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30th > April > 2012 Archive

Nokia still has a patent business

Apple and Micrsoft royalties prop up Nokia's balance sheet

Study finds water cycle accelerating with warming

Wet gets wetter, dry gets drier

Tabcorp bets on IPTV

Live races, punting, coming to tablets and IPTV

Wind farms create local warming

Turbines stir things up

Optus’ free broadband: the details

Has there been a bigger naked DSL rollout in Oz?

Beijing removes all online mentions of fleeing activist Chen

'According to relevant laws ... these search results cannot be shown'

Judge delays decision in key web freedom case

Thai journo faces TWENTY years for insulting royals

Thais have a taste for tablets after flood chaos

Electronics market a curate's egg but outlook is more rosy

Expert: UK would break its own rules with web-snoop law

Hello there, Data Protection Act

HP and Epic 'preferred bidders' for UK eHospital plan

NHS trusts to ink 10-year deal to move to shared platform

Server flash-pusher Fusion-io is running out of steam

Record revenues ... but firm still reports $5m Q3 loss

Windows Phone 7 'not fit for big biz ... unlike Android, iOS'

B-SidesEnterprise sec expert bigs up Microsoft rivals

Lenovo signs with C2000, plots SME assault

Takes two years to fill gap left by Northamber

Descriptive Camera develops text instead of images

Picture tells a thousand words

Griffin Helo TC Assault

Geek Treat of the WeekMinicopters... ATTACK!

LG readies Dropbox, iCloud alternative

USP: on-the-fly video transcoding

YouView: You're delayed - Sugar

Set top box 'to miss Olympics 2012' deadline

Half of UK smart TV owners don't know what the 'smart' bit is for

Bought to be up-to-date, not to connect to interweb

Freed Facebook hack Brit vents fury at $200k cleanup claim

Mangham longs for security job after sentence halved on appeal

Revealed: Inside super-soaraway Pinterest's virtual data centre

How to manage a cloud with 410TB of cupcake pictures

Woz says Windows Phone 'sets the mark' for mobile UI

Would pick it over Android

Hosting firm suffers 'innocent' intrusion after billing system hacked

Sore eUKHost: No financial data was taken

Boffins cross atom-smasher streams, 'excited' beauty pops into being

Like Weird Science on a sub-atomic scale

Lenovo U300s Ultrabook

Review'Ang on, lads, I've got an IdeaPad

Bank dumps customers in 'irrigation ditch'

House repossessed? Please update your address details

LOHAN enjoys a silicone lightbulb moment

Cracks hypobaric chamber seal

Star Wars set to expand into Disneyland

Space conversion in Paris

Foxconn daddy's shares slip on weak Q1 profit

Hon Hai is spending more on staff and new factories

Google KNEW Street View cars were slurping Wi-Fi

Wheels fall off 'one rogue engineer' claim

Welsh NHS fined £70k for patient psych file leak blunder

Email address typo leads to ICO spank first

What smaller businesses should look for in cloud software

Cutting SaaS down to size

Google's latest webspam crusade 'breaks' search results

Webmasters label Penguin update a dud

LightSquared founder Falcone steps aside on creditor's orders

Swaps power for seven-day debt extension

The truth about Apple's mind-boggling low tax rate

AnalysisNYT reckons it's 9.8 per cent - and that's BONKERS

Everything Everywhere rolls out the 4G astroturf

Celebrities line up to deny involvement

BT to swing axe at sales account managers – sources

Redundancies feared at Engage IT as Dabs staff face chopping block

Microsoft stuffs $300m into Nook, bolts B&N app to Windows 8

Let's go double-team college students and forget about that Android

Nokia, private equity chat about €200m bling phone firm sale

Vertu is its own reward?

Judge: Big Five ISPs must block The Pirate Bay

'Musicians, sound engineers, video editors deserve to be paid for their work'

Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them

IT department gets pissy

Visa Europe muscles in to UK cloudy wallet market

Another day, another payment platform...

BT missing from Pirate Bay High Court slap-down

ISPs, entertainment industry react to web blocking order

Zunicore adds GPUs to clouds

Cloudy child follows hosting parent into HPC

Over 1,200 dot-word bids flood ICANN at $180k a pop

Domain explosion showers net overlord with cash

Cedexis helps admins fight performance anxiety

And shop for cloudy infrastructure

Fusion-io's flash drill threatens to burst Violin's pipes

Blocks and FilesBoth touting in-mem databases with SSD backing

SpaceX test-fires Falcon 9 rocket as Dragon sleeps

Launch rescheduling confirmed for 7 May

At last: Violin to push out HANA appliance

It's why SAP invested

Red Hat opens up OpenShift platform cloud

The species of Origin

EU plans summer launch for Optimis cloud toolkit

Smaller businesses targeted for cloud deployment

Yahoo! tacks! two! more! patents! onto! Facebook lawsuit!

Denies FB's claims, moans about lack of integrity

WA sex criminals get tracked by satellite

Perverts get their own GPS systems

Australia 'needs' powers to ensure net neutrality

Review suggests new regulatory body, structural separation for broadcasters

UK Ministry of Defence eyes GPS patent payoff

US cries foul over inventor’s ‘insider’ status

Moore's Law has ten years to run, predicts physicist

Silicon reaching the end of the road

Nvidia: What would you do with a petaflops super?

One freebie Kepler GPU down, 999 to go

RuggedCom will block industrial control backdoor

Races to fix years-old vulnerability

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