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23rd > May > 2012 Archive

Windows XP update fails in infinite .NET patch loop

UPDATE: MSFT slow to publicise fix for faulty patch

Canary Islands host long-distance quantum teleportation

Spooky action between La Palma and Tenerife, with space the next stop

Facebook underwriters accused of hiding forecast

Revenue numbers revised on the quiet, says Reuters

Indian SMBs facing advanced attack threats

Symantec warns of lack of security know-how

Huawei enterprise to be 100% channel 'in 3-5 years

Seeks partners to marry comms, apps

2011 sets new record for counterfeit electronics

IHS iSuppli says most counterfeits come from Asia, at a rate of one every 15 seconds

Ten... Mi-Fi HSPA 3G wireless mini-routers

Product RoundupDIY hotspots

EMC's hunt for Joe Tucci replacement continues

Will they have to drag him back like last time?

Dole Office staff snooped into private data 992 times in 10 months

And that's just the times they were caught...

Chuck Exchange mailboxes into the cloud... sysadmin style

Sysadmin blogUC certificates, MX records and how to make a teeny bit of extra dosh

Alcatel-Lucent tinkers with Telstra's enterprise network

Vanquishes Juniper to add 'smarts' for cloudy products

TfL delays wave-and-pay tickets until 2013

Wants more time to make kit 'more robust'

Wyse ties with Rise in cloudy client clinch

Dell and FastHosts by another name

Greedy LOHAN draining away mankind's vital fluid ... allegedly

Irresponsible globe embulgement - is it really an issue?

Apple tops tablet, mobile computer markets in Q1

Lagging in laptops, mind energy policy: You can't please all the people much of the time

Comment'Lights kept on' - but at a price

Why on Earth is Microsoft moving to Euro pricing now?

AnalysisTime to take a sniff at the coffee, perhaps

Serco close to flogging UK defence nuke tech biz

Amec admires Technical Consulting Services wing

Lenovo's on fire - and this time in a good way

Closing in on HP yet making loss in emerging markets

Dev justifies Dead Island 'Game of the Year' claim with 3m+ sales

Even zombies are baffled

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Antique Code ShowEx the Axis

Google warns against ISPs hard on web filth

Big TentMeanwhile, Mail columnist visits p0rn site. Gasp

Everything Everywhere activates top-secret erections

Orange and T-Mobile finally complete network love-in

Jailed Facebook hack Brit targeted Justin Bieber's girlfriend

Selena Gomez 'told' fans her boyfriend 'sucks' in attack

Sky Movies monopoly probe scrapped as rivals turn up

Competition Commission U-turns at sight of LoveFilm, Netflix

Apple design chief Jony Ive knighted - but not by the Queen

Steve Jobs' 'spiritual partner' honoured

Volvo claims V40 is first car with an airbag for pedestrians

Protection for head-in-clouds texters

Massive DDoS attack blasts 123-reg offline

UK's largest hosting biz bombarded from China

Facebook IPO plunge sparks tidal wave of lawsuits

Shares plummet, investors sue everyone, regulators pull out their probes

Boffins cram binary data into living cells' DNA

PicBiological non-volatile storage survives reproduction

MPs wrestle slippery bureaucrats in intellectual property Jell-O

Analysis'Evidence base weak' for IP, says UK's IP top cop

Nvidia Kai to enable cut-price Android tablets for all

Quad-core and a whole lot more?

Open Data Institute pours golden £10m shower on upstarts

Taxpayer-funded teams to tackle public info dumps

Wireless remote control inventor zaps out at 96

Eugene Polley took the knobs off technology

Shoreditch a hub of 'exciting innovation', says science minister

Big TentDavid Willetts lays out economic recovery with data apps

'We've done nothing wrong' - Schmidt on Euro antitrust probe

Big TentDefiant Google supremo buttonholed by El Reg

SAP hopes to embiggen its cloud with Ariba slurp

Still seeking a secure foothold in fast-growing market

Oracle gobbles upstart Facebook, Instagram biz tout

Social networking marketer Vitrue joins Larry's cloud

Red Hat lures in JRuby power pair

Linux shop polishes cloud languages

The most dangerous job in America: Keeping iPhones connected

AT&T blamed for deaths of cell-tower climbers

CompSci eggheads to map Android malware genome

Aim for taxonomy of droid ills

Seagate poised to swallow LaCie, haul fattened bod into channel

Cali firm dives into deeper international waters

Speaking in Tech: Leo Apotheker vs Meg Whitman

PodcastMoney man Chris Lynch talks to Greg and the gang about who did it better

VMware sees Mirage, buys up company

Virty giant eats Wanova for VDI flavouring

Red Hat could cash in with open-source cloud juggling act

Open ... and ShutFrom Linux to big-data shifter

HP started then spiked HP-UX on x86 project

Juicy Itanium trial document firehose opened

Armenia jails Bredolab botmaster for 4 years

First computer crime conviction in the former Soviet republic

MSN China shoots for e-retail push to grow business

Bing and Windows Phone Marketplace tie-up on the cards

HP cuts 27,000 workers

Autonomy's Mike Lynch among thousands departing

Google in the clear on Oracle patents

API copyright decision still to come

BigPond GameArena hacked, 35,000 passwords reset

Quick disclosure from Telstra

Insect vision a template for computer ‘sight’

Can you see what bees see?

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