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27th > June > 2012 Archive

Intel invests millions in social computing research center

Looking to avoid the curse of Xerox PARC

Zeebox set to put ze bomb under Aus broadcasters

Ex-BBC CTO launching Oz social TV with mystery broadcaster

Tech giants on trial as report reveals more Chinese factory abuses

VTech in the firing line as attention shifts from Foxconn

Sony SmartWatch Android remote

ReviewBluetooth strap-on second coming

Anonymous turns ire on Japan after anti-piracy law passes

Key sites get a good DDoS-ing

Biz MPs gung-ho for 'Google Review'

Happy for bureaucrats to gain new powers – over your stuff

NASA counts down to nuclear tank invasion of Mars

New vidBlitzkrieg from space over in 7 minutes of terror

I'm the world's fastest! No, I am! And I'm staggering, too!

HPC works of heartbreaking genius argue as HP goes SMB

Cabinet Office: We've cut taxpayers' SAP and Microsoft bills

Tearful giants face starvation on < £300m this year

69,000 sign petition to save TV-linker O'Dwyer from US extradition

Gov might be made to listen - if it wasn't Jimbo Wales

Microsoft: We tried to use Azure ourselves last year, and couldn't

But now we're fully ready to cannibalise our own server biz

Automatic Wi-Fi roam, signup and billing via SIM card to be tested

Like cellular data but without the cell network

Android Firefox: Screaming, awesome, you'll go blind etc

UpdatedReally my dears, you'll wear yourselves out

Be co-founder mows BT's long grass in bid for fibre success

Interview'We can best service a lot of the council estates'

Ultrabook makers take the Ivy Bridge path

Extreme HardwareIntel sets the rules

Administrator eyes DVR firesale after TVonics collapse

Freeview HD recorder firm founders

Crypto boffins: RSA tokens can be cracked in 13 MINUTES

No practical risk to SecurID 800 users – RSA

Apple wins US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

No American can fondle Korean firm's slabs

Data-furtling execs look to establish cohabiting silos

It's all about contextual relationships

Apple iPhone turns five this Friday

Staggering money spinner - and that's just the hardware

Doug Cutting: Hadoop dodged a Microsoft-Oracle stomping

InterviewElephant daddy on breaking into mainstream IT

FBI nabs 24 in card-fraud forum sting

UpdatedFeds had been having tips-and-tricks with fraudsters for YEARS

Automated bank scam 'Operation High Roller' stole from the rich

To give to unknown auto-mule crims in the cloud

Raspberry Pi to skipper microship across Atlantic

FishPi served

Cisco CTO Warrior to head up strategy

Exec shake-up after Hooper exits

T-shirt race stragglers aim for student cluster compo crown

ISC 2012Colorado Buffaloes DID breeze through the supercomputing bits

Bletchley Park gets £7.4m to tart up WWII code-breaking huts

Donations + lotto cash will also help build exhibition centre

Dell extends XPS laptop line

14in Ultrabook and more

Microsoft loses appeal against EU antitrust smackdown

Court upholds fine, but knocks it down to €860m

SanDisk drives to Valley, picks up new kid for enterprise flash

Schooner strengthens server flash cache and memory creds

Star Trek app warps into TiVo space

Remastered original series, cartoons too

HP asks court to force Oracle to obey Itanium contract

'But there is no contract!' - Oracle

YouView 'launch event' to take place next week

Hush-hush pre-launch trial begins today

ISC cluster kids KIT plan to drive off with vendor swag

ISC 2012... and perhaps a trophy too

HP open sources WebOS TouchPad tablet GUI

Luna system manager code posted

Speaking in Tech: Who uses Google Wallet?

PodcastSurface vs Nexus, the resurrection of Lotus Notes

Suppliers finally get contracts for £4bn gov IT shopping centre

Appeals process ends, programme goes live from July

China's NUDT students hope GPUs will grind down rivals

ISC 2012GPU-heavy system surprised punters back in Seattle

Fraudsters phish for NatWest clients with 'Stephen Hester' email

Web link snare asks for personal info

ISC 2012: China's 'Pop Idols' seek Klusterkamph glory

ISC 2012Intra-China winners look for win in Germany

HPC whizzkids battle own software on final day of student compo

ISC 2012Stony Brook Uni team repairs, rewinds and completes

Microsoft's offices gutted in Athens arson attack

When the Greeks flame someone ...

Microsoft says tablets will trump PCs in 2013

Slate domination

SurfTheChannel site operator found guilty of conspiracy to defraud

First major UK decision against a links site

UK Supremes back Oracle against reseller who brought Sun kit to EU

What happens in China stays in China. Until Larry says

Atari turns 40: Pong, Pac-Man and a $500 gamble

Did 1980s joystick deathgrip give you a claw hand?

Ten... highlights from 40 years of Atari

Antique code showPong on...

Microsoft concocts cloudy mixture with System Center 2012

False dawn or genuine breakthrough?

Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet, Android 4.1 and Nexus Q

Google I/OBalls to Apple, Microsoft and Amazon

Red Hat: Keep clouds open, like Linux

Red Hat SummitYou'd expect Shadowman to say that – again

Google wingmen rain Project Glass on San Francisco

Google I/OWearable computers launched in style

Patent trolling cost the US $29bn in 2011

Boston Uni researchers slam ‘NPE’ lawsuits

Australia goes cold on ACTA

This dead cat won't even bounce properly

Red Hat Storage Server NAS takes on Lustre, NetApp

Red Hat SummitA veritable Gluster, fsck

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