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Astronomers provide new estimate for neutrino mass

WiggleZ in the space-time continuum

Jury mulls verdict in Oracle-v-Google Java spat

Phase one of trial nears completion

Internode pollinates on iiNet DSLAM gear

Rolls out services wide with parental support

Dell's rapier-thin PowerEdge M420 to render Hobbits?

Launch in three weeks at same time as low power eight-core Xeon E5

Terrorists 'build secure VoIP over GPRS network'

Secret comms channel eludes Indian spooks

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

ReviewAirs and graces

Blighty's IP framework one of world's worst for consumers

Report: 'Anti-consumer bias continues to pervade IP legislation'

Met seeks new £200m command-and-control system

9-year deal for kit, services... and wave goodbye to the old gear

EMC's Project Thunder stuffs Lightning in a box

Collected flash

iTunes fanbois outraged by Apple's sex-life quiz probe

Haven't they suffered enough?

Ultimate simulator to streak into living rooms next month

IMAX for gamers

Dell fending off EMC's maintenance push

Will wheel ex-partner's kit into new solutions centres if asked

Nympho hauled to loon-cooler after serial bonkathon brutality

'I can't walk. Please help me', sobbed second victim

VCs pour $80m into Violin, hope for shower of gold later

Flashy upstart poised for float

America, China go ape for tablets

Impecunious Europeans less so, says researcher

UK ad watchdog probes Apple iPad '4G' boasts

Furious fanbois further flummoxed by fondleslab's 4G foible

Samsung unwraps 17in Ivy Bridge beast

Chuck out your desktop

Microsoft hikes volume prices by more than a third

Redmond's Euro vision sends UK channel scrambling

Intel bakes palm-sized Core i5 NUC to rival Raspberry Pi

A $35 ARM board has Chipzilla rattled or amused?


Android App of the WeekThe Post-it note de nos jours?

Micro Anvika shutters stores, axes staff in fight for life

Troubled retail biz gets green light for rescue bid

Gov IT supermarket G-Cloud will cost £4.93m, says Maude

£340m to be saved - but won't say how or where

Want to be a better marksman? Play shooting games

Resident Evil 4 really is good training for the apocalypse

Now on Freeview HD: Olympic arts channel that's tough to watch

And tough to argue why anyone would want to watch

Boffins bone up on rover skills as Curiosity speeds to Mars

100-day countdown to touchdown

Fujitsu inks £50m deal to lay 'gigabit' cable for telco CityFibre

Privately-funded FTTP for Blighty's cities

Phone-hack saga: Murdoch 'not fit' to run News Corp, blast MPs

Media baron roasted for 'wilful blindness'

Groupon appoints ace financial duo to its board

Daily deals site needs folks who can do sums

Google Street View Wi-Fi data slurper named

Unmasked 'rogue engineer' worked on wardriving app

Advanced Computer Software gobbles Fabric Technologies

Bolts on managed service provider for £4.6m cash

Ten-year domain names now available

Gives you a really long time to forget your logins

Google, PayPal protest against Brits' pay-by-bonk threesome

Why should UK telcos have a monopoly when we could?

Zuckerberg: Now share your organs with Facebook friends

Like this to get my kidney

Arrow profits quiver as Q1 sales misfire

Biz reshuffle and components blamed for income dip

Hard-up Europe snubs slabs as US, Asia snap up gear

Amazon loosens Apple's grip on tablet sales

Sega squirts urinal game console onto shop shelves

One for Pee-C gamers?

Biennial boner blights Beemer biker

Bloke sues over priapism-inducing BMW saddle

HTC peeves punters with One X woes

Buyers blast bugs

Microsoft storage boffins serve up smoking 2012 NFS server

Sysadmin blogLustrous clusters, bakeathons and the bleeding-edge

LG: We're not walking away from Windows Phone

More of a mosey, or perhaps a stroll

RIM takes BlackBerry 10 out for a spin, forgets to bring phone

VideoMobile biz has one last throw of the dice

BlackBerry 10 developer kit aims to unleash application tsunami

Last chance saloon for Canucks to counteract Apple, Android

Are Valley VCs playing hide-the-money?

Open... and ShutHow dot-com bubbles burst in hard times

Permabit flashes enterprise SDK at mystery partner

Deduping a flash array. Could it be Violin's?

New standard test of Big Data bang per system buck rolls out

A sim so good you could use it instead of Oracle or SAP?

Skype slurping software threatens IP exposure

It's a P2P problem says Redmond subsidiary

Uni preps facility to build bionic eye chips

A fab vision for smartphones to help implants

Aus lags in cloud wave

ICT spend slows, clouds lining looks silver

Intergalactic speed demon stars bid Milky Way farewell

Down and out after black hole close encounter

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