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18th > July > 2012 Archive

XBMC media player now running on Android, Nexus Q

But you'll need to build it yourself from scratch

Intel CEO Otellini promises $699 ultrabooks by fall

140 svelte laptops in the pipeline, 40 'touch-enabled'

Gelsinger to take over as VMware CEO

But don't count out the ol' Intel hand as eventual EMC CEO

Alister Dias to take reins as EMC ANZ MD

Longtime ANZ President David Webster booted upstairs into APAC sales role as part of global reorg

ZTE claims it's hiring, not firing

Mobile giant says rumours are wide of the mark

China risks mountain of unsold PCs

Analyst warns of sales drop-off

Drones, sub-hunting planes to attack cyber-Chinese army

Taiwan boots up virtual war games

Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior

Antique Code Show1990s beat master

Wikipedia failing to recruit any new admins

Fears that nerditor community may have heard of girls

Backups? Use disk. Archives? Disk. Particle accelerators? Fine, tape

Tape, the red-headed stepchild in the house of EMC

UK's tax-funded boffinry to be published FREE for all

AnalysisYou paid for it, now you can read it on the bog

Olympic Security cock-up was down to that DARN software

Buck up Buckles, for *uck's sake

Surprise! BT pockets £70m North Yorkshire broadband rollout

UpdatedTo win one-horse race in Cumbria also

New police-run IT biz to take top cops out of the server room

Who will run tech guru outfit an unsolved mystery

McDonalds staff 'rough up' prof with home-made techno-spectacles

UpdatedComputer Vision pioneer suffers Mac Attack

Behind-the-scenes payment operation gets e-money capability

Competition for WorldPay muscling up?

PayPal is bleeding market share and it's all eBay's fault

Open ... and ShutHands up who knows what X.commerce is... yes, that's why

Pyrotechnic boffin poised to light LOHAN's fire

Reg reader expert brews up custom rocket motor igniter

Yahoo! profits! derailed! by! restructuring! costs!

New CEO silent on her plans as payouts hit Q2 income

Facebook cybersquatter stitched up by own Facebook account

Non one believed his 'generic dictionary word' defence

Tape juggler gets BILLION FILE capacity

'Ingesting' petabytes and, ah, moving them outside itself

Sony preps PS3 with old-school design

Low-cost play?

Nearly 2 MILLION US Facebook users quit social network

Wall Street bitches... bitch

Gamer fails STAM roll, dies after 40-hour Diablo III stretch

Way to go, dude

Devolo dLAN 500Mb/s powerline network adaptor review

Fast Ethernet through a three-pin plug

Raspberry Pi rolls out speed surge Raspbian OS

Floating point fruit-filled Linux distro

Britain: A nation of txt addicts who prefer Twitter to phoning mum

Don't bother calling, we're too busy 'turfing' - Ofcom

Cumbria County Council: We'll sort our own ICT support, thanks

Fails to agree terms with third-party providers

Dropbox brings in crack team to probe spam leakage

Email accounts crammed with gambling site grossness

Bunging apps, files into virtual desktops ain't worth it - Gartner

Server and network costs annihilate cash savings

Sage site outage knackers Blighty's payroll depts

Reports of abacus sales soaring unfounded

Firefox 14 encrypts Google search, but admen can still strip-search you

UpdatedReferrer strings go naked for marketeers

BSkyB punches Virgin Media in ads watchdog fist fight

ASA rules for Rupert's baby as accusations fly

Rest of world catching Eurozone plague, warns Datatec

Bring out your dead, bring out your dead

AT&T may charge fanbois for FaceTime vid chat, hints iOS 6

Video calling on 3G? There's a bill for that

Servers save Intel's Q2, and probably the year

Xeon E5 push to 2012 timed perfectly

WinPho to eke out 4% of US smartphone biz

Windows 8 halo effect? What halo effect?

Skyhook offers 'Always-On' background STALKING feature

Pah, who needs more battery juice at 40,000 feet?!

Outage outrage: O2 dishes out 3 free days, £10 voucher

Keeping the punters happy

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Jam sandwich

Psst, UK software devs: Up for a Cyber Security Challenge?

Future Stuxnet-style attack defenders wanted

Gov: We want cheap police tablets and by God we'll get them

SCC pressurised to cut costs of fondling cop-slabs

New lightest-ever material: Ideal power for electric car

Pitch-black Aerographite could juice batteries of the future-ture-ture

Speaking in Tech: Did Yahoo! suddenly get ... interesting?

PodcastPlus: Post-Katrina IT culture in New Orleans

Intel accidentally outs 'Poulson' Itanium specs

The Intertubes giveth and taketh away

TryStack pits ARM against Xeon in the cloud

Take OpenStack out for a test drive

Washington State to allow voter registration via Facebook

All your friends will be at the polls

Five mobile devices per person for 2040?

ACMA reveals plans for 100 million more mobile numbers

Kiwi judge steps aside from Dotcom extradition hearings

Calls the US the ‘enemy’, sparks outrage, quits case

IBM juices profits in Q2 despite sales drop

Servers stall, currency flux erases $1bn

Vendors responsible for ‘Aussie Tax’: Choice

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 wins the gouge-fest

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