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9th > July > 2012 Archive

Android Trojan leaves 100,000 users out of pocket

MMarketPay buys content from China Mobile's app store

Comcast makes up with Boxee after cable encryption spat

Cable TV + internet boxes sector keeps swelling

SMART's new SSD wrings extra juice from MLC flash

89,000 write cycles ... are you sure that's not SLC?

Analysts hail Burma's untapped IT goldmine

Tech firms will be queuing up for Asia's 'unpolished gem'

Chinese boffins build nuclear-powered deep-sea station

Underwater mining plans a step closer

Olympus MEG4.0 smart glasses will photoshop the REAL WORLD

Camera firm's Google Glass competitor has GPS, smartphone linkup

US ponders fibre link to Guantanamo

Residents to get better broadband than us

Welcome, friend, to Metroland

StobYou Betjeman

Cypress waggles ANOTHER unwanted take-over bid at Ramtron

I know we're fabless but which part of no don't you understand?

'Biologically accurate' robot legs walk like an Egyptian

VidOr anyone else for that matter

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals

Microwave to dry it out, it seems

NASA was WRONG on arsenic-gobbling aliens, claim boffins

Weird Earth bacteria need their six a day

Emulex coughs up $58m in Broadcom fibre optic patents clash

Don't put that chequebook away just yet

HP parts with sales director Richard Logan

Printer and PC worlds collide

LOHAN finally checks into REHAB

First hypobaric rocket motor test today

Ex-Nokia staffers team up to revive MeeGo

Jolla on a rolla?

Boston flexes its own ARM server muscle

PicsGreen 'green' tech from Brit IT biz

Microsoft quietly bangs Bing's big bucks drum

Startups paid to bet on Redmond's loss-maker

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society on Blu-ray

ReviewSection 9 regroups for one more case

Google plants rainbow flag in anti-gay countries

Ads giant wants homophobic nations to 'legalise love'

CSC bundles NHS IT fiasco staff out the door

Now to decide the fate of 640 staffers in round two

Twitter tool's tweet tweaks leaked to twits

New iPhone app curates, tries not to crash

Sony, Samsung trade body to push HbbTV to Brits

Up yours, YouView

BlackBerry App World hits 3bn downloads, 27bn more to go

Not quite up to Apple's App Store, but hey-ho

Schools IT biz RM back in black after caning from UK gov

Mega-cuts taught supplier a lesson it won't forget

Facebook! and! Yahoo! kiss! and! make! up! with! tasty! ad! juice!

Time to bury that patent lawsuit... bitch

British Gas bets you'll pay £150 for heating remote control

The killer app for home automation?

DARPA aiming for Mach-20 hypersonic rocketplane 'by 2016'

Blazing hot booming sky-spear 'is the new Stealth'

Live long and prosper: Spaceflight 'slows ageing process'

Lifespan boost for tiny astronauts

Microsoft sets October date for Windows 8 release

WPC 2012Gotta wait until 2013 for Intel's Win 8 Surface tablets

In the red corner: TV star and prof in Beijing blogger brawl

Molybdenum copper plant row boils over into real life

OpenFlow takes networks in a different direction

An easier route

HP's faster-than-flash memristor at least TWO years away

Kavli Foundation RoundtablePlus: Storage boffins discuss photonic chip comms

US networks: Political donations by text? Rlly nt a gud idea

We'll be on the hook for profiteering, moan operators

ISPs step in to supply DNSChanger safety net

Not going dark, after all

Lookout mulls flagging privacy-invading phone apps as adware

Free virus detector considers crackdown on freebies

Apple cracks down on black market in iOS beta passes

Psst, activate your UDID with us, bitchez

LSI lures IT vendors with Nytro blast for flash storage

Mega EMC deal not enough... we want more

Finland beefs up HPC oomph with Cray 'Cascade' super

Stuffs old paper warehouse with gobs o' flops and bushels o' bytes

UN deploys ITU to seek FRAND patent peace treaty

Takes time off from world-domination plans

UK judge hands Samsung win for being 'not as cool' as iPad

Apple's 'understated and extreme simplicity' works against it

Facebook shuts down face recognition APIs after all

Never mind what we said three weeks ago

Perceptive Pixel buy to make Microsoft more touchy-feely

WPC 2012As with Yammer, Redmond is buying friends

Global IT spending wrapped in caution tape

Hazmat suits not required like in the Great Recession

AMD smacked by channel slump in Q2

Nearly 10 per cent drop

Cyberoam pushes fix for SSL vuln

Users’ snooped packets safe again

Magnetic cells put biologists in a spin

Trout's nose might hold secret to homing sense

Microsoft lures resellers with Office 365 perks and payments

WPC 2012Bigger rewards and single-point billing

Is the Higgs boson an imposter?

Signature could be forged, suggest Argonne boffins

US law enforcement phone snooping on the rise

John Law made 1.3 million rat-on requests in 2011

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