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6th > July > 2012 Archive

Microsoft lobs licensing liposuction at Server 2012

Slims down to four builds, sheds Home and Small Business Server

Huawai teams with Aussie investors to launch APAC cable

Quest Telecom set to be Asia's latest submarine cable guys

HP patents teleprompter-esque transparent screen tech

Slat-tastic gear will mean you can never trust a window

Private cloud outfit chooses X-IO ISE instead of forklift SAN upgrade

Damn things aren't even getting warm

Suppliers race to bag first G-Cloud accredited platform

Mine's bigger than yours

Libya's new rulers fire up Gaddafi's surveillance tech

Snooped-upon become snoopers, snoop on former snoopers

UK is first class for train Wi-Fi in Europe

Commuting sucks time, not productivity... OK, it just sucks

Panasonic Eluga DL1 waterproof Android

ReviewDunked in beer and still talking

Dell's partners fear divorce after firm beds new squeeze

Quest acquisition could upset CommVault and Symantec deals

Shuttleworth: Why Windows 8 made us ditch GPL Linux loader

Ubuntu supremo fears security keys could fall into wrong hands

My dad found the Higgs boson! Reminiscences of a CERN kid

Hold it buddy - US atom bureau pass, but born in Iran?

BT to patrol MoD's cyber borders for another 7 years

Seeing off bedroom hackers and gov spooks... but how much will it cost?

Tech biz today is WORSE than dot-com bubble days

Open ... and ShutFloating firms like it's 1999

Former Intrinsic boss Mason pitches up at avsnet

Joined by ex-colleague Justin Anderson

Seagate fscks up: Disk drive sales fall short by $500m

Quality slip and flood-proof competitors fingered

BOFH: The back-up backdown smackdown

Episode 6And that's what happens when you don't listen to your friendly BOFH

China reveals new strategy of stockpiling rare earths

We don't need no steenkin' WTO

Samsung: World LOVES our chips 'n' mobes – expect a record quarter

But investors unimpressed by soaring smartphone sales

The Archers INVADE Guernsey, rebrand it Borchester

Gov website falls to BBC soap opera incursion

Door creaks and girl farts: computing in the real world

Something for the weekend, Sir?Stop designing for spaceships

Mega French operator SFR prepares to slash another €500m in costs

Heads will roll with Catbert in charge...

Forget Ultrabooks and Win 8 - only fondleslabs can save us now

Western Europe PC space a busted flush, says Context

Two-horse! race! to! seize! Yahoo! poisoned! chalice!

Stand-in boss Levinsohn versus Hulu head Kilar

Behind every great athlete is a nervous network engineer

London OlympicsA short history of Olympics communications

Microsoft's XML 0-day fix expected in July Patch Tuesday

Hack attack smack

NatWest seeks volunteers to bonk with their iPhones

Hurry, only 1,000 NFC payment cases up for grabs

Apple 'fesses up: We broke App Store downloads

Now, get back to lining our pockets

Ex-Alibaba GM cuffed as bribery scandal resurfaces

E-commerce giant booted him out in March

Stay 10 steps ahead of big vendors before they steal your lunch

Emerge from data centres with pockets laden with gold

Moles expose Amazon smartphone plan

Big phone or little tablet?

'Amazon plans iPhone-killing Android mobe' – report

Might use mega-Chinese contractor Foxconn for the build

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Haggis pakora v huevos rancheros

Braveheart battles Pancho Villa

Wish you were here? NASA rover beams postcard from Mars

Pic'Great views, lovely long walk, see you soon! Opportunity xoxo'

Dell seeks Linux fans to try cut-price Ubuntu Ultrabook

'Help us build dev device of choice'

Watch out for the GIGANTIC ALIEN JELLYFISH, warns space boffin

Floating horror blobominations roam ice-moon skies

Phone-raiding Trojan slips past Apple’s App Store censors

Find And Call is actually Slurp, Stalk And Spam

IT pulls its job creation weight in June in the US

Be nice if somebody else took some of the weight

Gamers bereft as Xbox Live takes a dive

UpdatedMicrosoft working on it

Mozilla Foundation and EFF join hunt for Syrian open source developer

One of our developers is missing

Informatica caught flat-footed by revenue shortfall

Blames stingy Europeans, skittish Americans

Cisco backs down on cloud control of routers

Full reverse-ferret over Linksys 'upgrade'

Mozilla shoots down Thunderbird, hatches new release model

'This bird's not dead, it's just pining for the fjords'

Revealed at last: Universe's intergalactic dark matter skeleton

Boffins' first glimpse of the structural framework of our universe

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