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17th > July > 2012 Archive

US, Iraqi lawn chair balloonists blown out of sky

Record-setting attempt ends around the bend from Bend

Dell Inspiron 17R SE 17in Ivy Bridge notebook review

Core i7 beast of burden

We'll punish crims faster... with lots of shiny new tech - minister

Computers, is there anything they can't do?

Cockfighting Reg hack cursed with cancer

FoTWAnimal lover less than impressed with battling poultry

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots

So you say you want Metro everywhere, all the time?

LG execs fingered in Samsung OLED tech theft

Samsung wants its rival to come clean

EMC in comprehensive reshuffle of top sales chaps

We're just madly busy driving and building things here

Lenovo ups in-house notebook production

It's all about control...

Acer EMEA boss: PC crash hit us like a coal mine GAS BLAST

Lessons learned, hopefully in time for the Olympics

Cleversafe cuddles up to MapReduce, kicks HDFS out of bed

Hey Hadoop, we think your filesystem sucks

Sky's TV-on-demand registers with regulator just hours before opening

Took that long to work out who the regulator was

Intel prunes SSD prices

Extends budget range too

Are things looking up in biz? Rosier prospects for Computacenter

In the English Channel and across the English Channel

Raspberry Pi used as flight computer aboard black-sky balloon


iPhone 5 to be skinniest Apple yet SHOCK

But as much to do with the battery as the touchscreen tech

Much of China still has rubbish net connections, stats show

Fleabitten British lion still faster than snoozing dragon

Valve to raise Steam for Ubuntu

Zombies let loose on Linux

Finally some QUALITY apps for Android: PalmOS emulator ported

Just woken up with long beard, curly fingernails?

Samsung swoops on Brit chip biz CSR, grabs talents'n'patents

Actual real technology, no web-2.0 rubbish here

Euro cellcos hoard nano Sims ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Order! Order!

Google makes fresh offers in Euro anti-trust negotiations

Ads dominatrix hopes to slip out of Brussels' clutches

'Unfair' tariff tweaks yield networks £90m

Fixed-price contracts need fixing, says Which?

Skype so sorry for sending that saucy IM to mum instead of pash

Wait for update, or simply join the Foreign Legion?

Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months

Brussels may get 'severe' over breach of competition pact

EMC CEO succession blown wide open by VMware rumblings

AnalysisPat Gelsinger to run VMware, Maritz to run, er, what?

VMware CEO exile rumour: Not a punishment for Maritz

AnalysisThe message - Our future is cloudy. Sorry! Cloudy

Wouldbe Apple App Store killer WAC disappears into GSMA

The Once and Future best hope of the networks

New 'Madi' cyber-espionage campaign targets Iran AND Israel

Attackers 'fluent in Persian', say security sinkholers

New UK immigration IT system late and £28m OVER BUDGET

On time, on budget, works. Pick two, er, one. Er ...

Morphlabs distills concentrated OpenStack cloudy system

A stiff one for service providers, SMBs

Nasa guides Mars Rover with Kinect

Lunar Lander de nos jours

Fresh shift of 'nauts comes aboard space station from Soyuz podule

What craft needs 83% of its crew to be flight engineers?

Hacktivists lift emails, passwords from oil biz in support of Greenpeace

Operation get behind the hippies

Micron mass-produces Phase Change Memory

Flash superseded? Maybe...

Dell airdrops military-grade data-centre-in-a-crate

Big data goes to war

CumuLogic puffs up Java platform cloud 1.0

Memory pricing is the wave of the future

iPhone 5 poised to trounce Android, devastate BlackBerry?

Small-scale survey sees 80 million iPhone 5 sales 'in the bag'

Cisco buys Virtuata for virty security

Taking on Bromium? Beating Citrix to the punch?

Intel grazes Q2 numbers, but 'growth will be slower' in Q3

Revises full-year projections downward

Study: Users prefer Google+ over Facebook

For a ghost town, it's a nice place to visit

RMIT in Japanese space hook-up

JAXA on loan for evaluation

Attacker pleads guilty to hatchet-job on ISP

Careful with that axe, Eugene…

Top EMC execs play multi-cushion musical chairs

But who gets Gelsinger's old job?

Grum botnet loses Dutch servers

Still alive and spamming in Russia, Panama

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