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26th > July > 2012 Archive

Kaminsky takes on censorship with info-mapping tools

Black Hat 2012Wants to transparency to provoke debate

'Spintronics' brings IBM's Racetrack Memory closer to reality

'New physics' of electrons that only move in one direction

Amazon crimps free Kindle 3G surfing

Exercises option to restrict browsing after 50MB of web access

Cyber gang made £30 MILLION from fake gov certs

Hacked official sites to make phony qualifications

APAC firms to up their dose of tablets by 22 PER CENT

Budget cuts? What budget cuts?

Cops shutter net cafes to save Beijing's youth

Litte Emperors need protection from big bad internet

Choose Smarter: Ten…portable optical drives

Product Round-upThe art of spin

AAPT confirms attack, through Melbourne IT

Uses SHOUTY CAPS to say purloined data is a year old, has not been online for ages

Capita and pals get £500m for ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE call centre

UK-wide deal covers 'any health-related emergency'

Captain Cyborg accepts another degree from puny humans

10 INPUT honorary_award$ 20 GOTO 10

UK ISPs promise punters 'full' and 'open' internet 'access'

Except when pirates choke our pipes

Apple takes $2.2bn hit as Chinese resellers snub iPhone 4S

CEO Cook swept out by flooded channel

RIP Andre Hedrick: The engineer who kept the PC open

ObituaryKernel expert stood up to mandatory hard disk DRM

Dimension Data puffs up cloud partners

Chasing telcos, SPs, and governments through the channel

Oracle hurls MySQL at Microsoft database wobblers

Migration with a touch of Excel

Skydiving daredevil Baumgartner leaps from 96,000ft

VideoAustrian in 365mph free-fall jaunt

Schneider moves into Cisco's Olympics crib, dims lights

Drags in suitcase full of 'leccy-saving bits for SmartCity showcase

Jury will hear Samsung wrongly trashed emails in patent trial

US judge says auto-delete should have been turned off

Sysadmins! There's no shame in using a mouse to delete files

Sysadmin blogOnly losers back just one side in the GUIs v CLIs holy war

TalkTalk Q1 sales fall as number of broadband punters declines

Launches YouView wrapped in stinky new 24-month-contract

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD review

Homegrown hot shot

Logitech clings onto cost-cutting axe as sales, profit sail away

Such a lovely time to be in retail

Windows worm slips into iOS App Store, climbs into hipsters' pockets

Further proof that Instagram fanbois are diseased

Alcatel Lucent axes 5,000 staff, takes right shoeing from rivals

'Competitive pricing' leads to nine-figure loss in Q2

Girls tricked by STEAMY message: Webcam spyware student jailed

'It's the only way to, er, clean the sensor'

BSkyB delights City with record profits: Broadband subs pass 4 million

Pumps cash into Apple TV rival Roku

Nationwide DOUBLES card payments in fresh banking gaffe

That'll be £20, please. That'll be £20, please

Axe hovers over John Lewis IT jobs

Retailers promise to 'increase efficiency'

PlayStation burnout probe: It's not the Vita, it's YOU, says Sony

Japanese watchdog launches investigation

Chunnel 3G launched for channel hoppers

Je suis dans le train...

Top disk drive dog WD shakes off flood water, doubles its earnings

Record results despite 2 natural disasters, $4.8bn Hitachi acquisition

Web giants bag former US gov advisor to head up lobbying group


ITV scoffs at ad slump as production arm hauls in cash

What TV crisis?

Microsoft Azure goes titsup across Western Europe

Clouds blown away

Oops: Nokia reinstates 'terminated' star app developer

Keep your friends close, kick your good friends out the door

Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' for PC biz

AnalysisWhy Microsoft MUST listen to the Half-Life billionaire

Zynga plays BLAME GAME with Facebook as stock tanks 40%

Zuck to face Wall Street with first earnings report

Google Talk goes dumb in massive global outage

UpdatedUsers left speechless

Daily Mail group boss spoof tweeter fights to protect anonymity

@UnSteveDorkland lawyers up after publisher sues Twitter

Valve tried tongue-tied interface controller

No taste for gobby gaming?

Gov Cloud Store up and running again

Scheduled update caused unscheduled downtime

Court blocks 12 websites for 'misleading' Olympic ticket sales

20,000 tickets shifted

Never mind Azure: They BROKE Twitter!

Hordes turn to Google+ ... only joking

W3C names four new editors of HTML5 spec

They just keep plugging away on that standard

Neal Stephenson on swordplay, space and depressing SF

Black Hat 2012Teases computer game, Snow Crash film at Black Hat keynote

Facebook posts loss despite strong revenue growth

Zuck's first earnings report fails to impress

Stuxnet: 'Moral crime' or proportionate response?

Security experts split on cyberwar

Texan scientists create tiny, tiny laser

Boon for on-chip optics

NVIDIA joins Miracast club

Is WiFi's 'AirPlay-killer' getting legs?

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