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4th > June > 2012 Archive

Samsung set to roll with betting apps

Oz startup Two Way pushes bookies into tellies

Bot imitates bat for better flight

Flying fox the model for ‘BaTboT’

Chinese diplomat accused of spying on Japanese military

Embassy official was apparently attached to PLA

Microsoft douses Flame

Redmond smothers fake certificates fingering it as the spark

China overestimates 3G numbers by HALF

Domestic 3G/landline hybrid counted as pure 3G by mistake

NTT demos double-sided see-through smartphone

Fujitsu-made handset has transparent appeal

Ten... bits of Jubilee tat tech

Product round-upFit for a Queen?

Apple quietly reveals iOS security innards

Cupertino promises "solid protection" against net nasties

El Reg's GAGA robot lawn-slasher loses its mind. For now

Credo: Things you can't do from the pub aren't worth doing

Big Data is now TOO BIG - and we're drowning in toxic information

Open ... and ShutJust why are we hoarding every last binary bit?

Music Biz: The Man is still The Man, man

An insider's extraordinary tale

How to get a job in Australia

Diamond Jubilee washed out? US jobs data scary? Ride out the recession Down Under!

Hyperscale servers sell like hotcakes

Linux machines eclipse Unix boxes

Small banking Trojan poses major risk

Size doesn't matter, after all

AMD gooses the clocks on 'Bulldozer' Opterons

Last hurrah until 'Piledriver'?

Falling share price exposes NetApp

Looks vulnerable

HP freezes out SAN fabric

Directly attaches 3PAR to blades

HP doubles down with dedupe speed record

Boosted HP no longer needs Sepaton

Firefox 13 now available for download

UpdatedArrives one day early with New Tab and Home pages

SanDisk mimics EMC's Lightning

PCIe flash card

Salesforce goes social with $689m Buddy Media buy

Aims for cradle-to-grave social media

Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

Ultra-slim sheets ready to roll

IBM rejigs Platform control freakery for supers

Hadoop MapReduce clone, new HPC stacks ship this month

Researchers hide malware from Google Bouncer

Nastyware makes it into Android Market

IBM strides along the storage edge

Compresses data and manage storage better

Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business

Crashes, authentication problems, Metro weirdness, make Win 8 "unworkable"

TPPA so deep a secret not even the minister knows what’s in it

‘Yes Ministering’ a non-minister in Senate Estimates

Oz has to go nuclear, says Adelaide U scientist

Stop worrying, learn to love nuclear power

Asia needs US$1.1 trillion telco spend this decade to stay digital

Alcatel-Lucent sees NBNs everywhere

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