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12th > June > 2012 Archive

The changing skills sets for the private cloud

Cloud challenge forces IT to learn new tricks

Fusion-io gives Cisco blade servers some flash

Anything HP, IBM, and Dell have...

Apple juggernaut cranks out big, big numbers

Trillions, billions, millions, and so on

Dell blades up EqualLogic storage arrays

Part of the Converged Blade Data Center

Western consumption helping to kill off species

Sydney Uni maps global extinction link to trade

Mobile chip firms ditch feature phone biz for smartphones

R&D efforts focused on web-enabled devices

Two new Jovian moons confirmed

'S/2010 J 2' is smallest moon ever spotted from Earth

ZTE and Huawei execs get ten years for bribery

Sentenced in their absence by Algerian court

China makes human rights play ... but forgets the internet

Increasing broadband speeds but content still censored

Hardy handymen handed handy hardened handheld hardware

Job sheets beamed directly into Scottish sparky palms

Google Apps cloud fine print may not protect EU biz

Storing private data outside the Eurozone? Welcome to a world of pain

ICO could smack Google Street View with fine after all

How a Swiss court’s conclusions could translate into UK law

The incredible shrinking NAND: I'm MEELLLLTING

Blocks and FilesFlash array bubbles burst

UEFA Euro 2012

Android App of the WeekThree Lions?

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... Memory Cards

Buyer's GuideFile stores for the disconnected

For FORK'S sake: GitHub checks out Windows client

Open ... and ShutThe rise and rise of Torvalds' tool

Fate of dot-word bids decided by ICANN archery shoot-out

That $185,000 gTLD application rests on MILLISECOND timing

Supercomputers need standard shot glass to measure out juice

WebcastCan’t fix it unless you can quantify it

Adobe rips up rebate rules after resellers riot

Creative Suite biz goes back to the drawing board

Ssssh. Apple quietly mashes monster MacBook Pro

17-incher excised

Apple pulls in TomTom, kicks Google off iPhones

iOS 6 Maps app uses TomTom's cartographical database

Chapco Group goes titsup

But IT Services arm rises from ashes in pre-pack

Buffalo drops 802.11ac '5G Wi-Fi' router into Blighty

1.3Gb/s wireless, anyone?

Sainsbury's pays £1 entrance, heads into ebook club

Slurps HMV's 64% stake in Anobii for peanuts

NASA's Curiosity rover will try risky landing near Mount Sharp

Space agency confident it can dodge mountainous Mars obstacle

Gamers, test your 1990s knowledge

Chiptune challenge

Volkswagen Up!

ReviewHoney, I shrunk the Golf

New UK curriculum ramps up lessons in SPAAAACE

More facts crammed into brains in draft schools shakeup

HTC handsets hit by grip of death

Antenna-gate re-opened

Sole British 'naut Major Tim embarks on NASA deep space mission

'Splashdown' for Tim Peake, as team heads beyond point of no return

Source code smoking gun links Stuxnet AND Flame

Kaspersky: Devious cyber-weapons share software DNA

Apple Passbook card-'n'-ticket app paves way for iOS e-wallet

WWDCThe barcode just won't die

Assange demands that Supreme Court reopen extradition case

WikiLeaks supremo wants to avoid Swedish summer heat

Thief open-sources Richard Stallman's laptop, passport, visa

Free Software firebrand's hardware liberated in Argy-bargy

Tide turns for channel: Now vendors are fighting for YOUR loyalty

How to use channel consolidation to your advantage

Raspberry Pi IN THE SKY: Wallet-sized PC is disaster drone brain

ARM-powered flying mercy bot to the rescue!

Probrand sales collapse as it staggers from low-margin biz

Spending freezes haven't helped

UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage

ICO hauls Chocolate Factory back onto the data carpet

World smart TV sales surge

More folk buying - but are they watching?

Ex-disco kid Computacenter boss: 'Cloud? It makes me angry'

Part 2Norris on enriching sales, pushing tin and running a public company

Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

Sticks out thumb, catches lead

Bye, bye Apple. Now Facebook's the global app kingmaker

AnalysisZuck's lot will sift the gold from the mud... bitch

McAfee embraces managed services providers

Tune in to channel prog in Q3

Yahoo! spinout rolls up first Hadoop stack

Hadoop Summit 2012Hortonworks hears a $

Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong

CommentIgnorant or cynical?

Cisco puts a virty router in the clouds

Cisco Live 2012And a virty server in a router, among other unnatural acts

ISPs say AWS listed by Australian peering services

Source says co-located data centre testing under way

TSMC joins giant fab race

450 mm wafers in five years, maybe

McAfee upgrades cloud security and Intel identity kit

Free to customers and channel

New ID leak from Global Payments

More fallout from hack attack

Chambers: Cisco has bounced back

Cisco Live 2012Ready to thump challengers – or itself

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