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16th > May > 2012 Archive

Button batteries burn kids from inside

Where’s that dead CMOS battery you replaced last week?

Casablanca to screen for free on Facebook

Not the beginning of a beautiful friendship outside the USA

South Australia plans digital evidence review

Laws mentioning “telegram and telegraph” may not cover Internet adequately

Graphics shocker: Nvidia virtualizes Kepler GPUs

GTC 2012VGX revs virty desktops, fluffs gamy clouds, changes everything

Apple places massive DRAM order at Elpida plant - report

Memory-hungry fondleslabs and iPhones the culprits

China steps up crack down on hi-tech exam cheats

No, you may not take that tablet into the exam hall...

Stuxnet ≠ cyberwar, says US Army Cyber Command officer

AusCERT: What is cyberwar anyway?

Telstra denies IPTV shift

Ellis review results hold staff in suspense

75,000 Raspberry Pi baked before August

Distie says Arduino sales 'overtaken in an instant'

Nokia Lumia 900 WinPho 7 smartphone

ReviewBigger and better?

Microsoft touts 400% Asia growth for Office 365

SMBs make the leap online but Google benefiting too

IT bungle left dole office unable to check benefits for months

Tech delay hit DWP's Work Programme

One in two punters don't mind cookie-spewing stalking ads

Survey: Do not track, or do if you want

Hitachi GST releases skinny spinner

Slim slow slider

O2 dips toe into Groupon's pond with tat discounts

Polls punters for special offer ideas

Facebook starting to go big in Brazil. Hmm ...

Plus: Monaco and Iceland have more accounts than people

Google+ dying on its arse – shock new poll

Bet-the-company wager goes south

EMC rounds up rival arrays, beats 'em into submission

You will work with each other

Sony outs 1080p skinny laptops

Vaio Z revamped

ASA tuts at TalkTalk over broadband speed estimator

Tool can stay, but ISP must add warning about potential inaccuracy

Carphone Warehouse touts cut-price iPads

Catch: they're last year's model

The Incredible 4PB Hulk: EMC monsterises VMAX

Last big primary data array push before flash tsunami

Dell feeds Xeon E5s to hungry new PowerEdge beasts

Cheaper duos and quads, so we hear

HTC phones held up at US ports after Apple patent ban

Stocks low as customs search boxes for illicit gear

Lost Winds 2: Winter of the Melodias

iGamerBlow job?

Confused, pessimistic on G-Cloud? You must work in government

VMware's ex-G-Cloud man's cure: communication

Fasthosts officially not the best in UK for virtual servers

Boasts in adverts banned by ASA after rival complains

Watchdog bites bar over 'offensive' Facebook ad

NSFWStoke venue's man oysters leave ASA open-mouthed

Real-time drone videos get GPU-tastic

HPC blogSwimming in sensors, drowning in data

'Catastrophic' Avira antivirus update bricks Windows PCs

rundll32.exe? cmd.exe? You clearly don't need those

Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads

AnalysisWheels fell off 'boring inefficient' car adverts

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK

Weights and measures a 'uniquely confusing shambles'

Social Network scribe to turn hefty Steve Jobs tome to popcorn-fodder

Plus: Aston Kutcher grows creepy beard for role in the OTHER Jobs film

Google unleashes Chrome 19, flattens 20 bugs

Hot fuzz spawns QuickTime patch

Pure pushes flash stash, mocks spinning disk with YouTube gag

VidCheap as NAND chips

Juniper taps former HP man to sort out distribution matrix

Channel bigwig Will Hamber signs up

BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One

Children's TV staple sent away to digital

Logicalis profits throttled by tight-fisted biz

UK earnings down a quarter

NASA found filming August's Mars landing in California desert

'Just a rehearsal for the real one', insist rover boffins

Three pitches 'cheaper' MiFi mobile hotspot

As good as the current model, but less expensive

Britain has 10 million twits, tweets Twitter

Why shout at the TV when you can yell at the web instead?

Is there life after ads for St Zuck?

AnalysisFacebook credits, and what they might buy

Speaking in Tech: The worst government IT deal of ALL TIME

PodcastThe one about the oversized Cisco routers

Samsung and SK Hynix shares slide on Apple snub

Memory-makers hurt by losing contract to bankrupt Elpida

Mobile fee dodgers will get away with enough cash to bail out Greece

US code paranoia lets cash trickle through cracks

Nvidia shows off superjuiced Kepler GPU

HPC blogFrom workhouse to racehorse's G-Cloud 2.0 pushes back launch date

Public sector IT bazaar turns to open source

Pirate Bay struggling to get on feet after DDoS to the knee

Anonymous says 'not us, dude'

Australia's first space park launched

WA set to track space stations Swedish style

Gates' Corbis busted again for fraud

Infoflows wins US$12m in damages, Gates still mad

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