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27th > July > 2012 Archive

Australian government wants IT apprentices

Get thee to Canberra, young geeks

IT departments are BRATTY TEENAGERS

Submit to tough love from ITSM father figure, says BMC process wonk

Baidu opens R&D lab in Singapore

Chinese answer to Google gets into speech recognition

Lawyers try to seize Chinese IPAD trademark

Proview's unpaid lawyers try to grab name to force payment

Why one storage admin fears Justin Bieber

HINT: He works for two girls schools

Nokia set to axe China R&D jobs

Belt-tightening hits Beijing

Apple disappoints at first Black Hat briefing

Black Hat 2012Rehashes old info and scarpers before question time

China denies US chopper tech espionage claim

Says US Courts handed out US$75m fine in error

HP Envy 4-1010ea 14in Ultrabook review

Cost-effective compromise?

Microsoft bundles BlueHat finalist tech into anti-exploit tool

Give 'em enough ROPe

'We asked firms if they were looking at Windows 8, most laughed'

QuoTWPlus: 'Stop being evil and we'll give your products a chance'

BOFH: Shove your project managementry up your mailbox!

Episode 7An anecdotely informationing for anyone sick of IT's jargoneering

UK's HECToR supercomputer in 27PB MEGA-storage boost

Disks, tapes and GPFS

How do you measure up at the Olympics?

Lane-watchers, touch pads, stop watches and time triggers

Hidden Grand Canyon-sized ICE-HOLE hastens Antarctic melt

VidHuge chasm explains rapidly thinning Western ice sheets

Natwest freezes debit cards, online banking in fresh cock-up

Hardware death blamed

Gobble gabblers: 'Seagate will put up $1 BEEELION for OCZ'

If you believe biz rumours, OCZ buy is ON

Chip and PIN keypads 'easily fooled' with counterfeit cards

Black Hat 2012Blighty researchers head to Vegas to show 'em how

Twitter airport bomb joke conviction binned in common-sense WIN

Obviously, you must be having a laff, says High Court

IT support bod? Whatever you earn, it's not enough

Something for the weekend, Sir?Betwixt chair and keyboard sits the problem of which you speak

Wall Street gives LSI 16% fist-bump for quadrupling flash revenues

Solid second quarter after flashy boost

World's biggest distie Ingram admits it can't keep up growth in UK

We're hot, but not that hot

Watch Smarter: video guide to... SSD installation

Smarter StorageSpeedy storage transplant made easy

Twitter titsup: Our failover was actually just FAIL ALL OVER

Double trouble after data centre double-whammy

Samsung plonks universal search BACK into Galaxy S IIIs

Us, scared of Apple? Pah!

Surface slab WILL rub our PC-making pals the wrong way – Microsoft

Redmond admits 'jeopardising' friendships with Windows 8

Twitter impostors stop at NOTHING to drag athletes through mud

Analysis@UsainBoltt: fanks 4 teh pr0n link lmao!!1

Money can't buy open-source love... only code can

Open ... and ShutLinus Torvalds started with nothing

Samsung snubs slump, slurps stunning smartmobe sales

Slow down? What economic slow down?

Samsung: 'Apple's proto-iPhone Jony is a Sony phone phoney'

Mobe design rip-off allegation emerges in court battle

Gov unveils plans for 2013 launch of ANOTHER software framework

Plans at an early stage but it WILL happen

Zuckerberg: Facebook phone "makes no sense"

Hardware rumours rumpled

Google: Oops, we've STILL got Street View's slurped Wi-Fi data

'Fesses up to UK info watchdog, other authorities

Tony Blair bod's Gmail hack teen gets 6 months

'TriCK' also sentenced for anti-terror hotline prank

QLogic: We can't flog adapters when no one's buying servers

Pins hopes on ASICs, mystery server-based products after dire results

Capita IT Services second-in-command Hewitt leaves today

Man in charge of Unity transformation programme exits

Fujitsu: We'll go on the 'offensive' in fight for IT dollars

Conglomerate ready to grow as Japan starts recovery

Ouya Android console gets OnLive onboard

Cloud cover forecast

Oracle cans IBM attack ad after ticking off from watchdog

Big Blue shed big blue tears

Paying by iPad, sir? Apple buys US security firm for $350m

Could be a move to attract enterprise-grade fondlers

Google taking orders for Kansas City gigabit fiber network

But they have to really, really want it

World celebrates System Administrator Appreciation Day

Time to buy your BOFH a drink

Google adds handwriting to mobile search site

For budding fingersmiths

Skype denies system upgrade enables in-call spying

No snooping going on, company insists

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