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31st > July > 2012 Archive

The asymmetry implicit in Internet data retention

By the way: Anonymous go home

Marlinspike demos MS-CHAPv2 crack

‘The strength of a single DES encryption’ not enough

Siri sued again as Taiwan uni cries foul over patents

'Is our patent portfolio going to get us into trouble, Siri?'

Chinese student's smut obsession lands 2,000 in JAIL

Living in China is such a drag ... a mum took away your best porno site

HTC leaves South Korea to Samsung, LG et al

Exits quietly, but not very brilliantly ...

Nintendo 3DS XL review

ReviewThumbs down?

Solar, wind, landfill to make cheapest power by 2030

Australian study says coal’s crown is slipping, thanks in part to carbon pricing

Sellers flogging vid games to underage kids face jail, unlimited fine

New age-rating rules come into force

IBM crashes, Cisco soars, at Brisbane airport

VCE deemed too expensive en route to destination VDI

Lords blast's fixation on broadband speed over reach

Hook up every community, light the dark fibres

London CGI firm scores DON'T-HIT-the-PEDESTRIAN test contract

DSA inks deal with animators for hazard-perception exams

Go Daddy big daddy gone

Adelman legs it, new owners grab the wheel

Samsung's projector phone lights up UK

Sweet beams

Ever considered putting a rocket up someone's backside?

Aussie's experiment in management jargon, er, backfires

Ex! interim! CEO! leaves! Yahoo! after! second! snub!

Levinsohn departs jingling with cash

Ingram Micro and Westcoast ink Microsoft SPLA deal

Software giant shakes-up hosting and ISV licensing

Toshiba: Strong yen CHEWED our tripled profit, spat out loss

And no one wants our LCD tellies

Freeview EPG revamp set for September

Channel funnel

Tesco in unencrypted password email reminder rumble

Price check on salt

'Ex climate sceptic' Muller's latest BEST stuff is the worst so far

Analysis'Non-partisan' group abandons pretence of neutrality

Virgin Media nukes downloads after SuperHub 'upgrade'

But it's OK, only a few punters are spitting blood

OFT probes Expedia and pals over hotel room price-fixing

May have broken EU competition law

Samsung docs tease 11.8in, 2560 x 1600 tablet

My slab is bigger than your slab

Fusion-io straps on NetApp feedbag for cache feeding frenzy

Virtual flash storage insanity

Boy cuffed after Twitter troll's drown threat to Olympic diver Tom Daley

Arrested on suspicion of malicious communication

Arrow aims at IT, finance bods to shoot down $20m in spending

When a Q2 profit of $114.4m just isn't enough

Disk demand after Thai floods drains away - unlike Seagate's coffers

Not buying OCZ despite money mountain

Pair collared after 'mobe giant hacked, info on 8.7 million sold'

Another 7 probed for buying private data in South Korea

Google+ mission creep continues with Hangouts slotted into Gmail

You can still use it with pals on Google+! If any

Isaacson fights outing of heart-to-heart chats with Steve Jobs

Biographer battles subpoena in Apple ebook court showdown

Cloudy emails up in smoke for FIVE days after fire knackers Giacom

Data centre offline, MessageStream dried up on Friday

'My work here is done, tata!' - Calyx Managed Services chief

Firm falls into arms of ex-Azzurri ops director

Olympic athletes compete in RAYGUN SHOOTING for the first time

Pentathletes swap bullets for laser pistols

Hooper's copyright hubs - could be a big British win with BBC backing

AnalysisThe report the bureaucrats DON'T want you to read

Sony slides expose saucy Xperia slate

Tablet S refresh?

Brit cops manacle another journalist in computer hacking probe

'Not trying to burn sources, it's about blagged mobes'

Giant idol 'STRUCK DOWN by the Wrath of God' unearthed in Turkey

'His purpose is to destroy, to put an end to nations'

Neurotrash creativity 'expert' created Dylan quotes from thin air

Journo and author resigns, book pulped. Imagine that

Microsoft: Gmail rival will 'look good on your iPad' 

Cloudy Hotmail successor features Metro-like UI

Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

Really bad business plans 101

NASA's nuclear Mars tank prepares for high pucker-factor landing

PicsRed Planet astro-truck to go down like none before it

Romney promises to announce VP choice via mobile app

'We'll just need a little bit of information first'

Zynga managers fingered in insider trading lawsuit

Pincus accused of shafting investors

Tracking Android phones is easy, says researcher

Assisted-GPS a boon for surveillance

Qubits turn into time travellers

Think of it as a quantum Tardis

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