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5th > June > 2012 Archive

Earth bathed in high-energy radiation from colossal mystery blast

Around 1,200 years ago, that is

Oracle verdict double plus good for Linux movement

Open Invention Network: Industry unification terminates trolls

Google renames developer groups to scare away punters

GTUGs become GDGs and no, they won't teach you Gmail

HP rolls out Hadoop AppSystem stack

Lashes elephants to Autonomy, Vertica

SwaggSec claims China Telecom data breach

Hacktivists not happy with China 'screwin with the Pentagon'

Techies beg world to join the 1% on IPv6 launch day

Follow protocol, would ya?

Dual-screen, detachable and Windows 8 star at Computex

Acer and Asus battle with tablets, laptops and all-in-ones

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB PCI-E SSD

ReviewSo long, SATA

Lard-busting specs trick snack-happy Japanese

Boffins use augmented reality to fool fatties

Council builds £2.8m shared database of vulnerable kids

What could possibly go wrong?

Ultrabooks adopt Chipzilla's vPro

Lenovo, Fujitsu first out of the gates with highly-manageable third-gen silicon

Telefonica chooses stable of young ones to make it money in London

I pay the rent, baby, now bring me some sugar

NetApp completes low-end revamp

Adds FlashPools; boosts channel

Dell storage sales drooping while others thrust up

Compellent sales could be down

HP 3PAR flattens the SAN

Virtualised I/O for BladeSystem servers

Exabyte era nigh for Nexenta

Big data - right?

Kobe University gets a prime cut of K super

Like a really big workstation

Is HP pulling a fast one on deduplication?

EMC demands recount

Dell adds crowdsourced regression tests to Boomi

Integration cloud gets ETL boost, Hadoop connector

US military gives NASA two better-than-Hubble telescopes

Double Hubble budget bubble trouble

Napster duo launch Airtime to reinvent videoconferencing

Matching Chatroulette with Facebook

Cloudera herds new bacon-saving Hadoop stack

CDH4 makes elephants chew data quicker

VMware's Asian new biz Veep jumps to VCE

Japan, Singapore, Oz, next on joint venture’s hit lists

Transit of Venus, live-ish from Australia

Clouds mess things up, in physical and computing senses of the word

Facebook testing "announce important post" feature

UPDATE: Facebook confirms Reg reader's "make sure friends see this" find

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