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18th > May > 2012 Archive

Stanford boffins create light-powered artificial retina

Prosthetic works without batteries

$US38 share price values Facebook at US$104b

Each member worth about $115

Anonymous turns its DDoS cannons on India

Takes out government, court and political party sites

Twitter signs up for Do Not Track

Small print refreshed after data-ignoring pledge

Chinese 3G users top 150 MILLION but most still on 2G

Operators launch HSPA+, cheap deals to snare more punters

Hey big spender: China set to take Asian IT spending crown

US safe as global leader ... for now

Diablo III

ReviewHell’s bells

Atlassian warns of critical security flaw

Confluence customers urged to upgrade

Will crack down on itself for missing Cookie Law deadline?

In other news - Pope actually Jewish

iPad factory towns in China to finally get Apple Stores

Need to send money to California may puzzle locals

CSC's UK techies get one extra month to find new jobs

Unite says US biz has taken its finger off the trigger

Scotland considers dishing out more iPads to schoolkids

Maybe, if it's 'promoting new teaching behaviours' elsewhere

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

Accessory of the WeekPick-up trick

SpaceX Dragon to smuggle SECRET package to the ISS

Mysterious cargo buried in the belly of the beast

Inside Nvidia's GK110 monster GPU

Fermi, Tesla, and Maxwell would all want one

The Great El Reg Private Cloud survey: Results are in!

Applications must work for the cloud to float

Txt-speak is a sign of humanity 4 U

Something for the Weekend, Sir?But don't ask your dentist for oral sex, OK?

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Mealy pudding v migas

Hispano-Caledonian full-fat fryfest

Senator probes NASA airfield deal for Google's jets

Is space agency giving Larry a break on government's jet fuel?

Amazon drops planned 8.9in Kindle Fire for 10.1in job

Oi vapour

'Facebook ads are very boring and not very imaginative'

QuotwPlus: 'IT boys, hiss it through your teeth – Shut up, bitch!'

Hands on with the Motorola Razr Maxx

First lookMarathon runner

Can SMEs score those big gov contracts?

Public sector doesn't make it easy for smaller suppliers

Facebook's Eduardo Saverin: I'm not a tax-dodger

Meanwhile, US senators try to get him banned from the US

Shoreditch's sparkle smokescreen leaves BBC journo 'tech-struck'

AnalysisWhy is Auntie (literally, this time) in bed with Google?

GM snatchback of $10m Facebook ad cash = amateur move

Open ... and ShutWhen a sell is more than a sale

Vulture 2 trigger triggers serious head-scratching

Just how do we fire that LOHAN rocket motor?

Iran threatens to chuck sueball at Google over missing gulf

State unhappy that 'Persian Gulf' name is gone

Apple scrubs dirty iCloud data centre with second solar wash

2012 clean date stated

Big Issue sellers could soon be flogging QR Codes

Homeless move into digital downloads

UK prosecutions for hacking appear to be be dropping

But plenty of caveats apply ICT in schools ain't dead, it's just resting

And there'll be tech contracts for the kids when they grow up, honest

ICO on new Cookie Law: 'Don't expect torrent of enforcement action'

Plans to wait for user complaints as the law comes into effect

Ethernet sales slump punches Brocade in the wallet

Business not so good

Some vendors know how to treat a channel

Market analysisAre you getting what you want?

RIM-Moto sketch THIRD nanoSIM design as peace offering

Duo dump Nokia to end SIM war with Apple - report

HP pumps cash into EVA range capacity boost

May refresh time unaffected by 3PAR buy

Does Britain really need a space port?

AnalysisPlus: Sky TV accounts for most of UK's 'space sector'

Next CloudStore lumbers online

Digital Dunkirk spirit

Call of Duty hacker behind bars after college burglary

18 months' porridge for banking malware-spreader

What's on the cards at EMC's casino royale next week?

EMC World is not enough - time to live and let Flash die

Facebook jumps then slumps in first few minutes day's trade

Round and round she goes, where she stops....

Apache OpenOffice security fixes emerge

Under new management: First revamp passes one million downloads

Microsoft to devs: Don't ruin Win 8 launch with crap code

Unofficial APIs are the new fruit of temptation

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