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19th > June > 2012 Archive

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

10.6 inch tablet with kickstand and keyboard

IBM storage kit keeping admins awake at night

Default software settings see DS series' arrays performance dip in wee hours

Google in dock again over defamatory auto-complete

Cruel algorithm cost man his job

Fujitsu cracks 278-digit crypto

Breaking the code will help to fix others

Mozilla teaches coding with new Thimble 'Webmaker'

HTML and CSS for novices could re-ignite kiddie coding cogitation

Ten... dual-band wireless routers

Product round-upHis and hers Wi-Fi

Budget smartphones all the rage as punters look sub-£100

Mobile reality a world away from the iPhone

R18+ games still not over the line in Oz

Feds sign off but States could set bar low, forcing more games into adults-only territory

Gov mulls ban on wallet-draining charges for card payments

Nobody gets to grab a big slice off payments but us

UV 2: RETURN of the 'Big Brain'. This time, it's affordable

Hefty loads bursting out of your box? Try this

Estonia pitches itself as the new Silicon place

The Valley may be cool, but we're Baltic. Sorry, Nordic

Ofcom: High-speed hookups still a UK monopoly - except in London

Well, two UK monopolies when you include Hull

Brussels could 'clash' with London over UK snooper's charter

Exclusive'Maybe not everyone understands the Treaty of Lisbon'

New Samsung chief: I want SOFTWARE

Making actual stuff is bloody hard work

Cabinet Office: Lid comes off £4bn IT pork barrel 'at month end'

Just contain yourselves

Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified

Hackthusiast brings plugless juicing to the pottery 'bone

Whitehall goes to White House for advice on 'ID assurance' plans

'A big step forward on the identity assurance mission'

Carphone Warehouse fires starting gun for Acer Olympics tablet

Athletic support

China aims to redraw the petaflop graph with 100 Pflops in 2015

HPC blogCrouching Tiger, floppy Dragon

Sharp outs 90in monster LED TV

Big screen experience

Cable & Wireless Worldwide shareholders OK Vodafone takeover

Second biggest telco in Blighty grabs 20,000km of fibre

Mobile device enslavement a plague on British workers' health

After-hours fondling threatens office bods

Oracle pumps out Q4 financials in premature release: See? We're OK

Brouhaha over sales chief exit simply not a problem

ARM unleashes 8-core Mali 450 GPU, heads down both forks in road

There's no route less travelled by us

Songkick Concerts

Android App of the WeekHello, Cleveland...

So you wanna be a Wall Street techie? Or anyway, get paid a lot

Interviews considered as gang sadism

Apple extends Liquidmetal sole rights until 2014

Hinge benefits

Trust fined £225k for leaving patient files in abandoned hospital

Is there a secret NHS sweep on who can blow most data?

Ingram Micro in talks to acquire SDG, say sources

Yanks are in town looking to buy an umbrella

Microsoft details latest Windows Phone update

Will you be Tangoed?

Sony slams Nintendo Wii U functionality

Vita will beat ya

Introduction to Virtualisation, Microsoft-style

ReviewChecking out latest MVA course

ICANN may have to operate without a chief during gTLD rollout

New CEO may not take helm for months after Beckstrom leaves

Fatties are 'destroying the world'

CommentReiterate call for everyone to become Hobbits

British Waterways charity mapping data handed to Google for free

We're just so lucky they want it

Internet Explorer bug patched only a week ago now being exploited

Patch Tuesday - Malware Wednesday

Surface: Because Microsoft does so well making hardware?

AnalysisPerhaps they'll really imitate Apple and go to Foxconn

Google to ICO: We had no idea Street View data slurp was happening

We organise other people's information, not our own

Departing Cisco overlord moulded partners from Channel clay

Can public-sector Klein fill his boots?

Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

Does Cupertino want this to use, or to suppress?

Achtung Penguin! SUSE tunes up Linux for SAP

Vorsprung durch freiestoffgesellschaft

LG shelves future tablet efforts

Will focus on smartphones instead

Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'

'Military-grade' surveillance can see through windows

HP taps Intel Atom for next-gen Moonshot hyperscale servers

Living in a Gemini dream

Google blocks MP3 rippers from YouTube calls for help from pirates supporters

Ludicrously lucky teen survives spear through brain

X-ray reveals reason for 'miraculous recovery' from three-foot intruder

Schneier spanks AV industry over Flame failures

The problem is in the process

Assange takes refuge in Ecuadorian embassy

Seeks asylum over extradition to Sweden

Unisys upgrades Libra mainframes with Xeon E5s

A ClearPath off of custom silicon – eventually

Consumer Affairs Victoria says App Store contains malware

Consumer advisory on hacked iTunes accounts may go a little too far

Mellanox to provide InfiniBand for CSIRO super

From switches down to cables

Russia looks to microsatellites for science and shipping

Like Sputnik, only better

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