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31st > May > 2012 Archive

Microsoft offers Office 365 build tailored for government

FISMAed up and ready to go

New Zealand considers domains

Kiwis want personalised internet

Flexibility needed to score expat gigs in Asia

Employers want to cut hiring costs and improve quality

Thai webmaster walks after insulting royals

Suspended sentence sees activists warn of ominous future

CIO says Telstra becoming 'best IT shop in APAC'

Agile methodologies and 'fail wall' changing culture

Windows 8 release preview imminent

Missing post says 31 May, SkyDrive update says 'first week of June'

Panasonic DMC-GX1 compact system camera

ReviewMicro Four Thirds maestro

Alibaba's Linux phone pulls in one MILLION punters

Handset business buttresses bazaar's bank balance

Facebook smacks away hardness, sticks MySQL stash on flash

Replaces HDD with Fusion-io flashiness

Singapore pours cash into

S$1.2b up for grabs in "co-creation" projects between government, vendorland

Most of Home Office's savings scored from haggling over ICT deals

But £24.2m just a drop in £1.8bn target

China sends likely pair to student cluster smackdown

ISC 2012Meet Tsinghua U and NUDT

Australia bets on licences for offshore gambling websites

Review of gaming laws suggests licensing, blacklisting, for poker sites and bookies

Online bookie can't scoop £50k losses made by 5-year-old

High Court rules the website contract terms were unfair

CGI Group beds Logica in £1.7bn cash deal

Shares leap 64% at news of outsourcing nuptials

Sony PlayStation 4 will not be download only

Disc not slipped

I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

Sysadmin blogEr, Microsoft? Multi = more than 2

Amazon's Lovefilm HD shuns Sony fanboys

PS3, Bravia support coming. More than a trickle of content too

ISP Zen's slower customers choke over breakfast

Reboot your router to clear soggy cereal ports

Orange unveils Intel Atom smartphone

Keeps mum on San Diego's battery life, natch

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits

BT will also obey court's banning order within weeks

SpaceX Dragon freed to push off home

Cargoship detaches from ISS and tootles towards Earth

Number 10 shuts wallet on closed-source IT projects

Come back when you've read Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar


iOS App of the WeekMulti-angle mega movie mash-up mixer

Richard Branson gets nod to strap rocket on SpaceShipTwo

Supersonic Virgin Galactic test flights this year

Google's 7in Jelly Bean Android tablet spied in benchmark

Asus made, Nvidia inside

Wealthy Kensington & Chelsea residents reject BT fibre cabinets

Quite ghastly, insist NIM-historic-streetscapers

Digital music sales beat discs for first time in UK

But wait 'til Xmas: How do you wrap up an MP3 licence?

PayPal whips out barcode app for high-street glad rags

VidNo bonking please, we're British

Jeremy Hunt 'sympathetic' to Murdoch's BSkyB bid

He dismisses 'cheerleader' claims in Leveson probing beats down Microsoft software price hike to 1pc

Redmond and Cabinet Office ink 3-year deal

SkyDrive slips snapshots into cloudy wallet

The Redmond cloud bulks up

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'

Tablet computers? Like THAT'S going to do well

Third-gen Ultrabooks must offer USB 3.0, anti-theft tech

Intel getting tough on bloatware too?

Oracle will roll out cloudy services next week – Ellison

Larry says he likes the cloud now

Hands on with the Intel-powered Orange San Diego

First lookAssault on battery?

Open API lessons for LinkedIn and Facebook

Open... and ShutCode to play, not pay to play

EMC: Atmos CAN mix an excellent cloudy cocktail

You don't node, Nirvanix ...

HDS: 'We're out of the traps to become a grown-up channel biz'

Staff are set partner sales targets

'Super-powerful' Flame worm actually boring bloatware

AnalysisMore Jabba the Hutt than lean Windows killing machine

SpaceX Dragon SPLASHDOWN in Pacific! Private space triumph

Commercial cargo ship returns from space station

EU politicos put the boot into sickly ACTA

International Trade committee urged to kill anti-piracy treaty

Microsoft hands out tools to sneak Skype onto new PCs

'Silent installs' for victory, or at least growth

HP 'overcharged New York City by $163m' on 911 system

IT titan fires back: 'Read the contract'

Milky Way DOOMED to high-speed smash with Andromeda galaxy

Faces possible three-way NASA warns

HP-Oracle Itanium smackdown starts

Larry versus Leo Meg

Windows 8 Release Preview open for download

Sinofsky predicts two months to RTM

US reiterates resistance to ITU-Internet land grab

Lawmakers post the ‘no trespass’ signs

Oracle case crippled after judge rules APIs can’t be copyrighted

Champagne corks popping at Google tonight

Universe has more hydrogen than we thought

‘Undark’ matter hidden in plain view

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