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25th > June > 2012 Archive

US govt asks Huawei and ZTE for more answers

Dumping allegations added to security questions

India unblocks the interwebs after protests

Access returns to file-sharing sites

The Beatles Yellow Submarine restored

ReviewAt last, the Blue Meanies on Blu-ray

MediaTek gobbles up MStar, next stop CHINA

Taiwanese chip firms have their eyes on the prize

Overland Storage takes market hit on ITC's initial patents ruling

UpdatedOK we're falling ... have we got a bungee on or not?

'We've got $6m and we will use it to REVOLUTIONISE storage'

Startup company's amazing claim

Why the Windows Phone 8 digi-wallet is different to the others

AnalysisPlays nicely with others, unlike Apple and Google

Fujitsu bigwig: Microsoft's doing us a favour with Surface either way

'I'm not panicking at all', says slablet CTO

Drobo brings RAID, battery backup to the desktop - and the hand

Kit so simple, even a Mac fanboi could use it

Apple slapped with 75 lawsuits by staff of titsup French computer biz

Give us our Jobs back, say Fruit of Fury protesters

Acer big cheese: Microsoft Surface sales will be 'superficial'

Redmond bite will inflict only minor wound on us

Screen idols: higher resolution means better laptops

Extreme HardwareGot a fast CPU - where's my ultra-high res display?

Estonian labs chief says working for Microsoft hasn't changed Skype

InterviewUsers 'good' for security 'unless there's a court order'

Vendors couldn't push a piano downhill without a 'sales Babel fish'

Another client rescued from the Intergalactic bores

Blighty laid bare as historic aerial snaps archive goes online

Who will find the first sunbathing lovely of the 1930s?

Sony outs Google TV set-top box

UpdateAndroid for your telly

Chinese 'nauts couple successfully without help of machines

Shenzhou-9 'swiftly' pulls out from Heaven, then back in

RBS IT cockup: This sort of thing can destroy a bank, normally

AnalysisBut in this case the taxpayers just get hit again

Sony, Panasonic to partner for OLED TV push

Money spinner?

RIM 'pondering sell-off of hardware biz' to focus on messaging

Sunday Times what-if session spills onto the paper

China is racing past US, rest of world - and into the Cloud

EMC bigwig's amazing claim

Huawei Ascend G300 budget Android

ReviewThe best low-cost smartie you can buy?

Book-scented perfume gives eReaders whiff of authenticity

Eau de Foyles

Belkin takes on Slingbox with TV-to-net streamer box

Smartphone users pay extra

Stonehenge WASN'T built by ALIENS - Boffins' shock claim

Actually symbol of complex farm-subsidy deal

RBS collapse details revealed: Arrow points to defective part

ExclusiveSoftware that caused cockup apparently run from India

Google Nexus 7 price, details confirmed in pre-I/O leak

Jelly Bean 'iPad Mini', anyone?

Google brings HD sneezing pandas to UK: But why?

AnalysisGets out lipstick and wrestles the porker one more time

Boffins program peripheral visions for ultra TV immersion

Viewers 'feel' explosions

Mensch pal Bozier defends Menshn security, dubs critics 'snippy geeks'

'Your SQL is like what my 4-yr-old would write'

UK regulators eye up Facebook's $1bn Instagram bid

Should just one man control such AWESOME POWER?

LulzSec suspects plead guilty to DDoS attacks

Pelted police, spooks, corps with digital refuse

Resistive Ram cache to make Flash fly, say boffins

Wham, bam, thank you, RRam

UK net-biz cleanup squad plans to establish international operations

IWF says battle against vile imagery needs to go global

Taiwanese weathermen pick Fujitsu PrimeHPC super

No commie iron for us

Dash for Flash: Seagate in NAND cash splash

Will WD join in sudden barge into controller boudoir?

Microsoft buys Yammer in $1.2bn cash deal

Redmond looks for social networking skills

Dell still on a Quest quest for software?

Someone is trying to outbid equity firm – again

Cisco, Citrix link arms for VDI partner push

Virty desktops are like ERP in the 1990s

US East, West Coasts face fast-rising sea levels

Wet times ahead for Oracle, Facebook; cool times for UK

Ballmer welcomes Yammer to the Microsoft family

AnalysisAnyone seen Mommy Dearest?

Users still slack about passwords: Trustwave

eHarmony analysis shows people just don’t care

Stephen Hawking to demonstrate speech via brain scan

The Hawk to talk via iBrain hacked headspace

Boffins demo 2.5 Tbps OAM-modulated light signal

‘Twisted wave’ trick works with light

T-Platforms to roll out itsy-bitsy HPC cluster

A cute li'l Windows HPC Server on casters

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