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21st > June > 2012 Archive

The Hague says Apple infringed Samsung patent

Incremental win in excremental battle

European Parliament prepares for crucial ACTA vote

2.8 million people say no to treaty

Gigapixel camera heralds new world of snoopery

You want detail? We got detail

TPG hit with AUD$2m fine

ACCC takes action on tricky telco ads

Chinese search newbie Jike takes on Baidu and Google

It's government-owned but promises 'natural' search

Nigerian scams are hyper-efficient idiot finders

The bigger the lie, the bigger the pile of cash scammers scoop, says MSFT boffin

Philips 46PFL9706T 46in 3D smart TV

ReviewInspired by the eyes of a moth

Whamcloud flogs wild Lustre pig into obedience with data whip

ISC 2012It's the only language these open brutes understand

Apple desperate to prevent nightmare scenario of iPad in Iranian hands

VidPower of 'slab too awesome to risk in sale to US citizen

Pricey China could put off ex-pat IT pros

Rocketing living costs may be good news for Hong Kong

LinkedIn faces class action suit over password leak

People can take data from us, but not money

Windows 8 'harder for malware to exploit', says security analysis

Getting penetrated doesn't mean they own you

Samsung offers cool green RAM for the same cold hard greenbacks

ISC12Confidentially admits being 'generations ahead' of rivals

Row on between publishers, researchers over data mining techniques

IPO attempts to data mine consultation responses

New body to supervise as your NHS file includes more and more stuff

64b/1: Circumstances of asphyxiation. Auto-erotic (Y/N)

Panasas on server flash cache: 'What problem are you solving?'

ISC12We don't need the speed, we don't heed the feed

Microsoft set to 'do a Nexus' with its Surface tablet

Acer boss Shih argues it will be a one-off play

Sony taps bug peepers to kill gloss-screen glare

Fly's Eyes Wagner inspired?

Brutal web vice of the People's Republic crushes innovation, growth

AnalysisOur man in China eyes up prospects for digital

Dixons Retail: A mirror held up to Europe

Southern pain, northern gain, Pixmania ruining it for everyone

Samsung to probe Galaxy S III blaze claim

Hot product got too hot?

Larry Ellison buys island 1000x bigger than Branson's

No details yet on volcano, submarine dock etc

Supercomputer flash kings: TLC needs, er, TLC

ISC12Three-layer cell NAND, the iron bicycle of memory

Brits spent £334 each year on games

Moving to mobile

Choose Smarter: Ten… Class 10 SDHC Cards

Product Round-upSharp cards

Crime Map

iOS App of the WeekWatching the defectives

Oracle accepts a nice round number in damages from Google

Let's get this over with so we can appeal already

Former Acer CEO Lanci trousered £27m after PC-mountain cockup

We just wanted issue settled quickly, says Wang

Amazon Android App Store to invade Europe

Temptations for developers

Pirate Bay founders appeal to EC to save them from Swedish justice

It is famously a very oppressive place

Turing Machine brought to life with Lego

Researchers put their Mindstorms to it

Campaign to reduce RIM jobs gets underway

Push email folk to get the push from next week

The reseller lining in the SME security cloud

Mining the threat landscape

Major London problem hits BT broadband across southeast

Updated'Turn it off and on again'. No, really

Vatican subtly shifts its position on The Blues Brothers

No obvious signs of Templar involvement, however

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances

No fix date available for devastated customers

Hungry Ian Smith eats another slice of Accumuli

Security firm gets buy-and-build general

Sequoia: Can anyone learn to wield this mighty HPC weapon?

PodcastTop500 co-founder Dr Jack Dongarra talks to the Reg

Motorola demands 'excessive' Xbox royalties

Microsoft rejects lawsuit settlement

Rare AutoCAD worm lifted blueprints from Peru, sent them to China

Reverse engineering superseded by forward engineering

Red Hat pumps up Enterprise Linux to 6.3

Get ready to become a digital numad

European vote hammers another nail into ACTA's coffin

Will no one rid us of this turbulent treaty?

AMD puts network, chip guru in charge of Opterons

Server CTO departed last December

NASA sniffs water ice on Moon – maybe

Don't schedule that lunar hockey game just yet

Finnish PM rules out Nokia rescue package

Local heroes must sink or swim

Twitter back online (mostly) after unexplained outage

UpdatedThar blows the Fail Whale

Apple cops $AU2.5m fine for misleading consumers

There’s eight minutes that Cupertino will never get back

NuStar spreads its arms out wide

Long, strong mast ready for black holes

Google launches field force management tool

"Coordinate" aims to extend maps dominance into businesses

Apple flat-screen TV to ship by holiday season?

Includes 'special' motion detection, 'unique' remote control

FCC boss applauds moves to block UN internet control

ITU headman warns of trouble from 'credulous members of the public'

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