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22nd > June > 2012 Archive

Mars has more water than thought

An apatite for H2O

Canon PowerShot G1 X compact camera

ReviewCSCs – who needs 'em?

Tesco exec brands UltraViolet 'too complicated' for Brits

Digital movie locker? They won't get that

Arts & social-sci students briefly forced to do useful work at Foxconn

Truly, Apple can perform miracles

One court order could gag EVERY ISP in Denmark

It's not just the herring that's fishy

GSMA pledges end to data roaming bill shock

But prices still high for Asian biz travellers

Microsoft rejects Google-Moto patent pact proposal

'Can't believe they told the press', lawyer tells press

Yahoo! and Facebook beg US court for more time

We're negotiating here, bitch

'People should be free from Peeping Toms' snapping pics of them!

QuotW'No place for photo censorship in Argyll', though

Choose Smarter: Ten… USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

Product Round-upBig storage

Samsung frees fanboys from iPhone with freeware

Apple 'make it easy to migrate' strategy applied

Kensington Virtuoso Mini collapsible stylus

Accessory of the WeekQuick on the draw

Firefox 'new tab' feature exposes users' secured info: Fix promised

Unlucky version 13 not ideal, Mozilla admits

El Reg official units of measurement: Linguine, Jubs, Hiltons and all

VidThe return of Lucy Sherriff

Sony deploys 11in Vaio to battle Apple Air

Same size screen, half the price

Neo-Nazis scoop YouTube ad revenue from UK telcos

Blood and dishonour

Alan Turing 100: Visionary, war winner ... game maker?

When he appears to reappear in a machine his legacy will be complete

Texas sues Google for 'withholding' documents from antitrust probe

That thing about making information easier to find ...

Microsoft's Surface proves software is dead

Open ... and ShutBallmer finally gets with the program

Kodak's using bankruptcy to rob us of our rights – Apple

Ah, the old go-bust-and-die ploy, eh?

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today

Wish we hadn't fired all those techies now ...

Choose Smarter: Ten... Sata 3 SSDs

Product Round-upSolid choices for an essential upgrade

Developers get to touch Microsoft's SmartGlass

Xbox mobilised

Why I love Microsoft’s vapourware tablet

Something for the weekend, Sir?Probe beneath the Surface

Assange: Australian neglect made me flee to Ecuador embassy

Oz should have told Sweden, UK to leave me alone. Or else

TERROR in SEATTLE: Gang of violent LEPRECHAUNS on the loose

Delays to Windows 8 feared as bearded rampage continues

Lollipop Chainsaw

ReviewCheerleader gets chopper out

Gone fishin' with Nokia

Sign of the times

Nintendo supersizes 3DS

From small to XL

Iran: Our nuke facilities still under attack by US, Israelis 'and MI6'

Now pay attention 007, this is a computer

Watch out, channel biz: Mega-services models will cut you if they can

Salad days of classic channel are over... almost

Microsoft shaking up SPLA licensing channel

RFP's sent to disties in nod to channel conflict

Office printers spew reams of garbage as 2-year-old Trojan runs wild

Different kind of garbage

Kepler space telescope peers at hot alien couple

PicOffer view from Seattle if Earth had giant companion

Are you a hot BABE in heels and a short skirt? SCIENCE is for YOU

Updated'Science - It's A Girl Thing', says the EU. Whoops

Facebook loses face: Faced down in faceoff over face-placing

OK, we'll get out of your Face ... bitch

Hackers publish payday loan emails after failing to levy 'idiot tax'

'World King' doesn't care for the word extortion

Cisco bends UCS rack and blade metal around new Xeon E5s

Where's the C420 M3 racker?

Powering your iPad costs $1.36 per year

And other wacky stats from wooly electro-boffins

ICANN anoints new internet kingpin

Meet the new boss, not like the old boss

Apple's iPhone 5 connector said to be a control freak

30-pin? Nope. Micro-USB? Nope. Power grab? Yup

ITU denies plans for global internet power-grab

Details sticky WC-IT plans for online rewiring

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