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6th > June > 2012 Archive

HP puffs up virtual private clouds

Cloud bursts from CloudSystem private iron

Google to offer cyberwar defence advice to Gmail users

'State-sponsored attackers are targeting your account'

Weather, bushfire help, budgets in GovHack prize list

Big week for open data movement

AWS introduces granular billing tool

Drops bills in a bucket for drips of usage data

Microsoft crowd-sources next Win Phone apps using Android

on{X} outsources dev to punters

Ericsson predicts over nine billion mobile subscriptions by 2017

Over three billion smartphones in circulation

Intel partners prep 20 Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets

Mobile showdown with ARM looms...

AMD and Intel extreme desktop CPU workout

Extreme PC WeekFeel the burn

China and US argue over smog tweets

Brownout in relations over @BeijingAir feed

Lawyer up on your way into the cloud

Asian IT directors advise getting legal brains to read the fine print before vaporising IT

OCZ: We will plug Lightning into your Thunderbolt

Barefoot hustler in fab grab confab, whispers chip chap

NHS fights record £325k ICO fine after clap records appear on eBay

Gov fights itself over your money founder flogs website for £87m

Evidently to someone who doesn't read the site

Telefonica grabs Jasper cloud to hook up British vending machines

Machine talking to machine on 2G cell networks

HULK DDoS-from-one-computer is easily thwarted, say security pros

Only small, unhardened servers need fear

Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management

Open ... and ShutBubble stock shock

Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

102 uses for a...

Microsoft confirms to dodge licensing hike... almost

Cabinet Office to pay 1% more, but biz to feel the squeeze

Google Plus plus Meebo equals Google minus $100m

Gobbled up toolbar biz does the 'super jazzed' hands

Relax hackers! NATO has no cyber-attack plans - top brass

CyCon 2012Internet warfare? Just think of the paperwork

France's biggest Apple reseller sinks: 'Tech titan crushed us'

eBizcuss goes under as staff picket fruity firm's stores


Antique Code ShowHalo's forerunner

Toshiba widens Ultrabook range

Cinematic outing

LOHAN seeks failsafe for explosive climax

Mulls back-up system for Vulture 2 motor ignition

Nokia adds touch to budget blowers

House of Asha

Facebook tests parental-guidance tools in plan to pull in under-13s

Pre-teens a lucrative ad target

Missed the Venus solar flyby? It's only 105 years to the next one

VidOr you could just watch this hi-def NASA video

Reseller kingpin: My rise from school disco boss to FTSE 250 biz

Part OneComputacenter boss Norris on Essex, dyslexia and the Ford Escort

Pet Shop Boy finally finds success with actual (virtual) shop

Vodafone shops around, spunks cash on muso's Vouchercloud

Dell ups revenue threshold for top table resellers

Could be a 'challenge', say smaller partners

Sony awards PlayStation cert to HTC handsets

Game of phones

PC-makers hope for Windows 8 hero to sweep up sales

Gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soon, and it's gotta be larger than life...

New £4bn IT shopping centre slips launch deadline

ExclusiveWe name who will (probably) be pumping tech into Blighty's public sector

Revolution Analytics paints R stats Azure blue

Gooses performance, spans HPC clusters with 6.0 update

Sean Parker launches Chatroulette killer: For why?

NSFWInnovation... We've heard of it

Acer touts Tegra 3 tablet

Quad-core fondleslab for £130, anyone?

PEER 1 gobbles up UK managed-hosting biz for £25m

NetBenefit's parent becomes its customer

UK websites: No one bothers with cookie law, why should we?

Fewer than 1 in 5 sites have complied so far – KPMG

Samsung Galaxy Tab 'a harmful drug', says Apple in ban bid fail

Judge tells Microsoft mimic to get real

Tape lives: LTO-6 rolls out – with more than TWICE the capacity

Scale-out, schmale-out

Given a beardie nerd the kiss of life? There's a medal for that

Cattle prod-wielding BOFHs need not apply to first-aid awards

Microsoft expands Xbox extras

Tuned-up hub with WinPho control

Hackers expose 6.5 MILLION 'LinkedIn passwords'

LinkedOut: Hashed details posted on Russian Dropbox-alike site

Legendary sci-fi fantasy author Ray Bradbury exits planet Earth

ObituaryAuthor of influential post-WWII novel Fahrenheit 451 dies at 91

Leaked Apple inventory list hints at new non-iOS hardware

Stay of execution for Mac Pro towers rumoured

Oracle tweaks LDom hypervisor homegrown Sparcs

Gets agnostic about Sparc T generations – and maybe M4s, too

Apple seeks resurrection of HTC importation ban

HTC: 'We fixed it.' Apple: 'No, you didn't'

Speaking in Tech: Don't be an IT costing fool

PodcastThe gang on chargebacks, Cisco, crappy Kindle sales and more...

Egenera stretches control freak from blades to clouds

Getting physical as well as virtual

Police called after Romney's email and Dropbox accounts cracked

Didn't learn lessons from Sarah Palin

Google Maps adds aircraft, tricycles and skiers to cover all bases

Touts a billion monthly users ahead of WWDC

Microsoft backsteps Azure from platform to infrastructure cloud

Embracing Linux VMs 'cause it can't deny them

Kiwi telcos hungry for consolidation

Driven by fear of ultrafast broadband initiative

Plasma drive starts with pee

ANU gets funding for space drive test facility

TiVo takes on Cisco in patent knock down

DVR battles keep lawyers in business

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