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11th > May > 2012 Archive

Office 365 hard enough to penetrate US government

FISMA fulfilment fuels feud with Google

Study reveals high price of porn addiction

Severe social, relationship and legal problems hit habitual viewers

Citrix snaps up Virtual Computer for VDI

Project Avalon mashes up XenDesktop, CloudStack

Shy Venus in rare Sun crossing next month

Last chance to see until 2117 has exoplanet-spotters excited

Twin-track development plan for Intel's expansion into smartphones

Android-optimization is key to beating Apple

Tonga gets hitched to Southern Cross

Alca-Lu lays the cable for island nation broadband boost

Megacorps accuse Chinese fab workers of pilfering designs

Little being done to stop blueprints leaking

NBN Co keeps Aus unemployment down

Corning opens new digs and is hiring

Government pledges tougher games sales law

Disrespect Pegi, go to jail

Ten... freeware gems for new PCs

Product round-upSomething for nothing

Foxconn moves into e-distribution

Apple supports move, will help with startup costs

Zimbabwe's Mugabe welcomes Chinese tech investment

Er, cheers Bob but keep it down, yeah?

North Korean GPS blocking sparks cyber war fears

Satnav stand-off as signal-stoppers slow ships, planes

MoJ opens wallet, offers £300m for desktop services

Department's infrastructure and devices up for tender

Facebook tests paid post promotion

“Make sure friends see this” by handing over cash

Europe must shift R&D from car gizmos to infrastructure, honks wonk

Trying to constipate people's 'movements' is WRONG

Battle continues over LOHAN's mighty rod

Vulture 2 launch system a load of ballockets?

Disabled can't 'Go Compare' on price comparison websites

Charity: Accessibility issues breach equality laws

Wolfenstein 3D shoots onto web

Blast from the past

Knomo Folio iPad 3 case

Accessory of the WeekPadded sell

Ubuntu will hit the big time on Amazon: Here's how

Open ... and ShutTurning love for Linux into cold hard cash

ISP kills off country-ban dodge after just 48 hours

Kiwi FYX wobbles on geo-block evasion for punters

BOFH: Siri, why do users lie?

Episode 4You have no evidence. Han-stupid destroyed everything.

'Call Corporate Of Apple and tell them to stop there persuit!!'

QuotwPlus: 'Google knew it needed a licence'

Leica goes all out B&W for M-Monochrom camera

Large sensor and superzoom snappers too

Logica's UK order book crashes by 80 per cent

So sorry we did too well last year

Colour Kindle incoming says mole

E-book reader, not Fire

Monty Python and the Holy Grail on Blu-ray

ReviewYour father smelt of elderberries

Is HP's printer-and-PC mashup good for channel?

Euro channel insightIPG-PSG merger winners and losers

Third teen TeamPoison hack suspect quizzed by cyber-cops

Lad cuffed in anti-terror hotline attack probe

7.85in 'iPad Mini' said to sport retina screen

Like the iPad 3, just smaller

Grab your L-plates, flying cars of sci-fi dreams have landed

But queues, no parking and dodgy drivers all sound very familiar

Swarm of investors crave 'more shares than Facebook is selling'

Whose IPO is oversubscribed? Mine ... bitch

Vote now for the worst movie NEVER made

PollThe horror, the horror...

Sony stock slides to 30-year low after record loss

Investors unsure tired corp can turn things around

HP Software goes back to drawing board with MSP scheme

'Cumbersome and tedious' programme needs reworking

Yahoo! CEO! didn't! even! read! his! own! CV!

CompSci degree gaffe dates back to PayPal days

UK court rules Nokia infringed patent, Finns party on anyway

Loses 'priority call' appeal in battle against IPCom

RM dumps cash-bleeding ISIS Concepts onto ex-owner

Here, mate, you can have this one back

Samsung sheds light on low-cost WinPho blower

Tile be back

Using a Lenovo All-In-One? Grab a fire extinguisher!

Recall of flame-risk ThinkCentres hits 188,000

Whiptail flashes new kit, launches 72TB storage monster

Little and large

Rovio flies away from Angry Birds for all-new puzzler

No pigs or birds this time

BeyondTrust gobbles Code Red vuln firm eEye

IIS hole-plugger snapped up

Xyratex jumps out of drive drawers... onto converged racks

Puts money on supercomputing storage growth

Amnesty International UK site flung Gh0st RAT at surfers after hack

Do-gooders done for

AppSense revs up user virt tools to 8.4

Quick and easy

GTC 2012: Not your average vendo-loveathon

HPC blogWhy I geek out for GTC

Egenera runs virty tools on IBM BladeCenters

Control freak spans the Big Three in blades now

SpaceX and Bigelow sign deal for inflatable space stations in orbit

Budget hotel mogul offering bubbles in space

Facebook co-founder renounces US citizenship pre-IPO

Smart tax move for Eduardo Saverin

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