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18th > June > 2012 Archive

Can your cloud balance supply and demand?

The perfect match

ITU to G20 leaders: Follow Australia's broadband policy

It might just heal crocked economies

Voyager ticks one box for interstellar arrival

“Very rapid escalation” in galactic rays hints at new region of SPAAAAAACE

'Jogobot' lures lonely lardies

RMIT geeks create jogging drone stalker

Japan and Vietnam push on with rare earth mining plans

Asian nations chip away at Chinese monopoly

Six in Tokyo slammer after Android smut scam

Malware was distributed through adult site

Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser

Proclaims intention to disrupt again, dares rivals to follow, may kill Trillian

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

NSFW Linux hero flips out, flips bird, over lack of support

Baidu eyes up UCWeb deal to spur mobile growth

Search giant could swoop for stake in browser firm

China goes Alt with root proposal

Because the DNS doesn’t scale … no, really

Korean telly factory power cut costs Samsung $30,000+ per second

Substation bloke whoopsie adds to troubled LCD div's woes

IBM: Our kit needs to be sold with '-as-a-Service' on the end now 

Woke up this mornin', 60k servers went up in a Cloud a smoke

Habbo Hotel to 'unmute' chat so users can show they love it

Updated'Many of the inappropriate adults are journos', says CEO

Want to meddle with IP rights? Use the law, not amended regulations

You want loopholes, don't use loopholes to introduce 'em

Health dept puts off NHS 111 helpline roll-out for 6 months

Avenue for non-urgent problems not urgently needed

iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps

OpinionApple cash hose dislodged from Choc Factory maw

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... HDDs

Buyer's GuideBulk storage for your computer

IBM US nuke-lab beast 'Sequoia' is top of the flops (petaflops, that is)

ISC 2012Roaring monster chews up absurd amounts of Linpack

America's X-37B top-secret spaceplane returns to Earth

Hardly anybody knows what it did last summer

Lightsquared cremation postponed

Corpse can keep walking about for another year

IK Multimedia iRig Mix

Geek Treat of the WeekiDJ

Can't watch Flash vids in Firefox? It's not just you

Mozilla, Adobe working on fix for Vista/Win7 problem

Microsoft next-gen Xbox details leak

Redmond rapidly requests removal

BYOD: The great small biz security headache

The great reseller opportunity

Steely Neelie: EU is crippled by its clueless tech-ignorant workforce

Who will free us from this rabble of dunderheads?

T-Mobile outs low-cost mobile data roaming bundles

Gets in before new EU price limits bite

Apple MacBook Air 11in 2012

ReviewFor the love of Ivy Bridge

Olympic Phone touch-payment details revealed

UpdatedGames to be a hotbed of bonking for money

Python wraps its coils around the enterprise

Open... and ShutLook out C++, the Years of the Snake are upon you

Facebook shells out $10m for using users faces in adverts

It's a Book of Faces, get used to it ... bitch

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

AnalysisWhat, we fire thousands and the shares go down?

Chinese 'nauts reach Heaven after 8-minute coupling

Three taikonauts safely aboard Tiangong-1 after spaceship docking

Watch Smarter: video guide to... HDDs

Smarter MemoryAll the info you need

Dell spills its hot cache Fluid, hopes to beat off rivals

Can its new weapon produce reliable shots of money?

'Kindness of America' snapper shot himself in 'act of self-promotion'

Hoped shot in the arm would give his book a ...

Google coughs up what it coughs up to govs - and what it suppresses

'Governments are scary! Not us! Look!'

Juniper Networks eyes up EMEA distributors, axe in hand

If you ain't laying eggs, you could be going in the pie

Crytek says future is free-to-play

Waves goodbye to retail

Tech boffins: Spend gov money on catching cyber crooks, not on AV

Cure is the best form of prevention, say Cambridge brains

CAPTCHA-busting villains branch out from spam into ID theft

'CAPTCHA in the Rye' report delivers captcha and verse

Intel slaps Xeon Phi brand on MIC coprocessors

ISC 2012Cray to plug them into future 'Cascade' supers

Intel, Google ink patent deals with InterDigital, Magnolia Broadband

Massive haul and boutique buy

FunnyJunk lawyer doubles down on Oatmeal Operation Bear Love

Sues creator, charities, and hosting company

TSA screeners spooked by Apple's 'futuristic artifact'

Design Award winning developer snagged by suspicious scanners

Facebook fesses up to face finder financing

'All your face are belong to us'

Nvidia shows off Tesla K10 performance

ISC 2012No single-precision flops anxiety here

Telstra's scoops in-house YouTube contender

Injects US$35m into Ooyala

Big layoff (singular) at Oracle on Thursday

Possibly a 'massive' reorganization, or not

VLSCI's supercomputer passes acceptance test, lands in top 50

BlueGene/Q nearly ready to unleash 65 TB of RAM, 65,536-cores

Earthquakes will release captured carbon: Stanford study

Shake, rattle, roll, leak

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