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14th > June > 2012 Archive

Kogan 'taxes' IE7 users

UK users exempt from prankster merchant's latest stunt

Super sushi-bot churns out 2,500 rolls an hour


Microsoft develops mood-matching ad engine

Feeling blue? Prozac ads heading your way, thanks to Redmond

HTC wants a fresh start with new HQ

It’s not you, it’s me…

CIOs must do more with mobile

Too many thinking inside the box, says IDC

Australia 'should not be scared' of NBN cost

Broadband to account for AUD$1trillion of activity by 2050

Vodafone unfurls booster brolly for mobes

Music festival-goers gain antenna and solar charger in handy, eye-poking, form signs up Twitter firehose

You whinge, salesforce customers pounce

Samsung Galaxy S Advance mid-range Android

ReviewHTC thrasher?

Hurry up, EU: CERN boffins need clouds to hunt Higgs boson

CCWF2012Some of the LHC data has already gone cloudy

Girl Geek Dinner lady: The IT Crowd is putting schoolgirls off tech

Real girls don't think Googling Google breaks the internet

EU's 2020 CO2 target 'will add a year to economic slump'

Emission cuts are 'too much too soon'

G-Cloud boss hopes sexy cloud expos will warm up gov bods

Denise McDonagh: Buy camps will 'propagate' G-Cloud

You can break EU cookie rules ... if your site breaks without cookies

It's the way the cookie crumbles when you split hairs

New Opera 12 hooks web apps to 3D graphics acceleration

Screaming themes may mean screaming users

Tim Cook reveals 'great' update for Mac Pro

Apple bobbing ahead

Computacenter to hire 700 new bods to meet bulging service needs

Painful Euro plunge could impact its bottom, however

McAfee enlists 2e2 for BYOD security blitz

Cloud service for telcos

Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

Google, Apple peer through periscope torpedo sights

Got no idea what Hadoop is, but think you need it? You're not alone

Open ... and ShutIt won't happen without Appening

Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today

New ministers: Same spooks, same cops, same plans

Orange: The way to a customer's heart is, well, slicing into the body

Wirelessly slurping your ticker via home broadband

Stephen Fry's Pushnote goes titsup

Shleb tech guru comes a cropper

Cisco + OpenFlow + OpenStack = ONE software-defined network

Cisco Live 2012We're open to the max

Apple iMac refresh due Real Soon Now

Benchmark listing suggests debut is near

Home Office spunks another £12.8m on face recog tech

Before £8m spent on IRIS has a chance to hit bottom of bin

Over 40 Magnifier

iOS App of the WeekThe eyes have it

Cameron: A nod's not as good as a wink to a Murdoch blind bat

Some of my best friends are journos, admits PM

Another investor pulls out of Habbo Hotel after grooming claims

'Focused on safety of our users': Shurely not all of them

£CHING: ICANN bags $357m from 1,930 dot-word domains

Selling dot-sizzle, not dot-sausage

HP and SAP: What we need is a MASHED UP cloud

CCWF2012'We've moved away from doing it cheaper' (Thank god)

Carphone Warehouse clings to buoyant fondleslab, avoids submerging

Margins sure to be better in China than Europe, right?

Microsoft's $1bn Yammer gobble gabble blabbed by insiders

Talks underway on biznet buy, 'tis whispered

Orbitsound fills rooms with T9 soundbar

Docked margins

Wraps come off UK super-snooper draft plans

Attempt to log everyone who cares foiled by duff website

Start to finish: Building a cloudy service in two weeks

FeatureTrevor dons overalls for Microsoft private cloud project

Slippery £4bn supplier deadline flies through's fingers AGAIN

Who'll pick up the soap in the public sector showers?

HBO 'sorry' for skewering Dubya

From Game of Thrones to Blame of Thrones

WD beams in 802.11n Wi-Fi stations

Time Capsule clone too

GiffGaff in data spaff, goodybag gaffe: ICO says its 'avin a laff

Three embarrassments = a rather ramshackle impression

Clouds gathering on horizon for software devs, say wise men

'There are things to be done. I don’t know what they are'

Supreme Court dismisses Assange bid to reopen extradition case

WikiLeaker-in-chief to feel UK boot to arse in two weeks

Computacenter bigwig dethrones older brother to head up Camwood

One Foxall is good, two is better, reckon board

Amazon offers cut-price support to make sure your Cloud stays up

Various levels of certainty it won't rain on your parade

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s

The type of cleansing you do in a bath full of BLOOD

RIPE reverse DNS broken for much of day

Dutch titsup kit off, wobbly, in and out

Dell Cloud descends on Europe (by way of Slough)

US and Canada first

Outrageously old galaxy spied birthing new stars at furious rate

Every star is sacred, it's like the pop biz, etc

Tomb Raider dev denies Croft rape scene

Implied threat only

Apple, Time Inc. ink iPad magazine subscription deal

Year-long dalliance consummated at last

openSUSE 12.2 release delayed, team calls for a rethink

Candidate's coding can't continue in current condition

Dell to focus on enterprises and cut $2bn in costs

Wall Street gets a divvy reward

Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging

Let the "homosexual agenda" fear-mongering begin

PGP founder, Navy SEALs uncloak encrypted comms biz

Claim total security for phone, text, email, and more

Amazon slides MapR into elastic Hadoop service

Hadoop World 2012Rolls up 2.0 releases for M3 and M5 distros

Solar power can head out of the clouds says CSIRO

It's always sunny somewhere, so smarter grids could make large-scale renewables viable

Australian company claims world’s fastest switch

Traders the target, but 130ns latency has storage industry sniffing around

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