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29th > May > 2012 Archive

Researchers find backdoor in milspec silicon

Claim world's first finding of secret features in chips

Foxconn receives Apple smart TV order - report

Shenzhen factory set for trial run

CBA tussles with NFC security

Launching Kaching on Android in six weeks

Google Apps win ISO 27001 certification

FISMA fisticuffs forgotten?

Shanghai cops set for online 'crime' crackdown

Only 800,000 sites to keep an eye on, officer

Vauxhall Ampera hybrid e-car

First LookThe electric car comes of age?

Chinese rocket parts land on village

30kg piece of wreckage takes out power lines, shocks locals

Are you handcuffed to the rails of your disk array's sinking ship?

Blocks and FilesHow your data could end up tied down to a supplier

Google now gets 250k copyright takedown requests EACH WEEK

More than all requests made during 2009, Choc Factory says

Sheer weight of Brits' interest knackers new tax tool

HMRC web calculator flooded by 400,000 punters

Hard disk drive prices quick to rise, slow to fall

ASPs remain 58 per cent above pre-flood levels

The stage is set: Prepare for Hamburg cluster carnage

ISC 2012Sprints, mystery apps and less amps in student contest

Dole office to roll out digital benefits to north-west – 6 months early

Greater Manchester and Cheshire testing ground for universal credit

Microsoft invades Iraq, installs first distributor

Windows into Baghdad

Virgin Media flushes pipes clogged by piles of Spotify fans

ExclusiveCapacity to be beefed up after music streams flood tubes

BBC report urges Halo troops to end bloodshed in Syria

VidUnited Nations Space Command criticised for al-Assad soft touch

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III

CAD file mismatch mayhem

Bloke with spanners attacks LOHAN's dodgy plumbing

REHAB vacuum pump tubery-pokery

Ofcom king Ed Richards seeks BBC throne

From regulator to regulated in one easy move

Who will fill legal RIM job after latest exec exit?

Chief brief Karima Bawa retires amid mass exodus

Why Zuck will go soft for Facebook Phone - and rebrand Android

AnalysisDo some actual electronic engineering? Unlike

Hey! Put down that Cat6 and plug the cloud app gap instead

Channel MSPs should bone up on new skills ... or else


Android App of the WeekRead it later. Literally.

Japan to get Android phone with built-in radiation dosimeter

'Think of your children and buy my phone', says CEO

Ex-Computacenter bigwig O'Hara now Colt big gun

Rolls into town as veep of services and solutions

Super-powerful Flame worm could take YEARS to dissect

AnalysisBut it shares same scripting tech as Angry Birds

Germany's KIT drives hot-shot boffins to Klusterkampf

ISC 2012Carries hopes of a continent into cluster compo

Speaking in Tech: How to grill an American VC

PodcastBiz bigwig Chris Lynch on how venture firms view Big Data investments

Lenovo plans clip-on physical keyboard for tablets

True to type

Westcoast sales up, profits flat

Distie says took share from price cutting rivals in 2011

Dell ARMs up for hyperscale servers

But are they dangerous to anyone except HP?

Amazon shops for mobile ad slinger to gobble – report

Customers who viewed AdMob also looked at Jumptap

Al Gore pumps $12m into cheapo TLC flash upstart

Greenbacks for Greenbytes

Microsoft forbids class actions in new Windows licence

You're on your own now

10gen bags another $42m for MongoDB roadmap

NoSQL, plenty 'o cash

Apple confirms WWDC keynote for June 11

Steve's long shadow hangs over show

Who needs Spotify? Samsung launches Music Hub

Not down with OTT

RedSleeve does RHEL-ish clone for ARM

Put 'er there, Linux pal

Megaupload founder gets uncuffed

Allowed to record album and wait at home for extradition

Netherlands jumps off ACTA train

Also: new leaks detail ‘EC failures’ in negotiation

Silicon backdoor: not an international crisis

Researcher’s second lesson: how to troll the entire Internet

Amazon lets you barf VMs out of EC2

What sucks can also blow

Big data is not just for the big boys

Analytics goes downmarket

Fedora aims cloudwards with Beefy Miracle release

New build updates OpenStack and adds Gnome 3.4

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