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8th > May > 2012 Archive

US Judge says IP addresses don't identify pirates

“Abusive litigation” by copyright trolls criticised

Lenovo targets mobile market with new R&D centre

Smartphones and tablets on the way from the Chinese giant

Apple and Proview in talks to end IPAD dispute

Report suggests "big gap" between parties over settlement amount

Hong Kong turns factories into datacentres to fuel cloud growth

SAR aims to beat Singapore as leading Asian digital hub

Chrome beats IE for a weekend

Google creeps up on leisure time browsing crown

WTF is... Intel's Ivy Bridge

FeatureInside Core i's third generation

Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K quad-core CPU

ReviewThe generation game

Boffins embiggen data storage space with 'phase-shifting' material

'Works 100 times faster' than current flash

UK's big-spender councils shovel IT workers into a skip

West Sussex County Council axes 9-in-10 techies

WH Smiths tills insist shop sells The Queen's Knickers only

It was a cockup by us NOT hackers, insists firm

Microsoft delays license price hike for current SPLA users

'Our customers expect consistency'

Old-school Mars rover water findings confirmed

Veteran machine to resume work as summer approaches

Skynet emerges in Greenwich, monitoring hearts to light switches

'City operating system' controls environment with sensor matrix

TSMC zaps 3.1GHz ARM processor with 28nm shrink ray

Dual-core Cortex-A9 turbocharged for microservers

Finally, it’s the year of Linux on the desktop IPv6!

Sysadmin blogAre you following protocol?

Cheap MacBook Airs for all!

Apple pondering 25 per cent price cut, apparently

Boffins baking big-data single chip architecture

Graphene, electrons and the end of 'conventional silicon electronics'

Microsoft scrapes Windows Azure name off cloudy kit

Marketing blues or something more?

2,000 dot-word bids rocket ICANN onto $350m cash pile

gTLD explosion four times bigger than expected

Yahoo! chief! says! sorry! for! CV! snafu!

Thompson says will cooperate with board's review

National Rail Enquiries

Android App of the WeekThe train now arriving on Platform 3...

Planet systems with 'hot Jupiters' PULVERISE innocent strays

Should help boffins narrow search for Earthlike second home

Now India snaps on gloves, bends Google over for antitrust probe

'Competition is a click away' ad giant retorts

NHS's chances of getting world's best IT: 80% ... maybe*

*Assuming its CIO meant 8 in 10, not 8 in 100

Exercises to keep your data centre on its toes

Flatten the structure to stay nimble

Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat

But with Siri and a webcam

Investors queue for chance to glance at Zuck's FACE

But scrutinising the BOOK might yet throw up some furballs

Zombie PCs exploit hookup site in 4Square-for-malware scam

Ill-used 'adult' dating site riddled with infection

Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?

AnalysisAll eyes on Judge Alsup as big questions remain unanswered

Micron chucks down $2.5bn lifeline to Elpida

If bid succeeds, embiggened firm will be number 2 in DRAM industry

AMD girds its engineering cloud for X86 battle

No Intel Inside – and whitebox Solaris workstations

Apple Store moped raider suspect to face trial in October

Bloke denies involvement in iPad grab caper

Avaya poaches Huawei veep Culmer to run UK ops

Exec fires parting shot at bureaucratic Chinese giant

Samsung, Qualcomm team up to take on Wireless Consortium

SIII's wireless charging part of WiPower relaunch

The Pirate Bay cries foul over Pirate Bay copycats

Leeching proxies face leechers' wrath

CCS to dish out Tony Sale award for computer restoration

Crypto-machine rebuilder honoured with new annual prize

Dell puts Sputnik open-source laptop on launch pad

Drivers engaged, set course for Planet Github

VeriFone takes on Square with cheaper iPhone-friendly kit

But is it hip to be triangular?

Secret's out: Small 15K disk drive market is 'growing'

Not just flash and trash

Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada

Gambling state lets Google spin its wheels

Microsoft, Motorola legal bickering sparks judicial disgust

'Arbitrary, arrogant, and based on hubris'

Apache releases new OpenOffice build, promises faster upgrades

New graphics focus and more to come from IBM additions

Oz candidate menaces Facebook users

Ex-soldier’s ballistic response to satirical article

Budget cash for online services trials

Australia funds MOBILE MUSEUM ROBOTS, data mining, e-health, OLPCs

NASA spots the light of a ‘super-Earth’

Spitzer space ‘scope serves up surprise

Understanding data retention in Australia

A primer: what you need to know

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