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24th > May > 2012 Archive

Boffins develop nanoscale vacuum tube running at .46 THz

Power hungry but radiation resistant relic could make comeback … in spaaaace

HP takes a big profit haircut, too

Blame printers, servers, and services

China turns on the sprinklers with ambitious rain-making plans

Points rocket launchers, guns at the sky, unleashes "weather army"

Obama orders gov app deluge

Developers cheer as every US government agency to release two mobile apps inside a year

'Six-eyed' robot to tour National Museum of Australia

Wi-Fi-guided bot will test NBN scenarios, augment reality for virtual visitors

WTF is... Li-Fi?

FeatureOptical data transfer's new leading light?

Russian satellite beams home 121-megapixel pics of Earth

Blue marble looking good from height of 36,000km

Samsung outsources notebooks to Taiwan - report

Compal set to be the lucky ODM

Brocade shakes up sales leaders after earnings slump

New cards, same old faces?

Special Projects Burro pops his hooves

Mysterious demise of El Reg's asinine mascot

IT firms drown as rising tide buoys rest of UK plc

Techy Brit biz collapse rate leaps a third

Cable to stimulate stiff growth in entrepreneurs' trousers to pour £200m into pockets of small biz

Rival mobile networks hang up on EE's 4G call

All we wanted was a monopoly

Converged system threesome show off new Vblocks

New additions to federate and protect as trio adopt VPLEX

World+Dog to demand ever larger tablet-phones

Screen-inflation nation

Yahoo! leaks! private! key! in! Axis! Chrome! debut!

Extension launch scuppered by certificate blunder

LOHAN sucks 27 inches

Mounting excitement down in REHAB

Minority Report-style swishery demoed with cheap webcam

HPC blogYou'll be sorry if you flip it off, though

LG pitches £7k 55in OLED TV, again

Thin telly requires fat wallet

Biz law reform: Bad news for lawyers, good news for hippies

Eco-tech funds in, tribunals out in draft bill

Google quizzed AGAIN by French data watchdog

CNIL unhappy with previous answers on privacy

Toshiba swaps skinny Android tablet's CPU

OMAP out, Tegra 3 in

Zombies, Run!

iOS App of the WeekExercise motivate-urgh, urgh

Attack of the clones: Researcher pwns SecureID token system

AnalysisBut RSA claims it would only work on rootkit-compromised gear

Reg readers love Private Cloud (true)

Playing the SLA long game

SpaceX does what it HASN'T done before: Dragon in close ISS flyby

Station 'nauts see light on but no one home on capsule

New smart meter tells Brits exactly what they already know

Live 'leccy stats from the cloud to save 'millions'

How I went from Unix engineering to flogging Google apps

My 25 years of comical IT buzzwords

Pipex 'silence' condemned punters' emails to spam blackhole

AnalysisISP blocked for a week after 'ignoring' complaints

Met cops get new pocket-sized fingerprint scanners

Mobile print-takers identify perps in seconds

NetApp streaks ahead, avoids trip-up by bum flash leg

Don't want to be an all-flash also-ran

Sysadmins: Chucked your Exchange servers up? Let's enable SSO

Sysadmin blogKeeping things simple for the users...

Moshi Monsters pushed onto pint-sized kiddies' mobes

Under-10s' social network spreads

Fake Angry Birds app makers fined £50k for shock cash suck

Making money-grabbing malware is too easy on Android, say experts

EMC denies big server biz plans ... but IS building servers

Embedded ones, true, but what's wrong with off-the-shelf hardness?

Mars rover Opportunity spots WALL-E in crater ramble

PicMe and my shadow

Google to bring Raspberry Pi to Bash Street

Computers for kids

Cookies on The Register

The cookies we set and why

Top Facebook exec begs students: 'Click on an ad or two'

Keep Zuck's shareholders happy... please

Unions urge under-fire HP workers to 'resist' job cuts

Attempts to protect 1,600 UK staff ... not including Lynch

Bigger, longer deals dangled at G-Cloud 2.0 launch buffs incentives in revamped tech bazaar

How zombie LulzSec exposed privates' love lives with PHP hack

Single soldiers site swallowed surprise load

China's home grown mobile platforms drive smartphone growth

Xiaomi's Android-based MIUI hailed as Apple rival

Fantasy cabal sells off novel-as-app platform

Neal Stephenson’s Subutai splits into content and publishing software companies

Australian government kicks off IT price discrimination inquiry

‘Oz tax’ under scrutiny

Motorola Mobility loses to Microsoft in German patent battle

All your long texts are belong to Redmond

Singtel to build pan-Asian storage and compute cloud

VMware in the box seat in Oz, Singapore and Hong Kong

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