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12th > July > 2012 Archive

Vodafone NZ swoops on TelstraClear

Goes full service for AUD$660m

Foxconn trumps Apple to sit pretty on Fortune 500

But Apple's profits will take some beating

Pure Contour 200i Air wireless music system

ReviewThere's more to this than just AirPlay's cost-cutting 'shared services' went £500m OVER BUDGET

Five centres cost MORE than the expected savings

Huawei US bags defence biz strategist as new CSO

Donald Purdy takes on tough role

Web snooping bill an 'odious shopping list of new gov powers'

Spooks 'looking for a pin, creating field of haystacks' says David Davis

WD sees red, flogs NAS niche drives to SOHO punters

UpdatedColour-coded branding

Expert: BA doesn't need permission to google your face

It's all legit, so don't forget to smile for the camera

Tosh spins up faster, longer-lasting head-turner for big biz

Double-jointed petite holds 900GB

Japanese IT glitch leaves foreigners' ID cards incomplete

Issued without signature

O2's titsup network struggles to find its feet

Have you tried switching it off and on again?

Religious wars brewing in ICANN gTLD expansion

Plus: Christian group vents rage over 'brain-rewiring' smut

BBC mulls seizing the wheel of Local TV

Auntie in line to get £25m from... the BBC

LOHAN to brew thermite for hot ignition action

Come on baby light my fire...

Instagram bug 'exposed' hipsters' private photos to strangers

Privacy flap at Facebook-acquired firm shocker

Yahoo! hack! leaks! 453,000! unencrypted passwords!

UNION ALL SELECT here, we, go, again FROM passwords

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

ReviewSimply the best? Um…

Indian software pirating suspect faces US extradition

FBI indicted Mumbai man in 2010

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad and Android hits 6-month delay

Mobe support moves from Q2 to Q4

Avnet TS swallows bite-sized Mattelli

IT tracking firm falls into bulging belly of services

Asteroid miners to strap 'scopes to new Virgin Galactic rocket

Rock diggers want to cash in on SPAAAACE

NASA launches iPhone spaceship app in 3D SPAAAAACE!

Augmented reality puts Curiosity on a sheet of foolscap...

Mountains of unsold tech? Ha ha, we're not falling for THAT again!

Sales freeze lets Lenovo close in on HP's top spot

Er, you remember you tried to sell me that security package...

Selling cloud security in the real world

Rovio chucks up Angry Birds successor, hopes it will fly

Flogging bought-in talent's Amazing Alex for 64p

VeloBit beats big boys with SSD caching software – indie benchmarker

But can flashy start-up bag a deal with a server flash supplier?

Move over Raspberry Pi, give kids a Radio Ham Pi - minister

Hobbyists spark an interest in electronics

SAP trousers €1bn quarter in software sales, fumbles profit

Prelims are best ever but net income can't keep up

Russia hands out 4G licences in an instant

See, Ofcom, it can be done

Google sued over mobile Chrome by patent firm

Smart, simplified navigation system fingered

Big Blue uncloaks multitalented 40GbE RackSwitch

Aggregating east-west traffic

Oatmealer rubs Operation Bear Love cash in troll's face

Overmatched FunnyJunk lawyer yanks legal action

Toshiba, LG pop $571m to end LCD price fixing suit – want some?

'We did nothing wrong, but take the money anyway'

Viasat lands NBN Co satellite tender

Hundreds of new jobs and satellite dishes set to follow

AMD slips modest speed bump into 'Abu Dhabi' Opterons

But just what's inside those 'Piledriver' cores?

Microsoft hatches Bing Fund incubator for startups

With luck, entrepreneurs can be as successful as the Bing boyz

Early verdict on Intel Ultrabook™ push: FAIL

Analyst: MacBook Air handily outpaces svelte competitors

Online retail drives card fraud in Oz

Reach for the cheque-book

Kiwi pooches turn into ROACH MUNCHING DOPE FIENDS

Red-eye, munchies, freezing to death

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