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Qantas gets rocked by Amadeus

Time leaping blamed for airline mayhem

Australia's Copyright Act gets digital upgrade

ALRC hands down terms of ref

Sussex bobbies get undisclosed tablets in networked-copper trials

Fondleplods eager to get mitts on slabs

Gah! EU data protection will STIFLE business, moans gov.UK

Yargh, I'm wrapped up in actual red tape here

Google.eggfaced: Chocolate Factory spaffs cash in dot-word bungle

Subsidiary Oompa-Loompas failed to RTFM

Overland Storage looses off fusillade of patent suits into tape crowds

Cartridge cases everywhere - it's spray-and-pray day

Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD

Redmond boffins burn up CPUs so you don't have to

The Grundy NewBrain is 30

ArchaeologicThe revolutionary product that came too late

Google Drives its pot-o-cloud onto the iPhone, tangles with Dropbox

Never mind the quality, sort out the width

One day soon, maybe: Mobile health apps that are actually useful

Future of Wireless'You are medically dead. Inform contact?'

Naked Scarlett Johansson pic snatch 'is worth 6 years' porridge'

Prosecutors want crackdown on saucy sleb webmail plunder

Ingram Micro crams BrightPoint down gullet for $840m

Broadline bigboy wolfs wireless widgetry wares

Bluetooth gizmo lets you take card payments via smartphone

Square-a-like swipe or type offering for cashless Blighty

Apple makes Cocoa with Porridge

Mac OS X dev data pays homage to infamous jailbird

Squabbling EU heads force Council to split patent court in 3

Pouting politicians dig their heels in on unified system

Trio of 'nauts plonk down after six-month space station stint

VidThat's enough recycled urine for anyone

Microsoft silently kills silent, automatic Skype install via Updates

Skype me! What? I think you'll find you do have it

Apple lobs pocket change to Proview, ending Chinese IPAD name row

$60m? Hardly worth opening our wallet to get it out

Sony grabs cloud-gaming group Gaikai

New stream of PlayStation business?

Sozzled Americans nagged by talking urinal cake

'Don't drink and drive, and please wash your hands'

Microsoft gets its hypervisor war face on, squares up to VMware

File tanks rumble out of Redmond, headed for NFS lawn

Plans for special police-run ICT firm to firm up this month

Plods to use pork truncheon to beat savings out of market

Samsung asks for US Galaxy Nexus ban to be lifted pending appeal

Korean blower 'will damage us IRREPARABLY' snivels Apple

Avnet gobbles Magirus, aiming to deliver swollen offerings

Frenzied engorgement among the disties today

Overland patent broadside: Targeted firms vow to fight

Let's get ready to grumble

LinkedIn inked out: Twitter cuts off jabberhose to suits

Yoink! #SoLongSuckers

Micron's Elpida buy is GO for $2.5bn - and then there were three

Any DRAM you like. Provided you like Samsung, Hynix or Micron

Users enraged by Cisco's cloudy 'upgrade' to Linksys routers

Demand right to furtle own boxes in privacy

YouView recommends radio hams' pet peeve

IPTV outfit's set-top box to prompt powerline usage surge?

Leap second bug cripples Linux servers at airlines, Reddit, LinkedIn

Not a good time to be Australian

Fujitsu phones to guide the blind through homes

Golden receivers

Dell finally nabs Quest for $2.4bn

UpdatedSwallows Toad in the whole

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... optical disc drives

Buyer's GuideLaser sharp storage

Misery ending? UK reseller insolvencies may have bottomed out

Dead firms were soft and weak, only the hard survive proposes massive copyright land snatch

AnalysisYour lunch? I sold it for 2p. Hey, here's your ½p

Baltic cyber bank burglars cop hefty porridge spell

London bust means hard time for plunderers

Microsoft runs price-hike Lite promo for Open Value licenses

Here, rub this cream in, it'll hurt less

Google nixes extra wireless attachments to its new Kansas fibres

That pipe isn't fat enough to interest us

Facebook phone app attempts to seize ALL YOUR MAIL

Gonna slurp you good... bitch

Google makes 'proposal' to Europe on antitrust concerns

Brussels examining missive from Eric Schmidt

More revelers amp up hybrid memory cube party

ARM, HP (and more) join Micron, Samsung, Microsoft (and more)

Apple faces Italian shutdown over warranty skulduggery

No dolce vita for Cupertino

Web stat WTF: iOS beats Android 3 to 1, iOS and Android tied

Welcome to Schrödinger's web analytics

BAE proposes GPS-less location

Beat the jammers and spoofs

Fermilab scientists give their data one last squeeze

Tevatron tantalizes ahead of CERN’s big day

Mozilla's 'Boot to Gecko' morphs into Firefox OS

Debut of new mobile OS: Brazil 2013

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