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14th > May > 2012 Archive

Atlassian, Zynga among San Francisco's best town bikes

Free tune-ups, showers and bike parking win awards for code shops

Apple drops '4G' label from new iPad

Fondleslabs now link to 'fast mobile data networks'

China and India scoop 17% of venture capital cash

USA still number one, but investors like startups in high-growth markets

How to simulate a light armoured vehicle

Thales Australia reveals tech behind trainers for eight-wheeled monster

China begins work on world-beating MEGA power cables

An 800kv line will have largest capacity on the planet

Overclockers to fight for global supremacy

Keep an eye on your servers as 'Chimp challenge' hits Folding@home

Telstra to hand T-box customers to Foxtel

Exec exodus continues as speculation downloads

StorSimple, TwinStrata join in HP Cloud love-in

.44 cloud magnum could blow your SAN head clean off - punk

Heathrow CIO pledges seamless future with £1.5bn collaborative system

Let's get this baby off the ground

Ofcom: Now's your chance to make Local TV for Local People

Getcher applications in for White Space telly channels

Behind the lens of NASA's self-adapting ISS space telescope

AnalysisA hunk of space glass this ain't

Freecom Hard Drive Sq 2TB

Geek Treat of the WeekDIY DVR

Stuck in a dull conference? You need Verity's survival guide

StobGetting your own back on technical seminar speakers

SpaceX sets new blastoff date for Dragon: 19 May

Really this time, we think

Tomb Raider delayed for quality improvement

Lara Croft doesn't believe Mayan prophesies

Cost-cutting Serco says UK economy improving

... but too late to save jobs of 500 souls

Hyundai Veloster coupé

ReviewWelcome to the world of 2+1 motoring

Never mind the buzzwords: How the landscape looks to resellers

Survey: Big Data, BI and hosting services to grow

Foxconn chief: we're gearing up for Apple 'iTV'

Sharp investment explained?

Antitrust probe looms over Windows RT 'browser ban'

Internet Explorer shenanigans: Hasn't Microsoft been down this road before?

What you should know about migrating to the cloud

Have a pleasant journey

Adobe backs down, patches critical Photoshop CS5 hole

Paid upgrade fix row leaves a nasty taste

Road deaths spark crackdown on jaywalking texter menace

Vidlok b4 u cross or els!11

Headbanger plays Star Trek theme on floppy drives

VidVery heavy metal

Study shows SMB cloud security fears largely overstated

Cost and security assumptions questioned

XMA sales throttled by UK gov belt-tightening

Reseller's revenues plummet £24m in 2011

Intel woos microserver makers with Xeon E3-1200 v2 singlers

Ivy Bridge better for baby boxes

Intel goes wide and deep with Xeon E5 assault

Blunting AMD's advantages

EMC gobbled XtremeIO to Xterminate NetApp, says Xpert

And Fusion-io 'a mosquito they could squash at any time'

Next-gen MacBook Pro, iMac make benchmark site debut

Ivy Bridge chips, retina screens, USB 3.0 all a-board

Mp3Tunes files for bankruptcy

Also-ran run-in

Kelway accuses rivals of cloak-and-dagger cloud strategy

Lifts covers off ServiceWorks cloud packages

Japanese operator to test quake-proof floating phone-mast BLIMPS

Now that's a cloud network

Google shoves cybersquatter off 763 Googletastic domains

'Gay network' owner had splashed over £6k on names

Nvidia launches Nsight CUDA dev tools into Eclipse

GTC 2012Visual Studio tools get some polish, too

Buffalo ships world's first 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi hardware

Edges out Netgear in 802.11ac race

LightSquared files for bankruptcy

End of the line for 4G wannabe? Wanna bet?

Solving traffic jams with maths

Make the traffic control the lights, instead of the other way around

Physicists iron out lumps in quantum dots

Silicon part of the problem at the nano-scale

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