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17th > May > 2012 Archive

Roman roads get the web maps treatment

M-III traffic means Londinium to Venta (Winchester) takes 3.7 days

Vixie warns: DNS Changer ‘blackouts’ inevitable

Father of BIND fears ISP crisis in July

AWS CISO needs permission to visit his data centres

He doesn't mind and you shouldn't either because they're not that interesting

Asia leads global BYOD race

IT managers jump on the bandwagon

GPS rival Beidou will cover Asia Pac by end of the year

Chinese satnav project could go global as early as 2014

Sony NEX-7 24.3Mp APS-C compact system camera

ReviewDSLR worrier?

Hong Kong CERT wants bigger team to tackle cyber threats

Region's multinationals a big target for hackers

Child support IT fail: Deadbeat mums 'n' dads off the hook

NAO: Child maintenance computers unable to keep tabs on payments

Dell to cut UK workforce

Box shifter 'grows business' by trimming headcount

Google offers up new mobile usage interface to attract ad loot

Just the thing to bulk out any business pitch

Boffins smash 3Gbps speed barrier with 542GHz T-Rays

Sky's the limit in terahertz territory

Mobile net filters block legit content too – campaign group

It even bins age-appropriate stuff

LOHAN starts to feel the barometric pressure

Mulls spaceplane rocket motor trigger

Soyuz hooks up with Space Station, delivers new 'nauts

VidFull crew to be ready for Dragon arrival

Crooks sell skint fanbois potatoes instead of iPhones

'I wanted an Apple, not a vegetable'

Compare The Market can't touch web filth extension - simples

First biz to lose .xxx cybersquat dispute

Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud

Cops don't need your actual phone any more IT slasher axes himself - after 5 months in new job

Ian Watmore follows horde of civil servants streaming out the door


iOS App of the WeekPaint me a tune

Distie business: Lines get blurry for channel big boys

What can we learn from J Arthur Rank?

HP frogmarches new Xeon, Opteron chips into ProLiants

Wants world+dog to know that it's also using E5-2400 two-socketeers

Microsoft books stall at Appule - the Mac expo stiffed by Apple

Redmond to flog Office at UK fanboi gathering

UK man to spend year in the clink for Facebook account hack

21-year-old admitted breaking into US victim's profile

Steve Jobs' death clears way for rumoured 4in 'iPhone 5' screen

Apple places order for large display, claim sources

Pinterest valued at $1.5 BILLION, bags $100m in funding

Next stop: Japan

Team up or miss out: Why the channel needs partners

Your sales depend on making friends ...

Council fined £70k after burglars nick vulnerable kids' files

Second data law breach in two years

Adobe sucks on Oracle brain drain for HTML5 game gain

Java VM experts exit en masse

Google, French watchdog to hook up over privacy

Last encounter left CNIL unsatisfied

Google Knowledge Graph straddles semantic web and Star Trek

Beyond Bing-blocking and screen-fiddling

Pre-Pet Commodore micro up for grabs on eBay

Kim-1 could be yours

Nvidia drops veil on game-changing might of VGX

HPC blogVDI'ing Your BYODs

BBC shrinks Red Button: Loses 8 channels after the Olympics

Extra 24 live HD streams during the Games

Finally a real use for NFC: Heart monitor in a credit card

VidPay-by-bonk becomes bleeding-edge tech

SGI skips future Xeon E7s, lobs E5-4600s into UV2 supers

Adds Xeon E5s, Tesla K10 GPU coprocessors to rackable boxes

Acronis creates new roles for biz and M&A hotshots

Could be poised to snap up some juicy prospects

Seeing ads on Wikipedia? Then you're infected

Click fraudsters are milking you for cash

Mutant number-crunchers win cluster popularity contest

HPC blogCUDA you dig it? Yes, you can

You can feed 800 VMs off 1 of our boxes, startup brags

Tintri wraps NetApp up in white paper

Seagate, WD need to get a firm grip on solid disks

Blocks and FilesPro-tip: They should buy OCZ and STEC

Dell forges GPU-enriched virty rack workstation

Quadro graphics and Tesla compute tag team

Whitman said to be planning massive HP job cuts

25,000 to 35,000 HPers may face extinction

Symantec releases software as Amazon Machine Image

Getting cloudy with managed services

Hybrid computing just like FLESH-EATING bacteria

HPC blogA scholarly comparison

Governments may hit social networks with cyber attacks

Arab Spring alerted governments to power of Facebook, Twitter et al

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