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15th > May > 2012 Archive

Yellow Pages targets zombie survivalist market

There’ll be an app for that after competition concludes

iCloud blows away 15 million users for 90 minutes

Normal service has been restored, photo-sharing on the way

Indian government to buy in tech for social good

Acquisition fund could start on farming tech next year

ESA seeks doctor for Antarctic spaceflight sim

13 months of cold, dark, cramped quarters a "very interesting analogue"

Thailand dries off and ramps up IT spending

Smartphones and services set to propel country to second in SE Asia

Game goes titsup in Australia

Administrator installed

125,000 Ubuntu PCs to land in Pakistani students' laps

Education booster or vote-buyer?

AMD: New Trinity laptop chips out-juice Intel graphics

'Ultrabook? Fuggedaboutit. Ultrathin is in'

HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook

ReviewShiny slab of laptop lusciousness

West Midlands plods get mobile fingerprint tech

Portable mobile dab-slabs lead to Brummie collars felt

Flashy mutant Ultrabooks to shove pure SSD chaps off cliff

Ultrabook makers will embrace hybrid trend

Google compressed-filth legal battle with smut site ended in US

Miniature nudies aren't porno piracy

Spy under your car bonnet 'worth billions by 2016'

Break the speed limit, break the bank with your insurance quote

Fastest-ever hydrocarb scramjet hits Mach 8, doesn't explode

HIFire 2 engine successfully lights match in a hurricane

IBM smashes Flash out of Wimbledon, serves up HTML5 app

Adobe's double fault: too snazzy and doesn't work on Apple kit

US-Russian trio blast off to space station in Soyuz launch

Spacemen get ready for Elon Musk's Dragon docking

Sony to add full HD display to 15in Ivy Bridge laptop

Budget Vaios outed too

Nokia outs budget phone pair

Two-Sim simple handset

London's Oyster card website still down after 12-hour outage

Transport for London: We did this on purpose

NHS 'pays up to THREE times over the odds' for IT gear

Health bosses told to stop blowing taxpayers' cash

Steve Jobs' death could clear way for more open Apple - Woz

But don't sacrifice the shininess

HTC fires up latest Desire

Budget Ice Cream Sarnie phone

HP plonks newcomer into hot seat for EMEA Enterprise Group

But future role for HP EMEA MD unconfirmed in shakeup

Apple's Siri nominates Nokia as best phone maker

You cannot be Siri-ous


Android App of the WeekFilm fan's feast

Apple scrubs old Leopards of Flashback Trojan infections

Security airdrop saves legacy fanbois from nasties

Virgin straps on phone masts for the flying upper classes

'HELLO? Hello darling, I'm on a Virgin- What? No..'

World+Dog as likely to view vids on PC as TV

But viewing figures down

IT products give energy giant DCC relief from icy hot patch

Distribution makes up for pleasant winter, British biz MicroP hauls in bucks

Inside the Skynet ghost town built by bunker-based boffins

AnalysisBrainiacs beaver beneath barren burg called CITE

Facebook ups IPO shares to $38, edges towards $104bn value

You want some stocks? Pay more... bitch!

VMware puts on new vFabric suite, takes your database on a date

Virty giant gets flirty with PostgreSQL

Siri subtly shifts smartphone allegiance

No longer nominates Nokia kit

Red Hat hits 10-year, $1bn Enterprise Linux birthday

How a Unix killer crawled from the dot-com bust

Lenovo intros carbon-fibre ThinkPad Ultrabook

Dozens of other black laptops launched too

UK's '£1.2bn software pirates' mostly 'blokes under 34'

Tougher laws needed to stem dodgy downloads, says BSA

'IT is no place for the little ladies', says Dell mouthpiece

It's called box shifting for a reason

ICO blasted offline by DDoS cannon in Leveson protest

Anonymous-linked hacktivists shell site for days

Bitcoin bank Bitcoinica still titsup after cyberheist

More than $90k in tokens snatched

Coupon-spaffer Groupon starts to sniff actual profits

And those marketing costs are way down

The key questions you must ask to save your virty desktop dream

Sysadmin blogShifting to stateless? Don't turn it into a nightmare

Mole sheds light on incoming illuminated Amazon Kindle

No colour reader, though

Kepler chip drought leaves Nvidia gasping for moolah

Profit halved in Q1, everyone wants a piece of TSMC

Bubble 2.0 startups will crash out before they cash out

Open ... and ShutWhy Facebook and Amazon won't come a callin'

US dope farmer in Walmart rattlesnake chomp shock

Mulch shopping trip ends in 'six bags of anti-venom'

Scammers exploit wannabe demon-slayers hyped by Diablo III

Go straight to hell

EMC rolls new VMAX bundle for cloud pushers

Array plus SW plus services platform

US Supremes hammer final nail into Psystar coffin

The fat lady croons doom tune over hackintosher's corpse

Nvidia's Kepler pushes parallelism up to eleven

GTC 2012Hyper-Q and Dynamic Parallelism make GPUs sweat

Cheques not checking out just yet

Electronic payments surge in Oz, but don't bounce paper rivals

Greenpeace targets Apple with 10-foot Pod stunt

Fanbois drool over prospect of iOS-based home

Baidu touts mobe with 100GB web drive

$158 cloud-backed smartphone from 'China's Google'

New Apple keyboard patent may spell trouble for Android

Threat level hinges on lawyers' cunning

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