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3rd > May > 2012 Archive

Black hole swallows star in GALACTIC SUPER-GUZZLE!

Astroid-gazing telescope catches distant star flare-out

EA unplugs Rock Band for iOS

The day the music dies is May 31

Software functionality not subject to copyright: EU court

WPL-vs-SAS case gets Court of Justice opinion

Pilots asking not to fly F-22 after oxygen problems

Take my breath away

Facebook's new Open Compute V2 servers

AMD and Intel do boards for high freaky trading

Why embossed credit cards are here to stay

Mobile blackspots, global compatibility, keep bumpy numbers alive

Google unleashes BigQuery analytics tool

Big Data reaches the cloud

European Space Agency heads for Jupiter's moons

JUICE mission will inspect Europa, Callisto and Ganymede


iOS App of the WeekRTFM? WTFM!

Wayward footballer turns to iPod cure

The crowd roars

RIM wakes up woozy in Australia

Apple store stunt snares blogger, criticism

HP: Our 3PAR kit can cram twice as many VMs into your server

Offers 'virtual guarantee' to back punchy boast

BSkyB boss: 'I don't work for Rupert Murdoch, remember'

He's just some guy

Britain prepares for government by iPad

Fondleslab rule as MPs offered free fruitware

Pentos Systems goes titsup

UPDATEDHP and Microsoft minnow calls in the administrators

Telly is becoming moving wallpaper for constantly online Brits

Plus: UK is nation of liars - only 14% admit viewing porn

NHS trust goes 100% over IT budget in patient records rollout cockup

A £1m here, a £1m there ... it adds up after a while

Hampshire council throws BYOD party, hires extra security

Just in case a mobe gets lost - with your info on it

Praise for slick six's entries in dirty snaps compo

Old computer buffs get the glory

Beyond the macro jockies: Salesforce lures devs with Java juggle

Serious enough in an Amazon world?

Everything Everywhere flexes 4G muscles at Ofcom, rivals

Telco gives high-speed mobe bandwagon a shove

Scotland Yard officers cuff ex-cop in latest police bung probe

27th arrest in Op Elveden inquiry – courtesy of tip-off from News Corp

Nokia: 'hybrid' mobiles will save us

Finnish first

Oracle: HP settlement is 'not going to happen'

Lawsuit over Itanium processor to hit trial on 29 May

ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber

Unsung Heroes of TechPart Two: the accidental chip

TVonics, RNIB launch speech-synthesising DVR

'You have been watching...'

GCHQ's spy death riddle shines light on UK hacker war

Was Gareth Williams spotted at Blackhat or Defcon?

O2 drops Joggler family tablet

No more support for Linux gadget

Symantec: Big as ever... just not growing

Tripled profits but flat revs in Q4 disappoint shareholders

Insight biz tremor topples EMEA operating profits

But global sales machines keep on pumping cash

London Olympics 'not immune' to cyber attack

Blighty puts together crack team to guard against intrusion

Microsoft mulls phone-style contracts for Xbox

Subsidised console coming?

Star Trek's Wesley Crusher blasts Google+ landgrab

Wil Wheaton asks blogosphere to Stand By Him on Choc Factory outrage

Virgin Media cuts Pirate Bay access for millions of punters

First major telco to implement court order

UK's new drivers now in safe hands... of laser-wielding robots

Credit-card chip biz promises 80m non-forgeable licences

Crazy old black hole's X-ray ultra-belch makes galaxy blush

Space telescope sniffs outburst more powerful than MILLION Suns

Botnet army flicks 'off' switch at UK crime agency website

Suspiciously close to Soca's shutdown of stolen-data shops

Man sues pr0n starlet after Twitter rejection

Follow me or face the judge

Glider pilot 'swallowed camera memory' say plunge tragedy cops

Attempt to purge the record will backfire, say plods

Microsoft kills Windows Live brand

Windows 8 incriminated

EA asks for customer opinion on Origin

Let off some Steam

Acer vows to lose its rep as cheap consumer tat-pusher

Bins reseller programme, rolls out new shiny B2B scheme

Google counters juice V8 Javascript engine

Beta channels primed

Globe-spanning patent bombs touted by Euro, UN pen-pushers

EPO, WIPO agree to revamp worldwide rights treaty

iPad swipes more of tablet market

Apple defies gravity as Kindle burns low

Suppressed data on mutant H5N1 human-killer virus PUBLISHED

Information wants to be free

Apple to dominate tablet biz, PC market for years

Fondleslabs more popular than notebooks by 2016

Data warehouse sales soar in Q1 for Teradata

Marketeers of the world, crunch!

Bought a new Mac Pro? 1-in-100 chance it'll destroy your data

Dodgy drives spark Apple UK recall

'Giant vampire squid' seeks social media guru

Money talks, Goldman Sachs tweets

Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset

Galaxy S III offers 'whole new experience like never before'

Oracle claims $777m in new trial over SAP infringement

TomorrowNow business balls-up haunts SAP

ElasticHosts makes cloudy servers newbie friendly

Partners with Cloudways, Hybrid Sites

Baidu sets up shop in Australia

China's Google-slayer wants your searches

Facebook lowballs on initial IPO price

Let a thousand bubbles bloom

MSFT kicks Chinese partner over security leak

Hangzhou DPTech stripped of partner status

Princeton solar researchers take leaf from plants’ book

Rough surfaces better at capturing sunlight

iOS Rock Band gets back together

Blue note as error spread confusion, anger

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