildfire

Snaps up start-up to dunk brands in even more social goo

Hulu, Apple TV deal sparks fanboi Glee glee

If you're into that sort of thing

Smutty books strip Harry Potter of Amazon crown

Readers no longer seeking a crafty wand?

SHEEP NEED TWITTER, insist my noble Lords

AnalysisTaxpayers should cough to get one's country place online

If Hotmail was a person it could have kids now. But it would be a crime

SketchVast spam archive was only used for signups, shurely

M.R. James, master of the ghost story, was born 150 years ago

Oh whistle and I'll scare you to bits, my lad

Apple iPad fondlers are about to enter a THIRD DIMENSION

A dimension not only of sight and sound but of Kinect

Juniper Network pushes button, exits two distributors

Azlan and Computerlinks jettisoned

Lenovo iPad-smiting Windows 8 slate slips out

Pen is to be used, not fingers

Commtouch gulps down Icelandic anti-virus pioneer FRISK

The fresh minty taste of white-label security solutions

Lenovo: 'Us, buy Nokia? Surely you jest'

Flushes flap about Finnish phone firm feast as fiction

Speaking in Tech: We grill EMC's Mr VMWare

PodcastVirtual geek Chad Sakac talks SDNs, Oracle's Xsigo, CloudFoundry and more...

Microsoft RTMs final Windows 8 and Server 2012 code

Shuts the gate on final changes launch a gold rush for jokers, spammers

Analysis'One million people' could be wrong

AMD poaches Keller from Apple's mobile chip team

A call to ARMs?

RMIT serves up video tagging at Olympics London sportfest

Aus badminton team gets help with data swing

Nokia shutters Qt Brisbane office

Linux exit takes its toll

AGIMO issues invitation to cloud party

New guidelines and panel fling feds forward to the fluff

Judge: Oracle must remain on Itanic

Upholds HP's breach of contract claim

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