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8th > June > 2012 Archive

Office 365 reaches for the sky with 80,000 seat FAA win

CSC scoops $91m seven-year contract

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead

'The Day After Tomorrow' may come the day after tomorrow

Apple to 'pay AUD$2.2m fine' for 4G claims

Ruling hertz Cupertino’s hip pocket

China to extend real name registration rules

Don't even think of trying to register @FakeMao behind great firewall

M5 Networks acquired by Northrop Grumman

Canberra security company off to the spookware big leagues

HTC locked out of Windows 8 tablet party

If your name's not down you're not getting in

HP Z1 quad-core Xeon 27in PC

ReviewAll in one workstation, anyone?

China a lover, not a fighter ... IN SPAAAAAACE

PRC wants 'sustainable common development' up there

Watchdog relieves iPhone 5 scammers of £10k

Dodgy adverts earns fine from premium-rate line regulator

Xsigo pushes server fabric pill for cable and adaptor bloat

Wants to get data centres hooked on cabling clutter cleanup

GCHQ to encrypt your tweets with Enigma - for science

Now you can make even less sense on Twitter

You know what Google needs? Another Street View data-slurp probe

London's man in Europe wants UK to launch an inquiry

Hauppauge MyTV 2Go

Accessory of the WeekFreeview on the move

Sepaton tarts up DeltaStor: Now hooks up with ANYONE

Dedupes heterogeneous databases backups

Gov exposes 8,000 GPs so punters can pick one

Wait 0 minutes for a nasty doc, or 3 hours for a nice one?

Twitter bird reborn to the sound of whalesong

LogoWatchTrending now: #freedom, #hope, #inanebanter

Apple iPad sales drop by DOUBLE DIGITS in Europe

SHOCK, HORROR: tablet heavyweight downed in April

Google adds 'nuclear' AdWords to 'explosive' AdMob

Mobile advertising goes BANG!

Facebook tears wraps off its own app store

Give us your cash... bitch

LinkedIn dials 911 on password mega-leak hackers

Biz network still silent on spate of spam

Focus groups are for mugs

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Unfortunately your product doesn’t work

Prime Minister faces grilling at Leveson Inquiry

Osborne and Clegg will also be quizzed on closeness to news organs

HBO wants royal price for Iron Throne

$30k for Game of Thrones replica chair

Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons

CyCon 2012We have ways of making you pwned

Pure pushes AirPlay enabled audio box

Apple today keeps the dock away

Best Buy founder flees troubled tech supermarket

Richard Schulze cashes in his microchips

Hands on with Nintendo's Wii U

First lookGive it to Mii...

EMEA server sales downed by financial meltdown in Q1

Not even the cloud can save us now

AMD palms PCs with LiveBox miniature desktop

Size of relief

Euro 2012: England is semi-final probability

Euro 2012 statsStats-cruncher lifts nation's hopes

'Unnamed' HP biz unit developing mystery object storage

Secret's in the COS service source

Apple-Moto patent gripe almost thrown out the door

US judge 'tentatively' dismisses IP lawsuit

Average selling price of tablets drops 21% in three months

Report: Slabs for the masses as ASP drops to £250

16GB BlackBerry PlayBook flushed away by RIM

Disties and retailers flogging last dregs

Psst, want to make a killing? Flog clouds to small biz. Trust me

AnalysisEnterprise-grade tech at non-enterprise prices

Raspberry Pi safe and warm in TINY Lego fortress

Block and load

EU gives Google till July to offer fix for search dominance

Antitrust chief - 'Remedies better be good, or else'

Olympus confirms rumoured job losses in restructuring

Camera firm will axe 2,700 and close factories

Rogue kebab provokes Carlisle post-pub car deathmatch

Booze + dropped doner = prang

E3 2012: Prepare to have your buttons pushed

Show RoundupShoot 'em, zap 'em, hack 'em, RULE THEM!

Samsung's projector phone beamed up to Blighty

Hit the wall

Pint-size gizmo shoots X-RAY LASER for first time

Boffins spew rainbow of radiation from table-top tech

Buffalo bundles USB 3.0 AND Thunderbolt in single drive

Speedy storage

At last! The Wi-Fi chip that'll beam video from mobe to telly

Stick two antennas up at your router

Barnes & Noble files official complaint over ebook settlements

Won't somebody please think of the American public?

Mr Sulu causes DDoS panic after posting link on Facebook

ISP can't believe George Takei has so many fans

Logitech slashes 450 jobs

Peripherals maker 'saddened' by cost cutting programme

Microsoft's Azure cloud slides onto OCZ flash

Cheap-as-chips service strokes solid disk

HP still NOT porting HP-UX to x86?

Plus: the defunct 'Kinetic' server strategy for Itanium-Xeon hybrids

EU lurches behind copyright free-for-all landgrab

Using a picture without paying for it? That won't be a problem

NetApp leapfrogs IBM in storage race for second place

EMC retains top slot

Stanley Black & Decker picks up Wi-Fi tracking tools

Putting real-time locations under the knife

US Navy buys Linux to guide drone fleet

Ground control to Uncle Linus

Americans stand against UN internet-tax plan

CommentCan't find any reds, so socialists will have to do

Rats with GPS backpacks prepare to sniff out landmines

Parachuting rodent Skinner squad training to deploy

Global warming helps Arctic algae suck CO2

Massive phytoplankton bloom solves missing carbon mystery

Intel to target TV viewers with facial recognition ad tech

Watching you, watching it

NASA cuts inspire 'Planetary Exploration Car Wash & Bake Sale'

National effort on Saturday to shine light on planetary plight

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