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3rd > July > 2012 Archive

Microsoft sets the price for a Windows 8 upgrade at $40

Offer extends through January 2013

Microsoft names Zeus ringleaders and notifies FBI

The Feds can find them in a UK jail

Telstra invests in IPscape

Shiff keeps start-ups in business

China's internet wunderkind in the dock over alleged fraud

Hacktivist group Anonymous says it exaggerated user numbers

NEC Australia buys local ICT biz

Gets some govt traction

LG 55LM960V 55in Smart TV

ReviewOlympic champion?

'Young people don't want to become like us', say IT pros

But we're actually straight from the fridge, daddio

Doctors must be trained to avoid web blab blunders, says group

Put down the smartphone, stethoscope boy

Ofcom: PhonepayPlus to regulate PayForIt but not operator billing

Maybe later when it gets renamed OpCashRake

RBS customers still suffering tech issues at Virgin One Account

Statement's all wrong, but the balance is right, honest

Brummie popstrels crowdsource their visual appearance

You've heard of designed by committee? Next level

Indian navy computers stormed by malware-ridden USBs

China suspected of cyber skulduggery

ISP CAN cut off pirates with 'three strike' rule, says Irish beak

Arrgh! Me pipe's been slashed off, ye scurvy law-dogs

NHS trust spunks £67m on e-patient records, Twitter, Facebook

Dear @Patient3312 don't forget your enema is today lol

Forget internet fridges and Big Data. Where's my internet fish tank?

Sysadmin blogTrevor means an actual tank with fish, here

Google Chrome serves up only emptiness, for many users

Attempt to show people the true value of the web?

Puny US particle punisher finds strong evidence for God particle

Attempt to mow LHC's grass ahead of Thursday's Big Reveal

Samsung fails to get Galaxy Tab ban in US lifted pending appeal

Fruitsters favourite in fondleslab fisticuffs

ICANN's overlordship of the internet confirmed again by US gov

The king is, erm, still alive. Long live the king!

Apple's UK smartphone lead shrinks

Samsung marketing cash, iPhone 5 rumours take their toll

Microsoft takes a $6.2bn bath with aQuantive web ads write-down

Theres no baby in this horribly expensive water

US federal boffins insist that mermaids DON'T exist

Aha! They must have something to hide!

CANNIBAL! Apple's 7.85in iPad will EAT 9.7in iPad sales

But not enough to prevent Cupertino beanfeast, says analyst

ITC denies Apple an emergency ban on ALL HTC PHONES

Just one letter separates ITC and HTC. Coincidence?

What is the Nokia Secret Plan if Windows 8 isn't Windows gr8?

So secret, even Elop doesn't know about it

Brit anti-terror hotline hacker teen pleads guilty

TeaMp0isoN lad also snaffled Blair contact list off GMail

Analyst fears iPhone 5 power pack to prompt launch postponement

Battery production troubles alleged

So, that vast IT disaster you may have caused? Come in, sit down

You won't be forced to dig your own grave

Capita publicity to show only UK staff - some of whom are being let go

Indian office won't feature in marketing brochure

Google+ takes on a location element as it pushes deeper into iPhone

Choc Factory keen to keep a tentacle touching the fanboi

Avnet fears possible $73m bill as US Customs probe deeper

Shoves $10m in goodwill tip jar, hopes for the best

Chinese toothpaste biz wants £50k from Apple over 'Snow Leopard'

We will xue your bao off

Tablets to outship laptops in 2016 SHOCK

Ultrabooks encouraging sales - but not enough to beat the 'pads

VMware snatches cloud-furtling biz from the very jaws of Dell

When you need to flip down that non-standard hypervisor

Dying Kodak doesn't have to leave its jewels to Apple, says court

Attempt to clear out grandma's sideboard stymied

Systemax CEO: We want to be Number One in five years

Contest for affections of Angelina Jolie brewing

Twitter exposes Gov't requests for user data

USA dominates league table

iPhone spontaneously combusts on CCTV

Apple takes the heat

'That new Google button was our idea', claims lawsuit

Most people looking at our site were in Mountain View

EU rejects Oracle secondhand software licence grab

Oracle internet argument rebuffed

Intel comes out swinging against $1.3bn European fine

Derides evidence as 'profoundly inadequate'

Bad generator and bugs take out Amazon cloud

From failover to fallover

Activists unite, declare 'Internet Freedom'

Cue the endless debate

RIM boss denies cratering Canucks are in 'a death spiral'

If only Apple and Google would get their boots off his throat

Take a look at atom’s shadow

Griffith University boffins ‘see’ ytterbium

Google ditches the bits in the bottom of the box

Spring cleaning time again at the Googleplex

IBM snuggles up BigInsights Hadoop with Cloudera

Who says Blue elephants can't dance?

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