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3rd > June > 2012 Archive

TomTom does the dream-job-onna-island bit

Sun, sea, sand ... and satnav

Britain's military techies honoured with new combat IT awards

The same job as you do - but with people shooting at them

Dead Apple titan Steve Jobs, a flippin' in his grave

QuotW'Flame is MEGA', 'I think you'll find it's f-LAME' etc

White AMERICANS will have become MEKON brain-men by 3000AD

Heads growing as bodies stay the same size, say boffins

R is ready for big data

Take the open road to statistical analysis

Google gobbles retail reputation ranker

KikScore gets inside Google wallet

SETI experiment succeeds: fails to find aliens

‘It’s only a model’

Facebook open sources production code

"Folly" trove full of high performance widgets hits GitHub

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