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4th > May > 2012 Archive

LinkedIn buys SlideShare

Suits want all their stuff in one place

Can Amazon become the biggest platform peddler in the world?

CommentCrazy, but not impossible

Yahoo! investor! accuses! CEO! of! embellishing! resume!

Be careful to check your references

Chinese passports to get chipped

Great wall of biometrics for international travellers

Oz asks how much personal data should telcos keep?

Obligations for carrier security, spook access also up for disucssion

Teufel Audio iTeufel Air

Accessory of the WeekGolden age of stream

China considers energy cap

Climate change makes energy reductions “inevitable”, say officials

NAO: 1 in 5 of Whitehall's mega projects at risk of failure

£89bn at stake from 39 programmes with 'high or fairly high' chance of tanking

Canada failing to sufficiently protect IP rights – US report

True pirate love in all thy sons command

Engineer Doe thought people's private info 'might be useful'

QuotwPlus: 'Apple, please don't make stupid assumptions'

Printed electronics: Not just blinking beer bottles

Flexible innovation, in every sense of the word

Jolly rogered

Something for the Weekend, Sir?How The Pirate Bay ban was hijacked by the anti-smut brigade

Chair-tossing Steve flings surfer Steve onto Microsoft board

Sporty Seagate CEO is lord of the boards

Megan Fox fingers fondleslab in sexy store promo

Trousers off, tablet out

Black Ops II pulps previous pre-order performance

Haul of duty, again

Behold the TPC-DS, a new weapon in the global Big Data war

Seeking the 'game-proof' benchmark

Sage thrusts small biz tool into Microsoft Azure

Cloudy rivals threaten to gobble UK firm's lunch

O2 to serve up free Wi-Fi to coffee chain

Won't Costa penny, arf, arf

Germans hail Vulture 1 spaceplane

Die Zeit gets cosy with PARIS

US, Euro e-car makers back 'standard' AC/DC jack

Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please welcome the J1772 Combo Connector

Yahoo! board! probes! CEO's! CompSci! CV! blunder!

Thompson's bio and SEC doc gaffe spirals

Apple sneaks iPad 2 with 32nm chip into retail

Big battery life boost for mystery machine

Microsoft ejects DVD playback from Windows 8

Netflix and licensing killed the video star

Channel defies gloom, ships £400m kit in Q1

Analyst: Revenues jump by 10%

Google took a bath on Android in 2010, judge reveals

Net loss in every quarter, Oracle's Java trial court told

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S III

First lookThe one to beat?

UK Border Agency servers go titsup, thousands grounded

Good thing there's no Olympics coming up

Cameron hardens stance on UK web filth block

PM to hold talks with broadband barons on 'default' smut filters

Chip alchemists 'turn cheap silicon into longer-lasting flash'

Fusion-io sources whisper NAND witchcraft

Copyfighters jumpstart MPs' probe into Blighty's IP law

CommentGoogle man tells Parliament what small businesses need

Prototype 2

ReviewHeller damnation

Clouds of Sushi?


Samsung Galaxy S III: A Swiss army knife of wireless tech

Forget the moon-sized screen, the innovation's in the airwaves

MP blasts 'ineffective' games regulation

Vaz plays the Brievik card

Lockheed bags $454m to tool up Pentagon's Cyber Crime Center

Fending off web terrorists isn't cheap, you know

Syrian secret police endorse male hair remover

'Most prisoners confessed within five minutes of the first application'

Hunt tosses 27 cities into broadband cash bunfight

Only 10 will be selected to receive paltry £50m

SK Hynix drops bid to buy bankrupt Elpida

Joins Toshiba in abandoning DRAMurai warrior's corpse

Ten... alternatives to Samsung's Galaxy S III

Product round-upSomething completely different?

Microsoft's dumpster-diver partner strategy is rubbish

Open ... and ShutRedmond should buy big or go home

German education minister accused of copying in class

Yet another Teutonic politico fingered for PhD plagiarism

US economy not eager to create jobs in April

15,000 more system designers get work

Nokia dinged with shareholder lawsuit over poor Lumia sales

Finns: Allegations are 'without merit', we will defend ourselves

McAfee founder raided in Belize by gang-busting police

Claims political persecution and dog murder

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