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1st > June > 2012 Archive

Google files EU complaint over Nokia/Microsoft patent trolling

Flays Finns for fibs, takes aim at MOSAID

Firm applies for .sucks domain

Says brands will use it to swallow online criticism

Apple and Foxconn back under fire for working conditions

Nothing's changed two months on from FLA deal, says group

Chargeback exposes IT shops as slow, expensive suppliers

Pay-per-byte tech slowly evolving past politics

Hong Kong firms also at risk from Chinese hackers

Experts warn multinationals to batten down hatches

Magnetic medicines hit the cancerous spot

Boffins develop iron core for anti-cancer drug, drag it to tumours with magnets

Strong ARM: The Acorn Archimedes is 25

ArchaeologicThe first ARM computer

Google to show China what it's missing

Will tell users when Great Firewall blocks their searches

Microsemi rebuts silicon backdoor claim

Researchers aren’t talking so verification is hard

French court: YouTube has done 'enough' to avoid copyright liability

Google not responsible for filtering vids uploaded to site – ruling

Department of Health tests online NHS 111 helpline

Can anybody help? Hello?

'Europe two years late' to the US cloud party

Privacy, security and economic meltdown blamed

Tube bosses: 'Wireless tickets too slow, we think'

TfL hasn't actually tested NFC tech since 2009

Fans get date with Lara Croft

Don't hate the players

iLuv Vibro Classic II

Accessory of the WeekFeel the noise

Three releases 'value' MiFi modem

Tethered phone alternative

LINX 'downed by ethernet loop' on external network

Who typed 'Google' into Google this time?

82 London Underground stations to get free Wi-Fi for the Olympics

After that, you're paying. And it's a monopoly

Motorola adds THIRD SIM to Qwerty handset

Threesome with a Brazilian

Eurozone death spiral forces Microsoft to ease UK licensing price hike

Somewhat smaller pillow for Brit customers to bite

Facebook goes offline, shares stabilise at merely disastrous level

Hey, nobody forced you to buy the toy money ... bitch

Sharp to show OLED 'retina' display for laptops

3840 x 2160 screen, anyone?

The Great Border Agency IT Crash: Just who was responsible?

Stand by for more trouble at Lunar House, say insiders

You only want me for my BYOD

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Get your kit off... my cloud

Google aiming to buy dot-lol cyberland, and not just for the lulz of it

Vint Cerf sniffs potential creative innovation in gTLDs

Ultrabooks: objects of desire but just too darn expensive

Priced to stay on shelves?

Terror cops hunt laptop snatched from retired MI5 spookmistress

Hapless thief may accidentally read her turgid novels

Facebook stock plunge leaves tax-dodge Saverin WORSE off. Haa ha

Imagine one's concern

Windows 8: We kick the tyres on Redmond's new tablet wheels

ReviewTastes like chicken

LucasArts unveils Star Wars game for grown-ups

Bounty be popular

LOHAN sucks Reg reader's instrument to death

Strange doings in the shed at our mountaintop REHAB complex

Microsoft and Nokia dub Google troll moan 'desperate', 'frivolous'

Hello Mr Kettle, will you accept a call from Mr Pot?


¡Bong!Chewing the face off the Facebook

Look out, world - Mad Leo Apotheker's back!

CommentOh those crazy Frenchies

US secret spaceplane will come back to Earth sometime soon

Air Force says black minishuttle due back in June

US officials confirm Stuxnet was a joint US-Israeli op

Well, sure ... so why are you telling us, Mr President?

WHMCS under renewed DDoS blitz after patching systems

'Undesirable people' are all over us

EMC drops secret cash wad on Canadian software firm

Watch4net will manage hybrid cloud element performance

Japanese giant NTT gobbles London data centre biz Gyron

'I sold that', insists Vince Cable. 'Me!'

Newcomer gets out its box, plans to sell it cheaply to all comers

I swing all ways, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, CIFS, long time

Jobs gloom in the US: But a few bright spots in IT

Truly, it's us carrying the rest on our backs

Activist claims victory in forcing Facebook vote over rule changes

Can Facebook users be bothered to vote?

Dell's takeover talks with Quest stall

Time for HP to swoop in

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision

Accuses Redmond of going rogue

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