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25th > July > 2012 Archive

Black Hat draws world hacking gang – and Apple – to Sin City

Black Hat 2012New faces, and a few old ones

Google launches partner program for Cloud Platform

Tools, training, and support for building cloudy apps

Japanese govt sucked dry for TWO YEARS by Trojan

Nastie may have nicked meeting documents

WTO to probe China rare earth stranglehold claims

Better late than never

Anonymous to expose 40GB of ISP data

More than 600,000 Oz punters at risk

Huawei profits tumble as global economy falters

Crouching tiger tamed by fierce competition

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought

Atmospheric feedback loops can be rather swift, geologically speaking

Dell channels Dr Who, shoves Big Data into Small Data Tardis

RainStor to play the time lord's photogenic assistant

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?

Open ... and ShutThe web is no place for happy memories

Droid X360 hybridises PS Vita and Android

Nice knockoff

India crowned global spam-spewing zombie king AGAIN

Ha ha, do keep up, China

Commission to Euro biz: Show us your breaches

Draft EU cyber-laws will ask firms to 'fess up about violations

Transport Dept dishes out £1.9m rail database deal to Capita

DB admin checks passenger numbers, interior carriage volume ... faints

EU edges toward dropping Google 'abuse of dominance' charges

Fat concessions package pleases antitrust commish

Ingram Micro gets 'negative' mark for risky Brightpoint slurp

Fitch Ratings: See me after class

Indian outsourcers Infosys outsource to WISCONSIN

Apple partner also builds giant software hub in Bangalore

Devs can't be bothered with Nokia's Windows Phone – report

12% drop in app-maker love after mobe sales sink

BT shares droop as sales go limp at hard-up Europe

Wholesale wing also hit by rules on fleecing 'regulatory price cuts' in Q1

Spy Hunter

Antique Code ShowCaptured by the game

Avaya UK boss tears UK channel partners list in HALF

Culmer bares teeth, warns direct sales force not to bypass resellers

Speaking in Tech: VMware is building the Death Star

PodcastThe Empire strikes back

TMS puts the boot into flash

Start your server engines

LG, Samsung, Sony: Smutty Smart TV apps turn us off

Philips, Panasonic: Bring on the filth

Network upgrading punches Everything Everywhere in the wallet

Cellco's losses widen, eagerly awaits 4G dominance

Watch Smarter: video guide to... optical disc drives

Smarter StorageAll the info you need

ARM knees semi groins with 2 billion chip feat

UK design biz trousers better-than-expected profit in Q2

Nearly half of Google's Moto gobble cash was spanked on patents

A cool $5.5bn to line Googorola's legal war chest

Google Nexus 7 blighted by brightness blunder

'Seriously wrong' claims expert

Siemens squashes Stuxnet-like bugs in SCADA kit

Loading DLL files willy-nilly? What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' beardy Bolt boast BANNED

False start: Olympic champ ad ruled misleading

Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review

First lookOut on sale today, but is it all talk and power naps?

Mac malware Crisis as Apple lets slip its Mountain Lion

Includes bonus Windows Trojan, stealth ninja style

O2 floods London with free Wi-Fi

Surf the streets

Capita: Is that a bulge in your books or are you pleased to see us?

Chief exec Pindar 'has clear visibility of growth'

McAfee tears wrapping off MSP scheme, hands it to resellers

Dragging some partners into the 21st century

Microsoft unfurls patent lasso, snares Linux servers

Cable telly biz is made an offer it couldn't refuse

Symantec bundles CEO out the door, parachutes in chairman

AnalysisIt's you, not us, Enrique

Apple CEO: Frothing fanboi iPhone 5 hype screwed our sales

Cupertino Head Cook lashes out at rumour mill

Old-timer Odyssey to babysit Curiosity's Mars landing

10-year-old orbiter to keep an eye on rover's hidden descent

Tintri trousers $25m to crank out flash storage grease

Kerrr-ching: Cashes in on the server virtualisation trend's IT catalogue Cloud Store knackered by login gremlin

UpdateSuppliers and tech buyers locked out

Galaxy S III dumps universal search, tries to dodge Apple's sueballs

OUCH... Last one hit Samsung in the wallet

Stratus slides Avance virtual clusters onto Xeon E5 servers

Juggles more and fatter virty machines

Foreign intelligence agencies are biggest online threat, ex-Fed warns

Black Hat 2012Pot, meet the kettle of color – allegedly

Well-funded Meteor poised to impact web development

The 'web era' of apps was so five minutes ago

Forget widgets, invest in staff say Black Hat alumni

Black Hat 2012Planning for the next 15 years of security

Oracle cranks Exalogic software stack up to 2

More oomph without bending new iron

Apple's new Safari snubs older Macs, drops Windows version

Only Mountain Lion users get all the features

Anonymous hit Melbourne IT to find AAPT documents

UPDATE: Activist group claims hosting company as the source of its trove

Citrix profits pinched by Europe, Uncle Sam

Virty desktops, optimized networks rake it in

CSIRO seas how Oz could wave goodbye to dirty power

Oceans could provide enough energy to power Melbourne by 2050

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